7/4/2004 --- MORE COGENERATING FUEL CELLS. Developing fuel cells for heat , hot water and electricity.

7/4/2004 --- UK NATURAL GAS IN RAPID DECLINE. Gloomy forcast for natural gas in UK.

7/4/2004 --- PLANNING FOR DEPLETION. Concerned farmer/engineer authors book on oil depletion.

7/4/2004 --- POINTS OF INTEREST. Information clearinghouse for international economic development.

7/4/2004 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. More wind energy for France. Vestas wind turbines for Australia, Greece and Portugal. U.S. developmental wind turbine company gets continued funding.

7/11/2004 --- STYLISH TRANSIT WITH A VIEW. Monorail projects in Las Vegas, Nevada and Seattle, Washington.

7/11/2004 --- TRUCKER’S HOME AWAY FROM HOME. Heat, power and communications for truck stops.

7/11/2004 --- GRANDMA’S SWEET MOLASSES. Waste-to-energy sweetened with sugar.

7/11/2004 --- ESSAY ON OIL. Oil peaking? The view from the Emerald Isle.

7/11/2004 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Wind for Spain. Horns Rev offshore to expand.

7/18/2004 --- CLIMATE CHANGE IN COURT. Eight states and city of New York file suit over global warming.

7/18/2004 --- WATER COOLED SOLAR AND OTHER PHOTOVOLTAIC PROJECTS. Three new, large, solar power systems in California.

7/18/2004 --- WHY AC AT ALL? Device for buildings chooses between locally generated power and the grid.

7/18/2004 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. More offshore wind for U.K., onshore for U.S.

7/25/2004 --- OIL AND TERRORISM: NOT-SO-LIGHT SUMMER READING. Book review: Imperial Hubris, Why the West is Losing the War on Terror.

7/25/2004 --- RESPONSIBLE AUTOMAKERS? Are vehicles already available that can significantly reduce fuel consumption, but not available to all markets - i.e. the U.S.?

7/25/2004 --- NEW, IMPROVED HONDA FUEL CELL VEHICLE. Next generation Honda fuel cell vehicle.

7/25/2004 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Jamaican wind farm opens. Grid connection approved for more California wind power. Indian company churns out more than 1800 wind turbines.

8/1/2004 --- THE BUSINESS OF OCEAN ENERGY. Government money for ocean energy in the U.K.

8/1/2004 --- THE NEXT STEP - A HIGHER PERCENTAGE OF RENEWABLES IN PORTFOLIO STANDARD. California looks ahead to renewables beyond its current RPS.

8/1/2004 --- EVER MORE EFFICIENT SOLAR. Kyocera introduces 15.7 percent efficiency solar modules.

8/1/2004 --- NEXT GEN ENERGY STORAGE? Ultracapacitors the energy storage choice of the future?

8/1/2004 --- A TSUNAMI OF HYBRID DEMAND. Consulting company prediction of hybrid sales.

8/1/2004 --- MORE PRIUS’S ON THE WAY. Toyota to up hybrid production.

8/1/2004 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Mitsubishi to build 2.4 megawatt wind turbine. Wind turbine developer builds unusual machine.

8/8/2004 --- GOOD IDEA? OR NOT? California planning major solar initiative.

8/8/2004 --- OBVIOUS SOLAR MARKET. Purpose built solar power devices.

8/8/2004 --- KYOCERA NORTH AMERICAN EXPANSION. Kyocera Solar builds production facility in Mexico.

8/8/2004 --- HYBRIDS FOR CHINA. Hybrid buses for 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics

8/8/2004 --- VOTE FOR RENEWABLES. Coloradans get to vote for renewables.

8/8/2004 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Vestas sells turbines for Illinois project.  More wind capacity for Colorado. Gamesa adds turbine sales in Europe.

8/15/2004 --- UNCERTAIN, UNPREDICTABLE OIL. Unstable oil prices won't help world economic growth.

8/15/2004 --- TODAY’S GREEN TECH. Opportunities in energy saving composites, nano- solar technologies get significant funding.

8/15/2004 --- SOLAR CAPACITY. More solar production from Mitsubishi, largest solar power plant in the world about to begin construction, solar incentives from Arizona utility and 1500 solar systems have been built in San Diego.

8/15/2004 --- METAL FUELS IGNORED. Zinc fuel cell runs on commonly available zinc.

8/15/2004 --- DAIMLERCHRYSLER HYBRIDS? Hybrid van on market by 2005.

8/15/2004 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Urban wind generation possibilities. Spain agrees to higher wind goal.

8/22/2004 --- GREEN INDEX. Market index for green energy stocks.

8/22/2004 --- WHITE HATS. Pigments for solar reflective roofing.

8/22/2004 --- FREE SOLAR SOFTWARE. Solar software from Siemens for designing solar systems.

8/22/2004 --- SALAD OIL FOR HYDROGEN. Sunflower oil as source of hydrogen.

8/22/2004 --- GRID POWER FROM THE WAVES. Waves generate grid power in Scotland.

8/22/2004 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Offshore wind demonstration in deep water.

8/29/2004 --- CHARLEY, FRANCES, IVAN. Busy Atlantic hurricane season sign of global warming?

8/29/2004 --- RENEWABLE HYDROGEN - REH2. Is hydrogen efficient enough?

8/29/2004 --- SOLAR AT WORK. Solar power for industry.

8/29/2004 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Wind energy for Pakistan.


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