11/7/2004 --- SOGGY SHORELINES. Arctic meltdown to have global effects.

11/7/2004 --- STATES FOR RENEWABLES. U.S. states financial commitment to renewables is substantial.

11/7/2004 --- LIGHT TRUCK EXPLOSION. The number of vehicles on U.S. roads set to grow - especially trucks.

11/7/2004 --- FUELING UP WITH HYDROGEN. Hydrogen fueling in the nation's capitol.

11/7/2004 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Cape Wind gets a boost from environmental impact statement.

11/14/2004 --- FIRST STEP FOR CLIMATE CHANGE. A start date for Kyoto.

11/14/2004 --- ANOTHER ATTEMPT AT ANWR. Vote for drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge could be in the Spring of 2005.

11/14/2004 --- MARKETING RULES THE DAY. Group tries marketing effort to attract ever more people to hybrids.

11/14/2004 --- HOME-BREWED POWER, HOME-FUELED VEHICLES. Honda / Plug Powers next generation fuel cell combined heat and power plant.

11/14/2004 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Public comment sought for Cape Wind offshore wind project, Vestas wind turbines for North American projects.

11/21/2004 --- HEAT FROM FACTORIES - RECOVERED. Wasted heat from industry can be a source of energy.

11/21/2004 --- RENEWABLE MANDATES. Pennsylvania's alternative energy bill - not just renewables.

11/21/2004 --- SMART OK IN MOST OF U.S. smart cars OK for sale in U.S. by one importer.

11/21/2004 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Wind could power all of Europe, wind set for growth in U.K., offshore wind for Spain, GE continues to build wind turbine sales.

11/28/2004 --- FORD OR FETISH? New all-electric car from Monaco -pricey but nice.

11/28/2004 --- DIRECT SOLAR . Shell develops new solar tracking system.

11/28/2004 --- BETTER THAN A TAX CUT. Green living could help economically disadvantaged.


11/28/2004 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. GE wind turbines for Iowa, Pakistan... Siemens wind energy division looks to increase market share, Puget Sound Energy to buy new wind farm, Hong Kong plans to build wind capacity.

12/5/2004 --- CHALLENGING EMISSION CUTS. California's greenhouse gas reduction plans for vehicles to be challenged in court.

12/5/2004 --- HONDA HYBRID - THE BOTTOM LINE. Honda rewarded for its environmental stewardship, Accord Hybrid goes on sale.

12/5/2004 --- COZIER HOMES. Efficient radiant floor heating with new heating textiles.

12/5/2004 --- CORPORATE GREEN POWER. Green power purchases by the Green Power Market Development Group.

12/5/2004 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. New small wind turbine from Japan.

12/5/2004 --- ACROSS THE AISLE ON ENERGY. Coalition of energy thinkers develop their own long term energy plan for the U.S.

12/12/2004 --- BIG AUTO DEAL ON HYBRIDS, AND COMMENTARY. The reality of hybrids and the GM and DaimlerChrysler marriage for gas/diesel/electric technology.

12/12/2004 --- BUILDING SOLAR PRODUCTION CAPACITY. SunPower and Sharp increase production capacity to meet growing demand.

12/12/2004 --- WORLD WIND WATCH.  Vestas turns to carbon fiber and wood for turbine blades. Alliant Energy to build more wind power. Wind power purchase from Kansas wind farm. Second large offshore wind farm in U.K. online.

12/19/2004 --- PLAYING WITH HYBRIDS. Speeding Prius, not your typical hybrid.

12/19/2004 --- HOW GREEN IS YOUR GREEN BUILDING? Green grocer builds green building.

12/19/2004 --- SMART TO U.S. - THE LATEST. More speculation on smart U.S. entry.

12/19/2004 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Oklahoma power company considers more wind, wind turbine sales for Portugal and Japan, offshore wind turbines put out the max. •

12/26/2004 --- 2004 REVIEW/ 2005 OUTLOOK. Hurricanes and tsunamis. The first step to mitigate global warming -Kyoto - set to go into effect.


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