7/3/2005 --- G8, NOT GREAT. The Bush Administration won't budge on climate change.

7/3/2005 --- PETROCHEMICAL ECONOMIES. A shift to more petrochemical durable goods, like bridge decks, would be a better use for oil than burning it.

7/3/2005 --- NEXT-GEN HONDA HYBRID. 2006 Civic Hybrid.

7/3/2005 --- THE FIRST FUEL CELL FAMILY. Honda delivers first leased fuel cell car to California family.

7/3/2005 --- ALL ABOUT SOLAR. Holographic solar technology closer to production. United Solar to expand production capacity. New composite thermal solar panels. Solar funding program gets more money.

7/3/2005 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Vestas Wind to build blade factory in China

7/10/2005 --- CHEVRON WANTS YOUR HELP. Chevron launches campaign to seek discussion and ideas on energy.

7/10/2005 --- CHICKEN POWER. Fuel cell powered by chicken manure.

7/10/2005 --- ALL ABOUT SOLAR. New technology for solar thermal power generation. Solar photovoltaic plant in Germany now under construction

7/10/2005 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. The world's most efficient wind farm to be built in Scotland, 200-MW wind farm for Wisconsin, ditto for West Virginia, another 72 megawatts of wind power for Italy.

7/17/2005 --- OIL VS ETHANOL AND BIODIESEL. Study of biofuels compares energy content with oil, rebuttal by biofuels trade groups.

7/17/2005 --- ALL ABOUT SOLAR. The North American Solar Challenge. The Dell-Winston Solar Car Challenge. Walmart sees the solar light. SunPower to have IPC. China's solar cell suppliers.

7/17/2005 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Clipper Wind's Liberty Turbine. Vestas to ship more wind turbines to Australia.

7/24/2005 --- SLIM PICKENS FOR GREEN ENERGY. Pres. Bush signs Energy Policy Act of 2005 into law.

7/24/2005 --- BUSH RETHINKS ON CLIMATE. The Bush Administration plans to transfer technologies to tackle climate change.

7/24/2005 --- ALL ABOUT SOLAR. Summer reading - the state of the art of solar energy. Two companies hire big talent to advance solar technologies. Solar community of reasonably-sized homes begins construction.

7/24/2005 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Consulting firm publishes handy wind power map of U.S. GE wind turbines to go to Canadian project.

7/31/2005 --- GAMBLING ON GASOLINE. Gambling website takes bets on the price of gasoline

7/31/2005 --- FUNNY NUMBERS. Is OPEC giving the right numbers on oil supply? Are they overstating?

7/31/2005 --- HYBRIDS AND HYDROGEN. GM and Toyota break up on fuel cells, but GM partners with Honda and BMW on hydrogen fueling.

7/31/2005 --- GEOTHERMAL FOR IDAHO. U.S. Geothermal plans project in Western state.

7/31/2005 --- ALL ABOUT SOLAR. Focused solar thermal energy power plant for Spain.

7/31/2005 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Gamesa jumps into offshore wind. Vestas sells turbines for Portugal project. Alliant Energy to add wind capacity in a few years.


8/7/2005 --- DETAILS, DETAILS. The complicated tax credit for hybrids and diesels in the U.S.

8/7/2005 --- FUEL CELLS FOR SAVING NATURAL GAS? Home fuel cell power plants, more on the way?

8/7/2005 --- ALL ABOUT SOLAR. 500-megawatt solar thermal power for Southern California Edison, 904-kilowatt PV array for FedEx, PV production equipment from GT Equipment sold to China.

8/7/2005 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Suzlon to build wind turbines in China, blades and towers in the U.S. Small wind turbine developer gets Chinese partner.

8/14/2005 --- SHOP ONLINE:BUILD GREEN POWER. Internet purchases can contribute to building renewable energy.

8/14/2005 --- THE END OF TRADITIONAL HOT WATER HEATERS? Tax break gives boost to on- demand hot water heaters in U.S.

8/14/2005 --- All ABOUT SOLAR. Deoxidizing metals with solar energy can later be used to generate hydrogen.

8/14/2005 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Spain grows the fastest with wind energy. China to build offshore wind power plant.

8/21/2005 --- PITIFUL PLAN FOR FUEL ECONOMY. U.S. Government sets forth plan to increase fuel economy in light trucks - but only by a fraction.

8/21/2005 --- A POSITIVE PLAN TO CUT EMISSIONS. States work together to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

8/21/2005 --- All ABOUT SOLAR. New entrant in solar power - Fuji Electric. Solar company details vision of a gigawatt per year of solar cell manufacturing. One megawatt-plus solar facility online in California.

8/21/2005 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. American Wind Energy Association sees best year yet for wind in U.S. Gamesa to double turbine blade production capacity in U.S.

8/28/2005 --- A CYCLE OF CYCLONES, OR SOMETHING ELSE? Experts say not to worry hurricanes come in cycles. But ,is global warming really to blame.

8/28/2005 --- PAIN AT THE PUMP. Gas prices rise, governors take action, is there more to do?

8/28/2005 --- WHY CAR SHARING CAN SAVE GAS. AOL co-founder Steve Case buys car-sharing company.

8/28/2005 --- All ABOUT SOLAR. Dye sensitized solar cells could be rechargeable.

8/28/2005 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Wind project to get underway in North Dakota.


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