9/4/2005 --- REBUILDING. Commentary: Should New Orleans be rebuilt after hurricane Katrina's floods?

9/4/2005 --- YOUR MILEAGE MAY VARY. GM, DaimlerChrysler, BMW work together on hybrids. 2006 Civic hybrid on the way to showrooms.

9/4/2005 --- POWER FROM HEAT. Thermoelectrics, generating electricity from heat.

9/4/2005 --- All ABOUT SOLAR. Building integrated solar product company announces production techniques. SatCon makes the most efficient commercial-grade solar inverters.

9/4/2005 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. New Jersey gets a wind farm, as does Pennsylvania. Hungary gets its first big wind turbine.

9/11/2005 --- METALS -TO - HYDROGEN. Seattle company works on metals to hydrogen technology.

9/11/2005 --- HIGH GAS PRICES: HYBRIDS TO THE RESCUE. Toyota ups production - again - of Prius hybrids. Mercedes Benz shows off hybrid technology

9/11/2005 --- All ABOUT SOLAR. The Solar Decathlon solar house competition to visit Washington, DC. New Jersey to up its Renewable Portfolio Standard. China's exports of solar panels grows.

9/11/2005 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Siemens Power Generation gets first big wind order, GE's order book for wind turbines fills, Gamesa gets order for 214 megawatts wind turbine capacity, Clipper Wind to use Xantrex inverters on new wind turbine. Safeway food chain to power gasoline pumps with wind power.

9/18/2005 --- WIRE POWER. Researchers develop method to generate hydrogen on demand from pure metal wire.

9/18/2005 --- WANTED: YOUR INPUT. The Bush Administration releases its draft plan to tackle climate change with technology.

9/18/2005 --- All ABOUT SOLAR. More solar production capacity for China and Korea. Solar power to help clean water in New Jersey.

9/18/2005 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. World wind capacity reached 50 gigawatts by mid-year 2005. Clinton Global Initiative yields 109-megawatt wind farm in Dominican Republic. GE introduces two new turbines.

9/25/2005 --- NO ICING ON THE TOP. Meltdown at the top of the world.

9/25/2005 --- BUYING A NEW EFFICIENT CAR IN 2006? WAIT FOR A 2007 MODEL. A wide range of fuel-efficient cars on the way to U.S. showrooms - next year.

9/25/2005 --- All ABOUT SOLAR. Energy storage devices for solar projects.

9/25/2005 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. U.S. offshore wind potential could power the country.


10/2/2005 --- CANADA: THE WORLD'S NEXT SAUDI ARABIA? Oil sands of Canada hold wealth of oil.

10/2/2005 --- BUILD OR SAVE: MORE POWER PLANTS OR LESS DEMAND. Growing interest in efficiency programs by utility companies in U.S.

10/2/2005 --- All ABOUT SOLAR. Spire moves solar production line to headquarters. Evergreen's solar cells give near consistent output. Arise gets pre-sale agreement for solar products. New York City solar from GE.

10/2/2005 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Vestas to supply 180 wind turbines for various projects. Gamesa 72 turbines for European projects. Canadian and California based wind companies team up. Shell buys more wind capacity. Hydro Tasmania gets help from Chinese utility company.

10/9/2005 --- AN EVER WARMER WORLD. 2005 on way to be another record-breaking warm year.

10/9/2005 --- IT’S OFFICIAL: U.S. FUEL ECONOMY GUIDE PUBLISHED. Yearly guide to fuel efficiency in U.S. published.

10/9/2005 --- All ABOUT SOLAR. China may be developing solar photovoltaic cell that also converts heat to power.

10/9/2005 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Cape Wind offshore windfarm leaps another hurdle while new government agency takes oversight of project. Wind energy could relieve pressure on natural gas supplies.

10/9/2005 --- THE OIL RICHES OF CUBA. Waters off the coast of Cuba may see more oil rigs in the future.

10/16/2005 --- METALS FOR BATTERIES MADE CLEANER. Dirty business of making batteries made cleaner.

10/16/2005 --- HYBRIDS ON A ROLL. Potential success of hybrid vehicles attracting new technology suppliers.

10/16/2005 --- All ABOUT SOLAR. Holographic solar cells move closer to production. Nano materials for solar cells

10/16/2005 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. GE wind turbines for Canadian project. Wind farms in the planning stages for Oklahoma, Wyoming, West Virginia, and Illinois.

10/23/2005 --- CLEAN TRANSPORTATION: DRIVEN BY DEMAND. Hybrid and electric vehicles for New York and Norway.

10/23/2005 --- SAVINGS IN THE AIR. Air freight company finds ways to cut fuel consumption.

10/23/2005 --- All ABOUT SOLAR. SunEdison builds solar arrays atop office supply chain facilities.

10/23/2005 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. San Diego Gas and Electric buys more wind power. Offshore wind farm for Texas in the making. Vestas to supply turbines for wind farm in Scotland.

10/30/2005 --- FISHING FROM THE CAPITOL STEPS. Scientists predict significant rise in oceans.

10/30/2005 --- R&D FOR FUEL CELLS: A CONTINUING PROCESS. A variety of fuel cell technologies and materials under development.

10/30/2005 --- All ABOUT SOLAR. Stirling Energy Systems gets closer to building 500 megawatt power plant with contract approval.

10/30/2005 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Wind energy set to grow by 35 percent in 2005. Links to wind trade association wind farm maps. Edison Mission Group set to expand wind portfolio. GE Turbines chosen for Japanese wind project.


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