9/5/2004 --- BAMBOO BUILDINGS. Wood buildings store carbon, so could bamboo buildings.

9/5/2004 --- GROWING MARKET - HYBRID ELECTRIC BUSES. The market for hybrid buses grows.

9/5/2004 --- NEW ELECTRIC BIKE. Start-up vehicle manufacturer starts selling new electric scooter.

9/5/2004 --- WIND AND WAVES. Wave energy for Rhode Island.

9/12/2004 --- PROPOSING: ZERO ENERGY NEW HOMES (ZENH). California's Zero Energy News Homes Proposal.

9/12/2004 --- SEED FUNDING. California and Massachusetts Award Seed Money for Small Companies.

9/12/2004 --- SOLAR INNOVATION - JAPAN. New solar technologies from Japan.

9/12/2004 --- GREEN BUILDINGS RISING. Poll indicates future growth green buildings.

9/12/2004 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Wind sells in the Plains of Oklahoma. Direct drive generator technology for wind turbine.

9/19/2004 --- UPBEAT WEEK. Putin moves toward Kyoto. California to crack down on vehicle greenhouse gas emissions. U.S. Congress restores production tax credit.

9/19/2004 --- NO OIL SOLUTION. New book from Rocky Mountain Institute lays out plan to move away from oil.

9/19/2004 --- PLUG-IN HYBRID. DaimlerChrysler to test hybrid vans in U.S.

9/19/2004 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Gamesa opens offices in Philadelphia. New wind farm for Washington state. Canadian wind farm online.

9/26/2004 --- IMMINENT VICTORY. Kyoto nears ratification, U.S. should consider signing.

9/26/2004 --- STATES ON THEIR OWN. New York formalizes Renewable Portfolio Standard, San Francisco creates plan to take action on climate change.

9/26/2004 --- GREEN TECHNOLOGY CREATIVE THINKING. Outside-the-box green technologies: nanoscale solar, solar window glazing, hybrid locomotive, rotary diesel

9/26/2004 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Offshore wind set to grow in Europe. New 5 megawatt turbine from Repower. GE has sold 2500 1.5 megawatt turbines. Canada gearing up for significant wind capacity.


10/3/2004 --- THE GOLDEN AGE OF GASOLINE. Management consultants lay out scenario for trouble in the oil and auto industries because of high fuel costs.

10/3/2004 --- LIMITED CHOICES FOR EFFICIENCY. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Department of Energy release fuel economy ratings for model year 2005 cars and light trucks

10/3/2004 --- MORE X PRIZES TO COME. Prize for flight into space, more prizes coming for other advances including energy.

10/3/2004 --- HAPPY 30th CATALYTIC CONVERTER. The catalytic converter - the first major emission device - turns 30.

10/3/2004 --- HOT ROCK POWER. Siemens partners to build geothermal power plant.

10/3/2004 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Huge wind energy contract for Canada, 300-plus new wind power for the U.K.

10/10/2004 --- RENEWABLES GET A BREAK. U.S. Congress passes tax help for renewables, Bush will sign.

10/10/2004 --- IMMEDIATE ACTION NEEDED. Rising CO2 levels will cause massive glacial melting beginning this century.

10/10/2004 --- THE FUTURE OF CARS AND DRIVING. Commentary on the future of cars, roadways and driving and the introduction of Volvo's electric concept car.

10/10/2004 --- EXTERNAL COMBUSTION. Stirling engines for commercial deployment.

10/10/2004 --- GREEN POWER BUYS. BT Group, Horizon Organic and the State of Pennsylvania buy green power.

10/10/2004 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Recyclable wind turbine blades. Rocket scientists design wind turbines rather than WMD's. Wind turbines for Alaskan Communities.

10/17/2004 --- WOULD THE U.S. JOIN KYOTO WITH JOHN KERRY? Kerry warmer on warming treaty than Bush.

10/17/2004 --- SOLAR PROJECTS. Two new large solar projects, one new high efficiency solar module.

10/17/2004 --- SOLAR FUEL - STORING ENERGY IN METALS. Metals could store renewable energy...easily

10/17/2004 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. World Wind Watch - GE Energy fill order book, Siemens buys Bonus, Norway's wind plans, Vestas turbines for Canada.

10/24/2004 --- THE ENERGY SITUATION 2030. IEA's World Energy Outlook 2004.

10/24/2004 --- MAINSTREAM GREEN. Solar powered attic ventilation, solar warning lights, and dimmable LED lamps, green energy products go mainstream.

10/24/2004 --- ECO-JEEP? Hybrid fuel cell concept vehicle for the U.S. Army.

10/24/2004 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Wind capacity to explode in U.S. in 2005.

10/31/2004 --- ABOUT NOVEMBER 2. Thoughts on the 2004 Presidential election.

10/31/2004 --- REALLY FAST, ELECTRIC AND RED Electric land speed record car.

10/31/2004 --- ONE MISSING PART - FOUND? New fuel cell membrane could reduce cost, increase reliability, efficiency of PEM fuel cells.

10/31/2004 --- FUEL CELLS BY THE NUMBERS. Analyzing fuel cell market study.

10/31/2004 --- HYBRIDS IN NEED. Hybrid delivery vans deliver holiday cheer.

10/31/2004 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Megawind farm planned for Scotland.


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