1/2/2005 --- THIS JUST IN. Efficient, stylish, smart cars on the way to U.S.?

1/2/2005 --- EARTHQUAKES AND GLOBAL WARMING - NO CONNECTION. Global warming linked to earthquakes unlikely - but ..

1/2/2005 --- THE HURDLES OF HYDROGEN. Technical problems of fuel cell vehicles slowly overcome.

1/2/2005 --- TOO MANY HYBRIDS? Roads clogged with hybrids.

1/2/2005 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Wind power for U.S. state of Maryland faces battles.

1/9/2005 --- BIODIESEL’S FUTURE. Biodiesel fuel a winner in the marketplace.

1/9/2005 --- FORD’S GREEN EFFORTS. Ford's new hybrid models.

1/9/2005 --- THE U.S. GOING GREEN? Evergreen Solar Partners with Q-cells, plans new stock offering. Mitsubishi to sell solar here too.

1/9/2005 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Gamesa to open wind turbine blade factory in Pennsylvania.

1/16/2005 --- BUILDING WITH CARBON. Carbon as building material a better use than burning it.

1/16/2005 --- GOOD SOLAR BUSINESS. Multi million rebate for California solar power plant, booming solar business in Spain, Germany, solar could power 20 percent of planet by mid-century.

1/16/2005 --- IDLE WASTE. Cars at idle waste fuel, pollute air.

1/16/2005 --- SAVE ENERGY, DRIVE AN OLD CAR. Americans keeping cars longer, trucks shorter.

1/16/2005 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Wind projects for Canada, Spain.

1/23/2005 --- NEW WARNINGS, AND MORE SPEAK OUT. Accelerated climate change.

1/23/2005 --- GREEN MILITARY? Green tech companies market to the U.S. military.

1/23/2005 --- MOTORS, MOTORS EVERYWHERE. Copper could make more efficient electric motors.

1/23/2005 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Euro wind continues to grow. Only light breezes of new wind capacity in U.S.

1/30/2005 --- OIL, AND THE JOYS OF THE MARKET ECONOMY. High prices at the pump mean high profits for big oil.

1/30/2005 --- OCEAN POWER; POWER FOR THE PLANET. Funding for wave energy research in the U.K.

1/30/2005 --- ALL ABOUT SOLAR. Solar power for Peruvian Amazon, ExIm Bank financing for solar, United Solar solar deal, California Solar company expands.

1/30/2005 --- THE LATEST HYBRID. Lexus hybrid SUV formally introduced.

1/30/2005 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Wind projects in China and India.


2/6/2005 --- WARMING UP. 2004 was the 4th hottest on record. 2005 could top the list.

2/6/2005 --- BUDGETED ENERGY. Groups react to Bush energy budget proposal.

2/6/2005 --- SOLAR CAPACITY GROWS. BP Solar expands (again).

2/6/2005 --- LOW ENERGY, BRIGHT FUTURE WITH LIGHT EMITTING DIODES. LED lighting technology improving rapidly, new products.

2/6/2005 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. No new wind projects announced, new websites however.

2/13/2005 --- RESPONDING TO SKEPTICS: PROOF OF HUMAN INDUCED GLOBAL WARMING. Study shows human-induced global warming warming the oceans. Meltwater in Arctic could shut down Gulf Stream.

2/13/2005 --- RESPONDING TO SKEPTICS OF U.S. GLOBAL WARMING POLICY: WHY DID THE U.S. U.S policy towards tackling global warming needs to be challenged.

2/13/2005 --- MAKING FUEL CELLS DURABLE, AFFORDABLE. Ballard's fuel cells can handle freezing temps.

2/13/2005 --- NEW NAME, GREAT CONTENT. Online science magazine gets update - energy now included.

2/13/2005 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Bat/wind turbine collisions prompt study.

2/20/2005 --- IT’S YOUR COUNTRY. Climate Crisis Coalition asks U.S. citizens to support Kyoto. Wilderness Society asks U.S. citizens to oppose back-door vote for ANWR drilling.

2/20/2005 --- WORKING TOGETHER. Eleven organizations in U.K. team up to build renewable capacity.

2/20/2005 --- THE HYBRID HYBRID. New idea for hybrid technology would include a flywheel as well as battery pack.

2/20/2005 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. FPL Energy works to reduce bird kills at wind turbine sites. More wind energy for Boralex in France. Iran aims to build peaceful wind power. The State of New York studies wind power integration.

2/28/2005 --- ALL ABOUT SOLAR. One study shows solar PV growth to 2900 megawatts per year in U.S. by 2010, another study shows 2800 megawatts per year worldwide by 2009. Solar could be big job creator in U.S. New solar technology for aircraft. Dye-sensitized solar gets funding. Solar projects for water pumping and homes.

2/28/2005 --- WHICH ELECTRIC DRIVE? Better fuel cells, updated fuel cell vehicle, hybrid bus sales and new battery electric vehicles.

2/28/2005 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Wind grew by 20 percent in 2004, but not in U.S. GE solidifies turbine orders for large Canadian projects.


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