5/2/2004 --- SAY GOODBYE TO CHEAP OIL? Greenspan warns of high oil, natural gas prices.

5/2/2004 --- HIGH FUEL COSTS FUELING PURCHASE DECISIONS. Surveys show slow switch to more fuel efficient vehicles in U.S.

5/2/2004 --- PAID TO SAVE. Popular energy savings program from California municipal utliity.

5/2/2004 --- POINTS OF INTEREST. Bio-based journal.

5/2/2004 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Wind in Europe to grow significantly. Wind power for Estonia. Possible wind power for island of Barbados

5/9/2004 --- EXXONMOBIL, EXPLAIN YOURSELF. Shareholder group wants to know why oil company won't act on climate change.

5/9/2004 --- GREENER MANUFACTURING. Honda's new energy-efficient painting facility.

5/9/2004 --- TEACHING ENERGY. BP’s educational energy programs for California.

5/9/2004 --- POINTS OF INTEREST. Story- finding a single solar cell for school project.

5/9/2004 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. U.S. Senate passes energy bill ... will House? Slow wind year in U.S., Europe expects boom in wind ahead.

5/16/2004 --- OFF AGAIN, ON AGAIN - RUSSIA. Putin warms to Kyoto.

5/16/2004 --- DUBIOUS ACCOUNTING? SUV sales down in U.S.

5/16/2004 --- UNDER PRESSURE. High pressure hydrogen filling station.

5/16/2004 --- NEWS FROM BP. BP gives $multimillion to U.S. universities for solar and fuel cell research.

5/16/2004 --- POINTS OF INTEREST. Aircraft designer built super efficient cars - 12 years ago.

5/16/2004 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Wind farms in China

5/23/2004 --- WISE WORDS. Detecting the truth on remaining oil.

5/23/2004 --- HIGHER GAS PRICES - FEELING THE PULSE OF DRIVERS. Poll takes pulse U.S. drivers and the impact of $2 plus gas.

5/23/2004 --- BREAKING UP IS EASY TO DO. Plasma waste converter orders for Poland.

5/23/2004 --- SOLAR ACTIVITY. Solar grant for Hawaii utility. Solar power plant for California parking garage. Fossil energy company uses solar for headquarters. Nanotechnologies could increase PV solar efficiencies.

5/23/2004 --- POINTS OF INTEREST. Software could eliminate errands.

5/23/2004 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Gamesa could build grid-scale turbines in China. Eastern Pennsylvania residents can buy wind power.

5/30/2004 --- PROPANE: SAVING SMOKESTACK ENERGY. Propane could help save energy at power plants.

5/30/2004 --- TOTAL INDEPENDENCE. More biodiesel production.

5/30/2004 --- BANANA POWER. Go bananas over banana power.

5/30/2004 --- NO COST WASTE DISPOSAL. Zero cost waste disposal.

5/30/2004 --- POINTS OF INTEREST. Point of use hot water heaters save energy. Who makes them?

5/30/2004 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Wind farm go-ahead for Tennessee.


6/6/2004 --- THE THINGS PEOPLE SAY. Experts speak out on declining global oil supply.

6/6/2004 --- ASIA PACIFIC EMBRACES RENEWABLES. Southeast Asian nations embrace renewables.

6/6/2004 --- SELF-CLEANING SOLAR PANELS.Self cleaning glass could increase solar efficiency.

6/6/2004 --- POINTS OF INTEREST. New products - solar/LED bus shelter, e-bike hub motor wheel kit, new wind turbine design from France.

6/6/2004 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Wind projects in Portugal, Japan. Northern Power Systems gets U.S. DOE award to upgrade small wind turbine. Beginning stages of wind project for the Galapagos.

6/13/2004 --- INSURANCE FOR THE PLANET. Climate scientists think a major shift to clean energy is necessary - now.

6/13/2004 --- AUSTRALIAN LEADER’S GREEN BID. Australian prime minister offers renewables package in white paper.

6/13/2004 --- THE TRANSITION TO HYDROGEN. Don't extract hydrogen from gasoline, use it to store hydrogen.

6/13/2004 --- POINTS OF INTEREST. Solar research at Australian university.

6/13/2004 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Wind turbines for Italy from U.S. McKenzie Bay to install first wind turbine

6/20/2004 --- RENEWABLES FOR THE DEVELOPING WORLD. Shifting investment from fossil fuel development to renewables.

6/20/2004 --- A GULF STREAM SHUT DOWN - WHAT IF? What would happen if the Gulf Stream shut down? Your computer could help answer.

6/20/2004 --- STATE MANDATED RENEWABLES. Another U.S. state mandates renewables.

6/20/2004 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Offshore wind project gets big boost from U.S. government. State of New York to allow small wind energy net metering. California wind turbine seller ready for New York market.

6/27/2004 --- WHAT OIL REMAINS? BP's report on world energy.

6/27/2004 --- NEW SOLAR TECHNOLOGY IN PRODUCTION. Spheral Solar goes into production.

6/27/2004 --- DEFINE RENEWABLE. Renewable Portfolio Standard for New York State needs to be more inclusive.

6/27/2004 --- FUEL CELLS FOR THE HOME. Joint project on cogenerating fuel cells.

6/27/2004 --- HONDA’S NEXT HYBRID. Honda's Accord Hybrid.

6/27/2004 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. New wind farm for Oklahoma. Cape Wind wins two battles.

6/27/2004 --- smart TO US? 60 mile per gallon cars could be sold stateside soon.?


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