THE POLITICS OF A PIPELINE. Obama must soon give a thumbs up or down on the Keystone XL pipeline. A “strings-attached” decision may be an alternative to yes, no or later.

HYDROGEN FROM RENEWABLES STORED IN NATURAL GAS. Europe’s E.ON plans to blend hydrogen into natural gas grid to store intermittent renewable energy.


CUTTING CARBON DIOXIDE WITH CARBON DIOXIDE. If there was money to be made by selling waste CO2, youbetcha fossil-fueled power plant operators would quickly find a cheap way to capture and sell their own exhaust.

INNOVATION TO CUT ELECTRIC VEHICLE COSTS. California electric vehicle developer thinks a standardized EV platform will reduce costs-to-market for a full range of electric vehicles.

THE EARTH’S ATMOSPHERE (WITH AND WITHOUT MAN). Independent study shows the Earth warming. Is it just coincidence that burning fossil fuels has followed the same trajectory?

OUT OF OUR ELEMENT. Sticking to what resources and knowledge we have might create better, cheaper clean energy solutions.

MANUFACTURING WITH SOLAR ENERGY. Using the heat of the Sun for rotomolding.

FOR A GREENER ECONOMY, SUPPORT THE ARMED SERVICES. As one of the world’s largest energy consumers, the U.S. military is embracing clean, renewable and efficient energy.

ZERO-DOWN, LEASED SOLAR IS HOT. WHAT’S UP NEXT? LEASED ENERGY STORAGE SYSTEMS. The next logical step in the build-out of solar power could be made affordable with long term leasing.

YOUR ELECTRIC CAR: GREEN EMERGENCY POWER? When the power goes out an electric vehicle could keep homes and businesses up and running.

BUDGET DEFICIT FOLLOWS TRADE DEFICIT. High oil prices help send record dollars across the border helping push the nation’s budget out of balance.


THE ECONOMY’S BRIGHT SPOT GOES UNNOTICED. Clean, renewable and efficient energy should be driving global economies, but this “next big thing” remains in the semidarkness with poor media coverage.

CAN THE U.S. CUT GREENHOUSE GASES WITHOUT WASHINGTON? For now Washington is a lost cause, but don’t give up on the country.

FUEL EFFICIENCY STANDARD SET TO LEAP: TECHNOLOGY POISED TO MEET THE NEW CAFE. Charging in motion and ultra-fast charging batteries could help vehicle manufacturers meet the new CAFE and beyond.

D.I.Y. LARGE SCALE SOLAR POWER. Companies with the ability can build their own solar electric systems.

TURN BANK OWNED HOMES INTO GREEN HOMES. EcoPlusHomes in Canada prove that green, net-zero-energy homes can be comfortable and not expensive.

PANASONIC DEVELOPS BREAKTHROUGH THERMOELECTRIC GENERATOR. If it works as suggested, it would be a game changer.

ECONOMY BUILDING THROUGH ENERGY REGULATION. For some regulations can be money makers.

HEAL THE ECONOMY WITH ENERGY INVENTIONS. Lightweight drywall saves transportation energy, simple box saves on air conditioning and new internal combustion engine holds promise.

WILL ABUNDANT NATURAL GAS MUSCLE OUT CLEAN RENEWABLES? There are some challenges ahead for renewables and natural gas could be cleaner.

FUEL EFFICIENCY IS HERE TO STAY. Highly efficient conventional cars may take sales from hybrids, but overall fuel saving goals will be met.

WANTED: A GUIDE TO BUILDING EFFICIENT CARS. Some cars get great mileage while others don’t. Someone should investigate.

NEXT GEN LIGHTING AN INVESTMENT, NOT A CONSUMABLE. High cost will keep LED’s out of most sockets unless attitudes change.

PREMIUM PRICES PAID FOR EXISTING SOLAR HOMES. Study shows PV solar installations on California homes worth the investment at resale time.

THE JOY OF DRIVING SLOWLY. New ruling in the U.S. state of Georgia could expand the use of clean, efficient, low speed vehicles.

WICKED WEATHER. We’re to blame for deadly extremes.

COOKING WITH EFFICIENCY. Frying an egg gets energy efficient with induction cooking.

STORING RENEWABLE ELECTRICITY IN OIL. Use radio-frequency heating to store electric energy as thermal energy.

GE GOES SOLAR. The company will build the largest solar manufacturing facility in the U.S.

SLAYING THE ENERGY BEAST. Our addiction to low cost, easily accessible energy, will take time to cure.

NEXT TO GO MAINSTREAM: MASS ENERGY STORAGE. Bulk, grid-scale, energy storage gearing up to be a major industry.

NO MORE NUKES, PLEASE. Disaster in Japan proves unneeded nuclear power unsafe.

WIRED ROADS FOR WIRELESS CHARGING. Armchair analysis of an economy builder.

CHARGE AS YOU DRIVE. Inductive power transfer could change transportation as we know it.

DISRUPTIVE OIL. Economies can’t afford unstable petroleum prices.

SOLAR ENERGY 101. Small solar-powered devices can leave users underwhelmed but yearning for more.

OFFSHORE WIND ENERGY MEETS OFFSHORE WIND ENERGY STORAGE. Offshore wind for the U.S. advances. Canadian firm supplies storage concept.

TINKERING WITH VOLTS (PART 3): A STORY. Light trucks like locomotives.

GREEN BUSINESS INNOVATION TO THE RESCUE? No upfront cost green energy spreads to fuel cells.

TINKERING WITH VOLTS (PART 2): A STORY. In the previous, and first episode of this column, a fictitious automobile conversion shop was about to purchase three cars to be “reengineered.”

WASTE NOT! WASTE IS A GOOD SOURCE OF ENERGY. Mitigating climate change includes controlling our waste streams.

2010 REVIEW / 2011 OUTLOOK. The biggest energy news story of 2010 was from the bottom of the ocean. Oil could make headlines again in 2011 if prices keep rising.

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