3/5/2006 --- THE BRIGHT SIDE OF THE HIGH COST OF ENERGY. Utility rates in state of Maryland set to skyrocket. But could high rates bring solar to the state?

3/5/2006 --- NATURAL FUELS FOR ENERGY INDEPENDENCE. Soaring market for wood and pellet stoves.

3/5/2006 --- All ABOUT SOLAR. Passive solar green homes focus of trade fair in Germany.

3/5/2006 --- HOME COGENERATION. Combined heat and power plants for homes, more heat and hot water than electricity.

3/5/2006 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. GE to develop 5 - 7 megawatt wind turbines. Gamesa expands wind turbine manufacturing in Pennsylvania.

3/12/2006 --- GLOBAL WARMING AND OIL: AMERICANS ARE CONCERNED. Poll shows more than three quarters of US citizens think the federal government is not doing enough to address global warming and developing energy alternatives.

3/12/2006 --- OCEAN WAVE POWER: COMMERCIAL DEPLOYMENT NEAR. Ocean Power Delivery shipping wave energy converters to grid connected power plant in Portugal.

3/12/2006 --- All ABOUT SOLAR. Massachusetts mill town gets largest solar array in New England. Non-silicon solar maker moves towards greater production capacity. Annual funding for solar education from California utility. Evergreen Solar signs yet another long term contract.

3/12/2006 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. More wind turbine production capacity for the U.S. British Wind Energy Association opens small wind website.

3/19/2006 --- GLACIAL MELTDOWN OR CATASTROPHE AVERTED? A short list of available technologies to help mitigate climate change.

3/19/2006 --- TAKING UNCLE SAM FOR A RIDE? Civic Hybrid sales soar, Prius slip a bit, new EPA mileage estimating could cut into some hybrid sales.

3/19/2006 --- All ABOUT SOLAR. Solar company seeks inventions. Oldest solar retailer in U.S. helps with customers with California rebate.

3/19/2006 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Gamesa looking to future wind turbine development, make more sales. Vestas takes orders for wind turbines globally

3/26/2006 --- HYBRIDS AND PLUG-IN HYBRIDS: EFFICIENCY FOR TODAY. DaimlerChrysler to produce small batch of plug-in hybrid vans. PACCAR to build medium sized trucks with hybrid systems.

3/26/2006 --- TOYOTA’S NEXT HYBRID HIT? Toyota sets pricing for the Camry Hybrid; much more than the base conventional 4, nearly the same as a fancy 6.

3/26/2006 --- All ABOUT SOLAR. Schott to expand solar production.

3/26/2006 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. More wind energy for Pennsylvania and Minnesota.


4/2/2006 --- LED LIGHTING: PUSHING AHEAD. Major lighting manufacturer to sells LED products, LED output gets brighter, and Calif. gives LED low waste hazard status.

4/2/2006 --- All ABOUT SOLAR. Solar arrays for New Jersey's Liberty Science Center. Solar power and alternative energy industry for New Jersey's Meadowlands.

4/2/2006 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Intermittent renewable energy OK according to UK study. Power purchase for Maine wind farm. Funding for small wind turbine manufacturer.

4/9/2006 --- STATES GROWING GREENHOUSE GAS INITIATIVES. California, Northeast US states want to tackle greenhouse gases, group offers warning against.

4/9/2006 --- LIGHTING THE FUTURE. OLEDs might do better than LEDs in replacing the conventional light bulb

4/9/2006 --- All ABOUT SOLAR. Florida Power and Light to build its first solar generating station in the Sunshine State. DuPont invests in solar energy research. More details on New Jersey's Meadowlands renewable initiative.

4/9/2006 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Wind turbine reseller plans to sell new turbines. Britain's wind help meet renewables goal. GE increases wind turbine production in Europe. Wind projects in California, Oregon.

4/16/2006 --- EARTH DAY 2006: HIDE UNDER THE COVERS OR GET TO WORK? Planet's future seems grim, but renewables give ray of hope.

4/16/2006 --- All ABOUT SOLAR. Solar energy grows dramatically in Europe. Solar thermal power plant dedicated in Arizona. Microsoft, Timberland install large solar systems. Chinese solar company gets solar contract for Beijing Olympics

4/16/2006 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. More wind power for utilities in Iowa, Texas and Wisconsin. Ground breaking on wind farm in North Dakota.

4/23/2006 --- HIGH GAS PRICES? HYBRIDS TO THE RESCUE. Hybrids are the best solution for improved fuel economy, GM, DC and BMW build hybrid transmission.

4/23/2006 --- RECYCLABLE CARBON FIBER: EXTREME FUEL EFFICIENCY. Recycled carbon fiber could be used in ultra-efficient cars.

4/23/2006 --- ALL ABOUT SOLAR. Mikhail Gorbachev wants global solar effort. Solar thermal energy for Spain, more solar cell production on line.

4/23/2006 --- SAFE LIGHT SOCKET. Edison socket upgraded after 130 years.

4/23/2006 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Phone company buys wind power. Utility company buys wind farms. Streamlining the wind siting process. India sees dramatic increase in wind energy.

4/30/2006 --- HYBRID SALES RISE AND COULD CLIMB HIGHER. Strong hybrid sales with high gas prices, hybrid fuel economy could reach 250 MPG with new concept.

4/30/2006 --- A MANHATTAN PROJECT, AN APOLLO PROGRAM FOR CARS? Ideas abound for new ways to power vehicles.

4/30/2006 --- ALL ABOUT SOLAR. Spire to include non-silicon PV solar in product mix. New educational videos for solar energy

4/30/2006 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Wind energy set for another banner year in the U.S. Spanish power company to buy Pennsylvania-based wind developer/marketer. New wind farm for the plains of Oklahoma.


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