The Little Clock That Could Power the World. Basic, mechanically rechargeable batteries could provide clean electricity forever.

Hydrogen or LIthium? Fuel Cells or Batteries? Which will be in our vehicular future?

Facebook to Buy Wind Energy For New Data Center. The social media giant plans 25 percent green energy for data centers by 2015.

Acid Oceans:Stronger Storms. Excess CO2 is making the planet's oceans more acidic. Will this add energy to ocean storms?.

Pecan Street’s Study Shows Electric Vehicles Won’t Overload the Electric Grid. Electric vehicle charging is spread out, peaking in the late evening.

Super Typhoon Haiyan: Climate Change Strikes Again? A major relief effort is needed now. No waiting.

New Digital Ballast Technology Lights Up the UAE. 50 percent energy savings at less cost than LED lighting.

Flat-Foot Pedaling Your Way to Cutting Emissions. Safer, more comfortable bikes could attract more to the joys of bicycling: Even it's just part time.

Future of Cogeneration is Green. It is estimated that around 8 percent of world electric generation capacity comes from cogeneration power systems

Tesla's Free EV. Creative accounting and stock ownership could make a Tesla Model S a freebie for many.

UMD Researchers Address Economic Dangers of ‘Peak Oil’ Team identifies key industries for policy action.

Could Magnesium Save the World? Could the abundant metal remove CO2 from the air or store solar energy?

Flow Batteries for Electric Cars. Lithium batteries aren't advancing fast enough. New electrochemistries are needed

An Electric Car that Won't Be Built. At least by me.

Cleanest Transportation Cleaner with Bioplastics. Storing CO2 in bioplastic products helps slow global warming.

PROTEST INACTION ON GLOBAL WARMING? DON'T BUY THEIR STUFF. (But support those that are cutting emissions.)

Hybrid electric aircraft utilizing more airports could be a transportation choice of tomorrow.

The electric utility industry faces the risk of declining revenues as more customers install solar panels on their homes and businesses.

PREMIUM CARS ARE PROFITABLE, EVEN WHEN BATTERY POWERED. BMW's new i3 is expected to be a money maker.

ELECTRIC CAR DREAMS: A MOKKA EV? What's up next for General Motors? It's fun to speculate.

NET METERING AND ROOFTOP SOLAR FOR THE UTILITY OF THE FUTURE. Like the tide washing upon the shore, new technologies are gradually eroding electric utility revenues.

WHY ELECTRIC CARS WON'T BE UNPLUGGED. But why aren't they selling better?

ELECTRIC CAR DREAMS: A MOKKA EV? With not much R&D, Buick's Encore (aka Opel/Vauxhall Mokka) could become GM's next electric vehicle.

CLIMATE CHANGE: AN ACT OF MAN OR GOD? Beliefs are strong in America.

THE CLIMATE EMERGENCY. Like other emergencies, immediate action is needed.

COAL TO ALGAE TO FUEL (OR BIOPLASTIC). Capturing CO2 from coal-fired power plants to grow algae to make biofuels, or better, bioplastics.

THE CLIMATE ACTION PLAN AND THE TEMPERATURE PLATEAU. A delicate balancing act in the atmosphere: A planet being keep cool by air pollution vs a warming planet from greenhouse gases.

BATTERY SWAPPING OPENS NEW POSSIBILITIES FOR TESLA MOTORS. Unlimited range, higher resale value, access to new battery technologies and less expensive cars are possible.

INTRODUCING DME. Dimethyl ether fueled trucks from Volvo. Dimethyl ether from Oberon Fuels.

THE DEMISE OF BETTER PLACE. The company fails, not the car or the concept.

CAN'T DO A SOLAR ROOF? HOW ABOUT A SOLAR STRUCTURE? Creative places to add solar power.

WHY NOT AN ELIO? Buy an SUV AND an 84 MPG Elio for less than the cost of an EV or plug-in hybrid.

THE COMING DELUGE OF OIL. Climate policy could struggle in the flood.

STEADY GROWTH FOR LOW SPEED VEHICLES. Fun, economical and clean, put one in your garage

HOW A LIGHT BULB CAN CLOSE A POWER PLANT. Highly efficient tube LED lights could dramatically cut energy consumption on the grid.

IT'S ABOUT WATTS, NOT DOLLARS. Investment in renewables is down, but new generating capacity is up. What gives?

RANGE ANXIETY CURE AND LOW LEASE ADD TO FIAT 500E APPEAL. Still, there's a few more tidbits FIAT could add.

CUTTING GREENHOUSE GAS EMISSIONS, THE AMERICAN WAY. For now a jumble of solutions is all we have: Make the best of it.

ALUMINUM, NOT LITHIUM. SWAP, DON'T RECHARGE. Technologies should meet.

ATTENTION FIAT: SELL THE 500E NATIONWIDE. The best EV yet should be available for all.

IT'S TIME FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. New ideas are needed to shift our vehicles off of oil.

NICKEL ZINC AS LITHIUM ALTERNATIVE? If lithium-ion doesn't work out, look back 100 years

WHO'S TO BLAME FOR CLIMATE CHANGE? It's not just utilities, car companies and industry. It's me and you.

NEXT UP: ROTOR-FREE WIND GENERATORS? Funneled, accelerated wind can provide subsidy-free power while eliminating environmental problems


DO-IT-OURSELVES WEATHER? Does air pollution intensify storms?

SNL Energy Report: Wind Led Completed Power Projects by Capacity in 2012.

OODLES OF OIL (5 YEARS FROM NOW). Gas guzzlers could return just as clean electric drive gets traction in car markets.

SWAP OR RECHARGE: WHICH MAKES BETTER BATTERY BUSINESS? Swapping electric vehicle batteries might lead to a faster transformation to electric drive.

SCIENTISTS MIMIC FIREFLIES TO MAKE BRIGHTER LEDS. Papers detail new bio-inspired coating that increases LED efficiency by 55 percent

GIVE CREDIT FOR LIFE-CYCLE EMISSIONS CUTS BY AUTOMAKERS? Carbon dioxide and other emissions start long before a car or truck is born.

BOEING'S ELECTRICAL PROBLEM. A small airliner component becomes a big issue in the quest to save fuel.

AN EV AS AN ONLY CAR. Can one live a normal life in a charge-constrained world?

FORD'S C-MAX: SPOT-ON. At least from the auto show floor, thumbs up for the hybrid.

RUST BELT BATTERIES. Could iron be the key to low cost energy storage for intermittant renewables.

CLIFF AVOIDED FOR RENEWABLES? Renewable energies get a tax break in cliff rescue.

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