7/2/2006 --- WHERE’S THE HYDROGEN ECONOMY? Shell to build hydrogen bus fleet in The Netherlands, China to build fuel cell vehicle fleet.

7/2/2006 --- POWER IN ALL VEHICLES: BATTERIES. Orders rack up for lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles.

7/2/2006 --- ALL ABOUT SOLAR. United Solar to sell solar products to Italian companies, more solar schools in Southern California, Massachusetts fund builds solar at museum.

7/2/2006 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. AES buys UK wind company, wind energy on tap for Missouri

7/9/2006 --- PROACTIVE LEADERSHIP NEEDED WITH GROWING CONFLICT. Conflict in Lebanon could spread threatening oil supplies.

7/9/2006 --- SMART ELECTRIC TO THE UK. Fleet of 200 battery electric smart cars to be tested. Will they come to the US?

7/9/2006 --- ALL ABOUT SOLAR. SunPower plans solar production expansion with new, more efficient cell in mind. PowerLight to build 1-megawatt solar system in Korea. World Water and Power buys solar concentrator company

7/9/2006 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. BP and Clipper Wind join hands in wind turbine, wind energy alliance. Wind turbine tower company brings new business to US midwest.Econcern pushes wind energy pushing farther offshore in Europe, buys new wind turbine company.

7/16/2006 --- GREEN CARS: NEEDED NOW MORE THAN EVER. Toyota says yes to plug-in hybrids, Ford of UK invest in green vehicles, company acknowledges global warming threat.

7/16/2006 --- FOR SMALL VOLUME VEHICLE DEVELOPERS IT’S EASY BEING GREEN. Introduction of battery powered Tesla Motors Roadster. Brazilian Obvio electric cars promissed for Calif. distributor.

7/16/2006 --- ALL ABOUT SOLAR. BP Solar to pumps cash into string ribbon solar research and implements new silicon crystal growing technique. Evergreen Solar finds another long term customer for solar products...

7/16/2006 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Wind turbine tower company beefs up production capabilities. Yacht maker/wind turbine blade maker sets up shop in South Dakota.

7/23/2006 --- A KISS FOR RENEWABLE FUELS. Switchgrass is being sought for bioethanol feedstock, but does it make more sense to just burn it.

7/23/2006 --- GASOHOL, IS IT OK FOR NON-AUTOMOTIVE ENGINES? Is E10 ethanol compatible with lawn mowers, outboard motors and the like?

7/23/2006 --- ALL ABOUT SOLAR. Maker of high efficiency solar cells for space apps moves towards markets on Earth. Chinese solar producer locks in solar cell wafers in multibillion dollar contract..

7/23/2006 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Cuba to build first wind farm, more may be on the way. More wind energy for Iowa.

7/30/2006 --- EXPLODING MIDDLE EAST TO SOLVE CLIMATE CRISIS? Could a cut in oil supply lead to a shift to renewable fuels. Current and former political leaders tackle climate change.

7/30/2006 --- SECOND WAVE ENERGY FARM FOR PORTUGAL? Finavera Renewables to receive $1.76 million from EU towards wave farm off Portugal.

7/30/2006 --- ALL ABOUT SOLAR. Nano solar closer to full commercialization at two firms. Chinese solar company expands into Japan.

7/30/2006 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Cape Town, South Africa to get wind energy. Vestas continues churning out wind turbines. Clipper Wind turbines for shore-side Lake Erie project. Toronto wind developer's plans for wind on Great Lakes shore and beyond.

8/6/2006 --- ELECTRICITY FROM HEAT: THE PURSUIT OF NEW TECHNOLOGIES. Thermoelectric generators an alternative way to generate electricity.

8/6/2006 --- SHADE TREES SAVE ENERGY. USDA report shows shade trees could eliminate need for power plants in California.

8/6/2006 --- ALL ABOUT SOLAR. Pacific Gas and Electric signs up for more solar thermal power generation. Slightly better than expected output from solar powerplant at Kyocera headquarters. Chinese solar company Suntech opens US division.

8/6/2006 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. US lab tests strength and durability of wind turbine blades - for 17 years

8/13/2006 --- A GROWING FIELD OF TECHNOLOGICAL CHOICES FOR GREENER VEHICLES. US vehicle production cuts because of poor fuel economy while options for cleaner, more efficient vehicles grows.

8/13/2006 --- U.S. STATES MOVE AHEAD WITH PLANS FOR GREENHOUSE GAS CUTS. US states set rules for carbon dioxide trading.

8/13/2006 --- ALL ABOUT SOLAR. --- Colorado group wants state government to get serious about solar thermal power generation. Waste water solar system complete in California.

8/13/2006 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Wind power surpasses 10,000 megawatts in US. FPL Energy now world leader in wind energy. BP buys wind development firm. Siemens to open turbine blade factory in US Midwest.

8/20/2006 --- BOUNDLESS OPPORTUNITIES IN GREEN ENERGY. Hybrid transfer crane in Japan linear motors for rail vehicles in China, energy analysis software

8/20/2006 --- PAY BACK TIME SHORT FOR TWO HYBRIDS, BUT CLOCK IS TICKING. Hybrid premium payback less than 3 years for Prius and Escape Hybrid, much longer for others.

8/20/2006 --- ALL ABOUT SOLAR. Nanosolar and Conergy pair up for commercialization. Xcel shells out record cash for solar incentives.

8/20/2006 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Offshore wind moves to deep water with installation of 5-megawatt REpower turbine in the Scottish North Sea

8/27/2006 TOUGHER THAN KYOTO: CALIFORNIA LEGISLATION SET TO CUT STATE’S CONTRIBUTION TO GLOBAL WARMING. California set to take major step to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

8/27/2006 HARNESSING FLOWING WATER WITH KINETIC HYDROPOWER. New turbine design does well in efficiency testing. Website offers tools to locate small hydro projects in US.

8/27/2006 ALL ABOUT SOLAR. 12-MW German solar facility dedicated. Solar available in California new home development.

8/27/2006 WORLD WIND WATCH.New wind turbine tower facility in Ontario joins others in North America. Wind turbine blade company gets significant order.


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