11/6/2005 --- WINTER NEARS: NATURAL GAS PRICES SOAR. The highest price for natural gas since the wholesale natural gas market was deregulated in the mid 1980’s. Conservation tips.

11/6/2005 --- SOLID COAL FUEL CELL. Direct Carbon Fuel Cell concept for cleaner coal.

11/6/2005 --- OCEAN POWER RISING. Oscillating Water Column (OWC) ocean wave generator.

11/6/2005 --- All ABOUT SOLAR. Global solar retailer launches new brand name.

11/6/2005 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Wind energy in China could expand beyond expectations. All the papers submitted for large offshore wind farms in the U.K.

11/13/2005 --- THE FUEL CELL INDUSTRY: STABLE AND WORLDWIDE. Studies show fuel cell investment continuing, employment available and fuel cells in service worldwide.

11/13/2005 --- A SIGN OF THE TIMES. Think about energy related home improvements for 2006 says tax preparer.

11/13/2005 --- All ABOUT SOLAR. Marketing solar on cable TV, more silicon capacity on the way, solar stock offering, solar power for sewage treatment.

11/13/2005 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Offshore wind energy for New England could alleviate possible rolling blackouts due to tight natural gas supplies.

11/20/2005 --- LIGHTING THE FUTURE. OSRAM Opto Semiconductors moves closer to printable lighting technology.

11/20/2005 --- STIRLING REVIVAL. Nearly two century old technology making a comeback.

11/20/2005 --- All ABOUT SOLAR. Solar energy perfect match for green industry - wine making.

11/20/2005 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. New wind capacity for U.S. , Sweden and Canada.

11/27/2005 --- GROWTH FROM EMISSION CUTS. Joint California / Sao Paulo, Brazil study shows greenhouse gas reduction creates jobs.

11/27/2005 --- BP: GROWING INVESTMENT IN ALTERNATIVES. BP creates alternative energy unit, to increase investment in wind, solar, and more.

11/27/2005 --- STATE FOR ALTERNATIVES: SO SHOULD THE NATION. Pennsylvania governor sends White House a plan to reduce oil imports.

11/27/2005 --- THE WORLD OF EFFICIENT CARS. Cars sold outside of U.S. get better fuel economy. Group wants world cars sold in U.S.

11/27/2005 --- All ABOUT SOLAR. BP expands work force in solar plant. Konarka solar gets more research money.

11/27/2005 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. New small wind turbine in the making?


12/4/2005 --- CLIMATE AGREEMENT: CONTINUE TALKING. Climate talks end. Talks will continue, but U.S. has to prove leadership it says it has.

12/4/2005 --- PLUG-IN HYBRIDS: A GROWING POSSIBILITY? The Plug-in Hybrid Development Consortium created to accelerate development of the concept.

12/4/2005 --- SOLAR PRIUS? Solar power to increase fuel economy of hybrid cars?

12/4/2005 --- All ABOUT SOLAR. Unavailability of solar modules slowing solar growth in Spain. Full spectrum solar cells. Solar to make hydrogen. New solar module from GE.

12/4/2005 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Global wind turbine sales for GE, Vestas, Gamesa and Nordex.

12/11/2005 --- INTO THE CRYSTAL BALL - 25 YEARS AHEAD. ExxonMobil's Outlook for Energy - A View to 2030.

12/11/2005 --- HIGH ENERGY COSTS TO CUT HOLIDAY SPREE. Business group predicts high energy costs will move shoppers from malls to the Internet this Christmas.

12/11/2005 --- All ABOUT SOLAR. SunPower secures large contract with PowerLight for solar products. GT Equipment sells silicon solar manufacturing capacity to China.

12/11/2005 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Lighter than air wind generators. Wind projects in Iowa and Kansas. Solar/wind project in New Jersey.

12/18/2005 --- ORGANIC POWER. Thin, flexible organic radical battery can be recharged in 30 seconds.

12/18/2005 --- HYBRID EVOLUTION. Cost for Honda's hybrid technology could drop, utility joins Plug-in Development Consortium

12/18/2005 --- All ABOUT SOLAR. Honda gets into the solar energy biz. Million solar home initiative in California moves forward.

12/18/2005 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. FPL Group and Constellation Energy to join at hip. More wind turbines to be manufactured in U.S.?

12/25/2005 --- 2005 REVIEW / 2006 OUTLOOK. A look back at 2005, what's in store for 2006.


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