5/7/2006 --- RENEWABLES PROVIDE STABLE PRICE FOR CALIFORNIA UTILITY.California utility secures fixed rates for long term renewable power.

5/7/2006 --- BRINGING RENEWABLE ENERGY TO MARKETS. Basslink connects renewables in Australian state of Tasmania to mainland.

5/7/2006 --- ALL ABOUT SOLAR. Carbon nanotubes used in experimental organic solar cells. Massachusetts solar community under construction. Funding for Canadian solar thermal program on hold.

5/7/2006 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Second offshore windfarm planned for Gulf of Mexico, Kansas wind project online, wind energy for education in Illinois.

5/14/2006 --- OTHERS DO IT, WHEN WILL EXXONMOBIL GO GREEN? Investor group wants ExxonMobil to take on renewables. ExxonMobil joins energy saving fleet program. ExxonMobil shows lithium ion battery technology. Honda to launch new dedicated hybrid, diesel engines and do better than CAFE standards. MuniMae real estate investment company buys renewable company.

5/14/2006 --- ACT TWO: FUTURE OF THE CARS AND TRUCKS. Vehicle technologies leaning towards hybrids, plug-in hybrids.

5/14/2006 --- THE ANSWER TO OUR ENERGY PROBLEMS: A BIG BOX OF BATTERIES. Battery storage systems saves unused power generation for daytime use.

5/14/2006 --- ALL ABOUT SOLAR. Polymer solar cells could be far cheaper than silicon.

5/14/2006 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. John Deere orders wind turbines. ENMAX wind project gets underway in Canada. GE installs wind turbines in Germany.

5/21/2006 --- ALETTA FORMS IN E. PACIFIC; MORE STORMS NOT GLOBAL WARMING. Atlantic hurricane season ready to start; Eastern Pacific season already underway

5/21/2006 --- WARM PLANET COULD GET WARMER THAN THOUGHT. New studies show positive feedback loops warming planet faster than anticipated.

5/21/2006 --- ALL ABOUT SOLAR. China solar industry set to grow. More polysilicon production coming to fill demand.

5/21/2006 --- FOR INDEPENDENCE OR DISASTER: HOME POWER SYSTEMS. Companies offer bank of batteries for back power, but could be backbone of renewable power system.

5/21/2006 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. PPM Energy orders more wind turbines, ready to grow wind capacity. Medium-sized wind turbines built in India to be sold in US, South America and Europe.

5/28/2006 --- BATTERY ELECTRIC CARS: EASY TO BUILD TODAY? Off the shelf technologies and new efforts to build electric cars show promise for pure electric cars.

5/28/2006 --- ALL ABOUT SOLAR. Researchers get closer to full spectrum solar cell. Solar energy builds in the Philippines.

5/28/2006 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Wind turbines as renewable energy art work. GE commits $50 million to cleaner technology research in China. Vestas will have three wind turbine manufacturing plants in China by 2007


6/4/2006 --- HYBRIDS, PLUG-IN HYBRIDS SPAWN INITIATIVES, POSSIBILITIES. Major US bank entices employees to buy hybrids, state approves PHEV mandate, PHEV kit near market intro. New charger could charge PHEVs in 30 minutes.

6/4/2006 --- RENEWABLE ENERGY STORAGE: DEVELOPING SOLUTIONS. Vanadium cells and lithium batteries for solar and wind power storage.

6/4/2006 --- ALL ABOUT SOLAR. Holographic solar technology shows improved cell performance. Largest PV solar powerplant under construction. Winery to get near 900 kilowatt solar array.

6/4/2006 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Massachusetts poll shows support for offshore wind project.Wind turbine orders for Mitsubishi, GE and DeWind.

6/11/2006 --- WESTERN GOVERNORS PLAN FOR ENERGY AND CLIMATE. Recommendations that would lead megawatts of green power and more biofuels in US west.

6/11/2006 --- ELECTRIC CAR SHUFFLED AWAY TO THE NATION’S ATTIC. Smithsonian moves GM EV1 from museum to storage on eve of film “Who Killed the Electric Car?”debut.

6/11/2006 --- METAL AIR FUEL CELLS : TRY AND TRY AGAIN. Two companies move to build magnesium and zinc powered fuel cells.

6/11/2006 --- ALL ABOUT SOLAR. European scientists want EU to tackle solar-to-transportation fuels research. Repowering solar plants can build capacity on same footprint.

6/11/2006 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Wind energy set to more than double by 2010. Wind energy project canceled in Green Mountain State.

6/18/2006 --- CLIMATE CHANGE MEETS MIDDLE AMERICA. Nation's most read magazine asks for action on climate change, report shows global warming a major factor for 2005 hurricane season.

6/18/2006 --- CUTTING GREENHOUSE GASES FROM OFFICE BUILDINGS. Plan for office related emission cuts. Motor technology claims energy savings in buildings. DC for data servers cuts electric bills.

6/18/2006 --- ALL ABOUT SOLAR. Polls show industry execs. bullish on solar, home buyers want solar, GE to sell packaged solar systems. Ever-Q solar plant in Germany open for production.

6/18/2006 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Cape Wind offshore wind farm permitting process back on track. Texas wind farm under construction. UK bird society concerned about eagle kills at Norway wind farm.

6/25/2006 --- SAVE THE PLANET: SCREW IN A NEW LIGHT BULB. International Energy Agency (IEA) thinks incandescent and other inefficient lighting needs to be replaced globally.

6/25/2006 --- GREENER VEHICLES: MORE COMING DOWN THE PIKE. DaimlerChrysler says official smart cars are headed to the US . Honda to build 200,000 more small cars per year in US. Eaton to develop hybrid drive for semi-rigs, builds hydraulic hybrid. Electric cars from Tesla, Miles Automotive and Wrightspeed

6/25/2006 --- ALL ABOUT SOLAR. BP and Caltech researching nanosolar. Two one-megawatt solar power plants in California.

6/25/2006 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Canada joins one gigawatt of wind club, Airtricity orders a half gigawatt of turbines from GE, Shell plans wind farm in Hawaii with pumped hydro storage, new small wind turbine from Southwest Windpower, Wind for gold mining operation.


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