11/5/2006 --- THE SEA CHANGE IN WASHINGTON: A BOOST FOR GREEN ENERGY? New majority in Congress should help green energy. Bush should build quiet, efficient airliner.

11/5/2006 --- ALL ABOUT SOLAR. SunEdison gets Canadian partner. Solar powerplant under construction in Spain. Conergy sets up shop in Pennsylvania to get solar business.

11/5/2006 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. New small wind turbine. New wave energy device under development. Audubon Society supports wind energy.

11/12/06 --- NOT-SO-GLAMOROUS TECHNOLOGIES STILL GREEN. Pellet furnace installed outside can burn a variety of fuels. New refrigerant-free air conditioning component for buildings, industry manufactured by auto parts company.

11/12/06 --- SEEKING MORE EFFICIENT TRUCKS: BY TECHNOLOGY AND BY DESIGN. Aerodynamic trucks could save fuel as could hybrids, battery electric drive and on board fuel cell generators.

11/12/06 --- ALL ABOUT SOLAR. BP Solar expands. SunPower buys PowerLight and Prism Solar takes on new product line.

11/12/06 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Think plastic composites when it comes to wind turbines. BP makes land offer for new wind blade research facility proposed for Texas.

11/19/06 --- HIGH GAS PRICES AHEAD: EFFICIENT CARS WANTED SAYS POLL. American’s expect gas prices to rise, want Washington and Big Three auto to act on fuel efficiency, alternative fuels.

11/19/06 --- OFF-ROAD VEHICLES YET ANOTHER APPLICATION FOR LITHIUM-ION BATTERIES. Electric ATVs tested with state-of-the-art batteries.

11/19/06 --- ALL ABOUT SOLAR. Concentrating solar technology company teams with Stirling engine technology company. New method for growing silicon crystals gets investment. Significant order for building integrated solar product.

11/19/06 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Canada’s wind power doubles in 2006. Largest wind farm in the country opens for business.

11/26/06 --- GLOBAL WARMING: THE ISSUE OF A LIFETIME IN COURT. 12 states and others challenge US EPA in Supreme Court over vehicle carbon dioxide emissions.

11/26/06 --- THE GREENING OF GM: A PLUG-IN HYBRID ON THE WAY. General Motors makes it official: The car company will build a plug-in hybrid.

11/26/06 --- NO HYBRIDS YET FOR BMW: DIESELS TO U.S. IN 2008. BMW to bring clean diesels to US market in 2008.

11/26/06 --- ALL ABOUT SOLAR. Builder of industrial strength solar systems gets investment, research partner, and solar supply aggreement. Slot machine company to dump slots for solar energy.

11/26/06 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Spanish power company and renewables developer now leader in wind energy. GE ups power output from turbine with longer blades.

12/3/06 --- THE CATASTROPHE IN IRAQ:ARE U.S. CORPORATIONS ADAPTING TO SURVIVE? Are US corporations reacting to economic trouble ahead if Iraq collapses?


12/3/06 --- ALL ABOUT SOLAR. Congress extends some green energy tax breaks another year. Renting residential solar is now a possiblity. Another order for solar production equipment provider.

12/3/06 ---WORLD WIND WATCH. Report shows bird strikes not a problem with European offshore wind. Clipper Wind racks up a new order.

12/10/06 --- WEATHER CHANNEL HONORS CLIMATE HEROES (AND ANTIHEROES.) Popular cable channel tackles climate change.

12/10/06 --- HOT GASOLINE LAWSUIT? NOT SO HOT. Drivers get less energy content with warm fuels but vehicles run more efficiently in hot weather.

12/10/06 --- ENERGY SAVING PRODUCTION PROCESS FOR ENERGY SAVING ALUMINUM. Alcan invents energy-saving method of making aluminum and will build pilot facility to implement it.

12/10/06 --- ALL ABOUT SOLAR. Silicon supply for solar cells set to increase. Major California roofing company set to be solar installer.

12/10/06--- WORLD WIND WATCH. Asia Pacific region could see 46,000 megawatts of new capacity by 2015. Montana reaps benefit of Energy Policy Act of 2005.

12/17/06 --- UPDATE ON TESLA’S ELECTRIC ROADSTER:GM SHOULDN’T HAVE CRUSHED ITS EV1. Tesla Motors plans sedan model, nears production of roadster.

12/17/06 --- PLENTY OF GRID POWER FOR A NATIONAL FLEET OF PLUG-IN HYBRIDS. Underutilized generating capacity in US could power PHEVs for more than 30 miles a day.

12/17/06 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. British goverment gives go-ahead for 1300 more megawatts of offshore wind. Offshore wind proposed for coast of Delaware.

12/24/06 --- 2006 REVIEW / 2007 OUTLOOK. A uncertain look to the coming year and a look back at an unpredicted one.

12/24/06 --- THREE BUDDING WIND TURBINE PLAYERS IN A GROWING MARKET. Smaller companies step into a market with near endless opportunities.

12/31/06 --- GREEN POWER FOR THE 110th CONGRESS? Democratically-controlled Congress plans renewable and energy legislation: global warming too.

12/31/06 --- OIL COMPANY IN PLUG-IN HYBRID BUSINESS. Cobasys with A123 systems gets battery contract for GM plug-in hybrid.

12/31/06 --- AUTOMOTIVE SEAT COOLER COULD SAVE FUEL. Ventilated seat pad could cut air conditioning energy drain, particularly in hybrids.

12/31/06 --- WIND GUSTS: NEWS BYTES ON WIND ENERGY. Honda thinks wind energy for car plants, completed wind projects and more.


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