3/6/2005 --- HIGH - PRICED OIL -- AGAIN. Rising demand fuels predicted gas price increase.

3/6/2005 --- BATTERY ELECTRIC CAR REBOUND? As battery and ultracapacitor technology improve pure electric vehicles become a possibility - again.

3/6/2005 --- BUILDING A BIOFUELS INDUSTRY. Bioethanol industry needs to be built.

3/6/2005 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. New wind capacity for Ontario and Colorado. California Edison buys renewable power to meet portfolio standard.

3/13/2005 --- A CRYING SHAME. The U.S. grows ever closer to drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) to spoil virgin land and leave future generations without a precious resource.

3/13/2005 --- TWO POLLS SHOW CONCERN. One survey shows people now believe saving gas is Patriotic. Another poll shows the truck industry is preparing for cleaner and efficient vehicles.

3/13/2005 --- LATEST HYBRID. The first rear-wheel-drive hybrid.

3/13/2005 --- ALL ABOUT SOLAR. Solar grid connect without the paperwork. Tapping the right spectrum of light for solar power.

3/13/2005 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Wind farm in Washington state begins construction.

3/20/2005 --- BEAM POWER CHALLENGE. Competition from NASA encourages new ideas for invention - including energy.

3/20/2005 --- GROWING GREEN MARKET. Green energy set to grow dramatically in coming years says one report.

3/20/2005 --- LOW ENERGY, HIGH GROWTH LIGHT EMITTING DIODES. LED lighting already a successful technology gets more help from one manufacturer.

3/20/2005 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Gamesa rakes in new orders for wind turbines, as does GE. Wall Street powerhouse buys into wind energy.

3/28/2005 --- SUPER SPIKE FOR OIL? Oil cuold hit $105 per barrel - Can the U.S. endure?

3/28/2005 --- BREAKTHROUGH FOR A MAJOR CHANGE: THE ONE-MINUTE RECHARGE New battery from Toshiba recharges 80 percent in a minute. Electric vehicles could recharge faster than a hydrogen fill-up.

3/28/2005 --- VITAL STATS - TOYOTA HIGHLANDER SUV HYBRID. Specs, prices for Toyota Highlander Hybrid.

3/28/2005 --- FUEL CELL NOTES. GM, DaimlerChrysler spend a few million more on fuel cells, Ballard plans for commercially feasible fuel cells in 5 years.

3/28/2005 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Wind power company purchase, Hawaiian wind farm gets financing, wind power in Canada growing.


4/3/2005 --- FORCING CHANGE ON CLIMATE CHANGE. Climate change in court (again), but will insurance companies and coastline homeowners be more successful at taking action?

4/3/2005 --- WORDS TO THINK ABOUT. More oil consumed than discovered.

4/3/2005 --- ALUMINUM, THE FUTURE OF BATTERIES? Nanoscale aluminum could be the next battery chemistry to be developed.

4/3/2005 --- PAIN AT THE PUMP, AGONY FOR U.S. AUTOMAKERS. High gas prices are making more and more U.S. car buyers think about fuel economy.

4/3/2005 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Wind projects for the U.S. state of New York, China and Spain.

4/10/2005 --- A BREAKTHROUGH FOR FUEL CELLS? New membrane for direct methanol fuel cells could lead to their viability.

4/10/2005 --- KEEPING TRACK: WHO’S GENERATING GREEN POWER? Grid management company to track renewable power generation as it contributes to capacity.

4/10/2005 --- SOLAR WATER POWER. More solar water pumping could be on the way for California.

4/10/2005 --- WANTED: GREEN ENERGY APPLICATIONS. Can battery-free wireless light switches find a niche in green energy?

4/10/2005 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Deep water offshore wind project set to begin.

4/17/2005 --- EARTH DAY 2005. Successful green technologies celebrate Earth Day 2005.

4/17/2005 --- TOP TWENTY-FIVE GREENIES. Top purchasers in the U.S. EPA Green Power Partnership.

4/17/2005 --- REALLY FAST ELECTRICS. New land speed record for electric vehicles.

4/17/2005 --- WHY ISN’T DAIMLERCHRYSLER SMART? ZAP gets final approval to sell Smart cars in U.S. Where's DaimlerChrysler?

4/17/2005 --- ALL ABOUT SOLAR. Solar cell order for SunPower, company will expand production. Full spectrum solar cell nears commercialization.

4/17/2005 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Wind farm for California. Wind turbine sales in Ireland and U.S.

4/24/2005 --- EARTH UNBALANCED. NASA reports Earth's energy out of whack.

4/24/2005 --- REAL FUEL ECONOMY. Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles offer extraordinary fuel economy.

4/24/2005 --- AND THE WINNER IS: Winners in MIT energy competition.

4/24/2005 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Proposal for offshore wind project for New York submitted. France to get more wind power.


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