5/1/2005 --- PEAK OIL - ON THE FLOOR OF CONGRESS. Discussion of the world's oil supply by Rep. Roscoe Bartlett (R)(MD)

5/1/2005 --- WASTE NO MORE. Manure, spent cooking oils, food processing waste should be considered fuels.

5/1/2005 --- HOME HEAT AND POWER: FUEL CELL OR COMBUSTION ENGINE. Home cogeneration plants from Ballard, Ceramic Fuel Cells Ltd and Honda/Climate Energy

5/1/2005 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Spanish utility moves into the top spot for global wind capacity. Vestas sells turbines for secret wind project. Pakistan begins construction of wind farm.

5/8/2005 --- THANKS, GE. GE's Ecomagination initiative.

5/8/2005 --- GREEN VEHICLE EVOLUTION. Mitsubishi to build electric vehicle, test bed has in-wheel motors.

5/8/2005 --- IN BRIEF. Solar with back-up diesel power plants for China. Hybrid bucket trucks for utility company. Nanotechnology glass insulation. New brand solar cells now manufactured. LED undercabinet lighting. Improved battery charging. GM's first hybrids.

5/8/2005 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Suzlon wind energy to offer stock to raise capital.

5/15/2005 --- PRIUS PLUG-IN:TWEAKED FOR EFFICIENCY. Prius hybrid modified to plug-in hybrid gets over 100 miles per gallon in Tour de Sol.

5/15/2005 --- FIRST COMMERCIAL WAVE FARM. Pelamis for Ocean Power Delivery for grid connected facility in Portugal.

5/15/2005 --- IN BRIEF. Green Goat hybrid locomotives. Pollution trails over oceans from ship exhaust, LNG powered ship engines. Chariots back in warfare after centuries' absence. First Solar solar order.

5/15/2005 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Northern Ireland likes wind farms, wind energy public awareness program, big revenues for GE wind turbines, China to build offshore wind farms.

5/22/2005 --- HOME-MADE POWER. Ballard gets more funding for home fuel cell cogenerators.

5/22/2005 --- NATURE’S HOME-BREWED GAS. Landfill gas to concentrate cranberry juice in Wisconsin. Landfill gas powered microturbines in France.

5/22/2005 --- PACKAGED SOLAR PRODUCTS: MORE ON THE WAY? Solar power solutions company buys other solar power solutions company.

5/22/2005 --- ELECTRIC TRAIN SETS. Low emission remote controlled trains.

5/22/2005 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Study shows stronger winds at hub height of state-of-the-art turbines.

5/29/2005 --- NO NEED FOR A HYBRID? Offsetting car emissions by purchasing renewable energy certificates.

5/29/2005 --- EXXON SAYS NO. Exxon rejects renewables.

5/29/2005 --- ALL ABOUT SOLAR. Global solar gets U.S. Army solar charger contract. Spire Solar partners with Nisshinbo Industries for solar module production equipment. GT has record sales year. SunPower launches new inverter. First phase of 12 MW Solarpark in Germany operating with Solon Mover tracking systems. GE launches new solar inverter and new roof integrated solar products. Sharp offers new solar tile. Solar roof tile from BP Solar and solar projects. Nanotechnology solar cell research.

5/29/2005 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Wind projects onshore in Mexico, France and the U.S., offshore in The Netherlands.


6/5/2005 --- DISAGREEING ON CLIMATE CHANGE. UK PM Tony Blair wants more international goverment action on climate change, US Pres. Bush says no, the markets will take care of it, if it's a problem.

6/5/2005 --- AVAILABLE TECHNOLOGIES: ENERGY STORAGE FOR HYBRIDS. Next generation ultracapacitors.

6/5/2005 --- AVAILABLE TECHNOLOGIES: MORE EFFICIENT LIGHTING. Outlook for LED lighting gets brighter.

6/5/2005 --- AVAILABLE TECHNOLOGIES: MORE EFFICIENT ELECTRIC MOTORS. Efficient electric motors to be built by time-honored company.

6/5/2005 --- AVAILABLE TECHNOLOGIES: SOLAR. Solar fund to build 25 new solar power plants .

6/5/2005 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. 1000-megawatt offshore wind farm for the UK. World's most efficient wind farm. Bird strikes not a problem at Danish offshore wind farm.

6/12/2005 --- EDUCATED GUESSES. Survey of energy executives on 2005 outook for oil and natural gas prices.

6/12/2005 --- SOLAR SUBWAY. Solar power for mass transit station in New York.

6/12/2005 --- MOST EFFICIENT LIGHTING. Fiber optic lighting more efficient than LEDs and CFLs - yes and no.

6/12/2005 --- EARLY ADOPTERS - HOP ON FOR THE RIDE. First purpose built hydrogen motorbike.

6/12/2005 --- THINKING HYBRID? Nissan hybrid to be built in US.

6/12/2005 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Wind farm for South Korea. Britain moves into the big leagues with more than a gigawatt of wind energy.

6/19/2005 --- OIL CRISIS - A SIMULATED SCENARIO. Oil Shock - What happens to the U.S. economy if oil supply is cut?

6/19/2005 --- THE LONG TERM DEBATE - IS OIL RUNNING OUT? Feast or Famine - Is Peak Oil Near? Or Not?

6/19/2005 --- ALL ABOUT SOLAR. Solar Trees cover parking lot in at Kyocera's North American headquarters in Calif. HelioVolt of Texas thinks it can apply photovoltaic coatings to a wide array of building materials. 82 kilowatt solar system for U.S. Soc. Sec building. Reliant Energy/PowerLIght agree on Solar REC's. Financing for Sunflower concentrating solar system.

6/19/2005 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Major Wind projects for New York, Colorado, Texas and Pacific Northwest .

6/26/2005 --- SUPPORT THROUGH SACRIFICE? Poll shows Americans want oil independence.

6/26/2005 --- HYPER FUEL ECONOMY. Swiss entrant in the Shell Ecomarathon vehicle rally gets better than 12,000 miles per gallon.

6/26/2005 --- LOOKING FOR TROUBLE. Ford recommends BP fuels. A big mistake?

6/26/2005 --- ALL ABOUT SOLAR. 594-kilowatt solar system for water treatment facility in Calif. 45-kilowatt solar system for GE research center in Germany. 15-kilowatt system on a Calif. laundromat.

6/26/2005 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Wind energy scenario for global growth. Vestas builds new nacelle plant and research center. GE Wind shows solid growth, sells turbines to China. Gamesa's wind turbines in Australia.


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