9/3/2006 -- BUSH TO CHANGE DIRECTION ON GLOBAL WARMING? Memo from trade association hints at new energy initiative from White House pending.

9/3/2006 -- COULD A DROP IN GAS AND OIL PRICES FAVOR REPUBLICANS IN NOVEMBER? Drop in crude oil and ethanol prices could keep Congressional majority in control.

9/3/2006 -- ALL ABOUT SOLAR. Dow Corning begins shipping new source of silicon for solar cells; could change the industry, they say.

9/3/2006 -- WORLD WIND WATCH.More wind energy for Iowa planned. FPL builds world's largest wind farm .

9/10/2006 --- MORE EVIDENCE OF GLOBAL WARMING, BUT WORLD STILL SEEKS MORE OIL. Arctic ice cap recedes at unprecedented rate, warmer waters fuel stronger hurricanes, leading OPEC nation thinks there's oil for more than a century.

9/10/2006 --- THE TWO PATHS OF AUTOMOTIVE RESEARCH: CELLULOSIC ETHANOL AND LITHIUM-ION BATTERIES. WHICH WILL PREVAIL? The pros and cons of each. The two could converge in plug-in hybrids.

9/10/2006 --- ALL ABOUT SOLAR. ECD Ovonics to increase solar production. Massachusetts solar manufacturing equipment maker sees record sales...

9/10/2006 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Spanish wind and utility company buys green credits under Kyoto - in China

9/17/2006 ---TWO METHODS TO TACKLE CLIMATE CHANGE: START NOW OR DO IT LATER. Bush submits plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions; Clinton Global Initiative gets new commitments to tackle the problem

9/17/2006 --- PLUG-IN HYBRIDS: HOW GREEN ARE THEY? American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) studies PHEVs.

9/17/2006 --- ALL ABOUT SOLAR. New effort for solar windows. GE Solar to supply modules for major Korean solar project.

9/17/2006 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Wind project in New York dedicated, new wind project in Upper Midwest started, Suzlon gets major wind turbine order

9/24/2006 --- EASING THE PAIN OF DISRUPTIVE VEHICLE TECHNOLOGIES. Big oil, big auto could adapt to dramatic steps to cut greenhouse gas emission. Car companies take small steps in that direction.

9/24/2006 --- POWERFUL OCEANS SLOWLY TAMED FOR ENERGY. Finavera commits to wave energy project for South Africa.

9/24/2006 --- ALL ABOUT SOLAR. SunPower stretches its supply chain to include silicon ingots.Largest solar electric powerplant - 8 megawatts - planned for US.

9/24/2006 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. MIT considers floating offshore wind power. Another gigawatt of wind energy planned for central US.

10/1/2006 --- NEXT GEN BIOFUEL, BIOBUTANOL: BETTER THAN ETHANOL? The bio-version of butanol (butyl alcohol) may be a better bet than ethanol.

10/1/2006 --- WHAT’S NEXT FOR SOLID STATE LIGHTING? Canadian company wants to make solid state silicon lighting.

10/1/2006 --- ALL ABOUT SOLAR. Two solar companies might be working towards better do-it-yourself solar.

10/1/2006 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Texas plans more wind energy. Wind energy storage to be studied in Ireland. Banker and potato chip maker buy wind energy renewable energy credits.

10/8/2006 --- NEW CLEANER DIESEL FUEL; A CHALLENGE FOR HYBRIDS? Ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel at pumps in US, new support from major dealership chain for plug-in hybrids.

10/8/2006 --- THE COST OF TRANSPORTATION IS HEAVIER THAN THE COST OF HOME. Commuting long distances costs more than savings of less expensive housing.

10/8/2006 --- ALL ABOUT SOLAR. Solar companies team up to make customized solar products. Two concentrating solar companies close in on commercialization.

10/8/2006--- WORLD WIND WATCH. American Wind Energy Association (AWEA)opens web site that to help advocacy.

10/15/2006 --- REPLACING DETROIT: IS CALIFORNIA READY TO BUILD ITS OWN ADVANCED VEHICLE INDUSTRY? All the components are already in place - except full scale mass production - to build a dedicated green vehicle industry in the state.

10/15/2006 --- ALL ABOUT SOLAR. Los Angeles community colleges think grid free. New solar products from SunPower, BP Solar, Kyocera. New silicon solar wafer technology.Google goes solar.

10/15/2006 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Airtricity buys Canadian wind developer. AES buys minor interest in French wind developer. Wind turbine orders for Siemens and Mitsubishi.

10/22/2006 --- DON’T WASTE WASTE. PUT IT TO WORK. Four projects for converting human and industrial waste to energy.

10/22/2006--- LITHIUM BATTERIES JUST KEEP GETTING BETTER. Lithium batteries from Altair Nanotechnologies could last 20 years - or more.

10/22/2006 --- ALL ABOUT SOLAR. A 375 kilowatt solar electric system at an Air Force base; a 359-kilowatt solar electric system at a California university completed; a 425-kilowatt solar electric system in Brockton, Mass commissioned.

10/22/2006 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. At least 5000 GE 1.5 megawatt wind turbines now in service 10,000 expected by 2009. Up to 3500 megawatts of new wind in US predicted for 2007.

10/29/2006 --- AN APPROPRIATELY TITLED WARNING ON CLIMATE CHANGE. UK government report on economic impacts of global warming.

10/29/2006 --- PLUG-IN HYBRIDS FOR THE GENERAL? GM needs Prius beater.

10/29/2006 --- BEYOND PLUG-IN HYBRIDS: WHAT’S THE NEXT EVOLUTION? Retrofit hybrids, the next evolution of the technology.

10/29/2006 --- EVOLVING BIOFUELS. More energy efficient biofuel production.

10/29/2006 --- ALL ABOUT SOLAR. Scientists take a look at nature’s solar energy process-photosynthesis. Sharp increases solar production capacity. Mitsui buys SunWize. Permacity, Ascent Solar work on plug-n-play solar.

10/29/2006 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Wind energy credits at grocer. Arizona set to up renewable portfolio standard.


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