1/1/2006 --- NATURAL GAS: TIGHT SUPPLIES, HIGH PRICES. Natural gas sets record price levels, what to do?

1/1/2006 --- A GOOD DEAL ON HYBRID INSURANCE. Cut rate insurance for hybrid buyers.

1/1/2006 --- BIODIESEL SET TO GUSH IN KEYSTONE STATE. Biodiesel refineries to be built in Pennsylvania.

1/1/2006 --- All ABOUT SOLAR. New Mexico utility wants to buy residential solar power, higher output solar panels, solar power for garment factory.

1/1/2006 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Xcel Energy plans to increase wind portfolio, Babcock and Brown involved in more wind projects, GE and Vestas supply wind turbines to various projects.

1/8/2006 --- GREEN CAR ROLLOUT. New offerings in clean and efficient cars from GM, Toyota, Subaru, Mitsubishi, DaimlerChrysler's GEM cars and Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen.

1/8/2006 --- TAKING THE LEAD IN LEED FOR HOMES. The U.S. Green Building Council's LEED program for homes, LEED for Homes entry from BASF.

1/8/2006 --- All ABOUT SOLAR. California's multi-billion dollar solar initiative, solar power for drugstore chain in U.S., Prism Solar gets additional funding.

1/8/2006 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Wind power for grocery chain. Wind to hydrogen project... Windographer wind analysis tool.

1/15/2006 --- OVER A BARREL. Iran's nuclear initiatives fed with oil.

1/15/2006 --- NO PRESSURE, ROOM TEMPERATURE HYDROGEN. Safe hydrogen liquid fuel?

1/15/2006 --- RACE CAR TECHNOLOGY FOR THE ROAD. Super light vehicle could get exceptional mileage.

1/15/2006 --- All ABOUT SOLAR. New solar thermal power for Nevada.

1/15/2006 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Wind turbine sales around the globe, more turbine manufacturing in China.

1/22/2006 --- CONNECTING THE DOTS. Launch of the Plug-in Partners campaign.

1/22/2006 --- NEXT GENERATION PLUG-IN HYBRID. Flywheel maker works with auto supplier make next gen PHEV.

1/22/2006 --- All ABOUT SOLAR. SunPower solar sales grow dramatically, Solar Integrated completes dozens of projects in 05, more automation for solar production.

1/22/2006 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Wind to grow another 3000 megawatts in U.S. in 2006, ocean energy could power a fifth of the U.K., but time will be needed.

1/29/2006 --- MID EAST OIL INDEPENDENCE? NOT EXACTLY. President's goal of 75 percent cut in Middle East oil by 2025 is just an example, says DOE.

1/29/2006 --- QUESTIONABLE FUNDING. President Bush's budget proposals for energy.

1/29/2006 --- All ABOUT SOLAR. Shell exits silcon solar, takes up non-silicon technology, five megawatts of PV solar for San Diego from Sun Edison, more to come from solar utility.

1/29/2006 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. European wind grows to more than 40 gigawatts, Shell plans wind expansion, Suzlon wind has significant U.S. orders.


2/5/2006 --- A GREENER BIODIESEL? Cleaner diesels mean cleaner running on biodiesel, more diesel cars possible in the US, new uses for biodiesel by-product.

2/5/2006 --- All ABOUT SOLAR. Schott to supply solar thermal receivers for Nevada solar project.

2/5/2006 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Canada's wind capacity set to grow dramatically, new Canadian wind turbine tower manufacturer getting ready for business, Siemens Wind to expand production.

2/12/2006 --- AMERICA’S KYOTO? U.S. Senate issues white paper on greenhouse gas policy. The first step toward legislation?

2/12/2006 --- BUILDING WITH CARBON. Carbon foam, from coal tar, for fuel cells and battery applications.

2/12/2006 --- GREEN CARS 2006. Yearly issue of Green Book guide to green cars issued.

2/12/2006 --- All ABOUT SOLAR. PV solar power plant for Nevada from Sun Edison, Energy Conversion Devices (ECD) expands solar cells capacity, thermophotovoltaic (TPV) reseach, concentrating solar power from SolFocus.

2/12/2006 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. World wind energy grows by nearly 12 gigawatts in 2005.

2/19/2006 --- OFFERING SOLUTIONS. Canadian company offers plug-in hybrid conversion kit, Carbon aerogels offer better energy storage, hydrogen/natural gas blend - bridge fuel to a hydrogen economy? Algae fed with carbon dioxide can be feedstock for ethanol and biodiesel, Smart cars from importer ready to ship in U.S.

2/19/2006 --- All ABOUT SOLAR. Colorado utility company launches solar initiative, Evergreen Solar gets another multi million dollar contract, Solar thermal power plant for Israel?

2/19/2006 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Bill in US Congress aimed to squash Cape Wind offshore wind project, new small wind turbine from Japan.2/26/

2/26/2006 --- HYBRIDS, FOR NOW. Hybrid bus fleet in US set to grow, ultracapacitors could make hybrids more efficient.

2/26/2006 --- UNDERWATER ENERGY. Marine Current Turbines gets permission to install another tidal current device.

2/26/2006 --- All ABOUT SOLAR. Colorado utility company launches solar initiative ... Evergreen Solar gets another multi million dollar contract ... Solar thermal power plant for Israel

2/26/2006 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. GE happy about wind business ... Stronger, lighter material for wind turbine blades.


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