3/7/2004 --- PRICEY GAS. High gasoline prices predicted for summer, North American vehicle production down.

3/7/2004 --- FORD BUYS TOYOTA TECHNOLOGY. Hybrid technology from Toyota to be used in Ford SUV.

3/7/2004 --- HYDROGEN SOONER THAN LATER. Metal hydride hydrogen storage for combustion-engined hybrid.

3/7/2004 --- GULF STREAM POWER. Ocean current turbine to be installed in Gulf Steam.

3/7/2004 --- POINTS OF INTEREST. Concentrating solar power.

3/7/2004 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. $ 9 billion spent on wind energy last year. Idaho wind farm approved. Sustainable Energy Ireland offers wind atlas.

3/14/2004 --- EYE ON DEPLETION. Why is it so difficult to measure the world's remaining oil? How much will we need tomorrow?

3/14/2004 --- SOLAR ACTIVITY. Solar projects combined equal 890 kilowatts, flexible solar panels for airship.

3/14/2004 --- POINTS OF INTEREST. A pianist/entertainer ponders magnets, electric motors and becomes an inventor /entrepreneur.

3/14/2004 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Wind projects for France, possibly China. Manufacturer of small wind turbines gets business-building investment.

3/21/2004 --- SOLAR FROM ALL LIGHT? Scientists discover solar-reactive material that could make very high efficiency solar cells possible.

3/21/2004 --- GREEN TIRES. New manufacturing process with new materials could make tires that improve fuel efficiency.

3/21/2004 --- POINTS OF INTEREST. Habitat for Humanity solar homes in California.

3/21/2004 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Gamesa to build turbines in U.S.

3/28/2004 --- THE TRUE PRICE OF GAS. The effect of high gas prices for U.S. drivers.

3/28/2004 --- LUV SUV’S? U.S. buyers might embrace hybrid SUVs study shows.

3/28/2004 --- SOLAR ACTIVITY. GE is officially in solar business, APS begins construction of solar trough thermal solar power plant

3/28/2004 --- POINTS OF INTEREST. Hydraulic Hybrids, Hybrids with Ultracapacitors.

3/28/2004 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. GE Wind Energy takes turbine orders around the globe. New wind projects in Canada. Wind turbines to be manufactured in New Mexico?


4/4/2004 --- JOBS. Renewable Portfolio Standard for Pennsylvania would create 85,000 jobs over 20 years.

4/4/2004 --- REMOTE SAFETY. Solar/steel getaway homes.

4/4/2004 --- FORD’S HYBRID ECONOMY. Ford's Escape Hybrid in Manhattan.

4/4/2004 --- POINTS OF INTEREST. Clever, a fuel efficient commuter concept car from the U.K.

4/4/2004 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Jobs coming in the wind industry.Wind power in communities building.

4/11/2004 --- UNIVERSAL SOLUTION? Stirling engines share common ground with renewables and fossil fuels.

4/11/2004 --- STATE RENEWABLE MANDATE. Maryland gets closer to Renewable Portfolio Standard.

4/11/2004 --- FUEL CELLS IN THE MILITARY. Study: Business potential for fuel cells in the U.S. military.

4/11/2004 --- POINTS OF INTEREST. Pig manure to crude oil.

4/11/2004 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Conventional wind turbines proposed for Freedom Tower. Northern Power hopes to contract for low speed wind turbine.

4/18/2004 --- PROJECT EARTH. Companies and organizations announce renewable energy projects to celebrate Earth Day 2004.

4/18/2004 --- FIRST BIOETHANOL SHIPPED. Ethanol from cellulose now in production.

4/18/2004 --- THE POPULARITY OF HYBRIDS. Hybrid market increased by more than 25 percent in 2003.

4/18/2004 --- POINTS OF INTEREST. Web tool for energy-efficient home renovations.

4/18/2004 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. New wind proposal for World Trade Center. Wind projects in Portugal, China. New wind retail product in New York State. Wind farm in Texas dedicated.

4/25/2004 --- SMART TO U.S. THIS YEAR! Small company could bring smart cars to U.S. this year.

4/25/2004 --- SPENDING ON HYDROGEN. U.S. Department of Energy announces spending on hydrogen fuel cell and hydrogen technologies.

4/25/2004 --- CALIFORNIA’S HYDROGEN HIGHWAYS. Launching the Hydrogen Highway Network -Initiative.

4/25/2004 --- DON”T FORGET THERMAL TECHNOLOGIES. Stirling generator company gets millions in funding.

4/25/2004 --- POINTS OF INTEREST. Great web site for green home builders.

4/25/2004 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Quebec's excellent wind resources. Colorado utility files energy resource plan - with wind included. Wind farm in Jamaica opens for business.


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