1/4/2004 --- DIMINISHED EXPECTATIONS. Royal Dutch Shell restates proven reserves downward.

1/4/2004 --- HYDROGEN OR HYBRIDS? Already available hybrid vehicle technology could be better choice than hydrogen fuel cells.

1/4/2004 --- REVOLUTIONIZING DRIVING? Satellite radio save energy.

1/4/2004 --- POINTS OF INTEREST. UK firm gets into wheel hub motor business.

1/4/2004 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Ship built specifically for installing offshore wind turbines. UK community considers offshore wind-tide-wave power. Dragging U.S. energy bill drags new wind capacity along with it.

1/11/2004 --- FLY ME TO THE MOON AND MARS. Pres. Bush plans for space exploration...could it lead to more R&D for renewable energy such as solar?

1/11/2004 --- SOLAR SPIRIT. Solar power success with Mars rover.

1/11/2004 --- EVIDENCE IN PICTURES. Photos of crushed General Motors electric vehicles published by electric vehicle retailer

1/11/2004 --- CHINA CLEANS UP WITH OLYMPICS. U.S. to help China clean up air and water for Olympic Games.

1/11/2004 --- POINTS OF INTEREST. India seeks grassroots innovations.

1/11/2004 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. San Francisco Bay Area group seeks new wind turbine through petition. Massachusetts community tests for wind.

1/18/2004 --- MAJOR CUTS, SERIOUS COMMITMENT. UK plans to exceed Kyoto commitment.

1/18/2004 --- SOLAR ACTIVITY. Major solar project for Germany, significant projects for the U.S., The Netherlands.

1/18/2004 --- CORPORATE - ENVIRONMENT -BENEVOLENCE. BP, ALCAN and Citigroup give for the energy and the environment .

1/18/2004 --- HYDROGEN ECONOMY, REALLY? Flowing electrolyte fuel cell.

1/18/2004 --- POINTS OF INTEREST .DaimlerChrysler's plans to introduce smart cars to U.S - but can they be imported now?

1/18/2004 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. U.S. wind capacity numbers for 2003.

1/25/2004 --- GREAT RAILWAY JOURNEYS. Australia completes Outback railway.

1/25/2004 --- LIFE-SAVING SOLAR. Solar powered refrigerator.

1/25/2004 --- RENEWABLE MONEY POOL. U.S. states work together to build clean energy industry.

1/25/2004 --- SMALL CHANGES, BIG IMPROVEMENTS. Gear lubricant can bring significant fleet-wide fuel savings. Least impact refrigerant for AC systems

1/25/2004 --- POINTS OF INTEREST. Coal fuel cells?

1/25/2004 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. U.S. wind power expansion in jeopardy. Europe looks to growing wind industry.


2/1/2004 --- CATCHING THE GREEN WAVE. California could invest $ 1.5 billion in clean technologies.

2/1/2004 --- PLANTS DO IT. Scientists map out how plants separate hydrogen from oxygen.

2/1/2004 --- BETTER THAN BATTERIES? Ultracapacitors to be used in fleet of new hybrid electric buses.

2/1/2004 --- POINTS OF INTEREST. Adaptable Stirling cycle engines poised for market entry.

2/1/2004 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. European wind power grew by 23 percent in 2003. FirstEnergy buys output of Pennsylvania wind farm

2/8/2004 --- HYDROGEN FROM CORN. Ethanol a source of hydrogen for fuel cells?

2/8/2004 --- FUEL CELL POWER FOR THE RAILS. Components for fuel cell powered locomotive ordered.

2/8/2004 --- GREENER CARS 2004. Green Book's Greenest and Meanest cars.

2/8/2004 --- HYBRID SPORTS CAR? Mazda's next generation Miata sports car could be a hybrid.

2/8/2004 --- POINTS OF INTEREST. Lectures on renewable energy now online.

2/8/2004 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Comments on U.S. wind energy policy by law firm.

2/15/2004 --- SOLAR ACTIVITY. Uni-Solar panels for German roofing products, solar projects in Japan and Arizona, GE to enter solar business.

2/15/2004 --- WHY CAN’T AMERICA BUILD TRAINS? Locomotive company gets order for subway car components.

2/15/2004 --- GO FIGURE. Who's buying hybrid cars?

2/15/2004 --- POINTS OF INTEREST. Updating the Energy Policy Act (EPAct of 1992.

2/15/2004 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Three wind farms for Scotland. One completed in Tasmania

2/22/2004 --- SPECULATION OR PLAUSIBLE SCENARIO? Dire scenario for global warming ... speculation or plausible?

2/22/2004 --- TOO BAD ABOUT THE NAME. Dimethyl Ether (DME) can replace diesel fuel, propane and made from renewable feedstock.

2/22/2004 --- COLD WEATHER FUEL CELL. Improved fuel cell from Honda.

2/22/2004 --- POINTS OF INTEREST. Putting zinc/air fuel cells to work.

2/22/2004 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Dramatic wind growth for U.K. ahead. First commercial wind farm for Arizona .

2/29/2004 --- WAVES OF THE FUTURE. Two approaches to wave energy - bouys and snakes.

2/29/2004 --- COUNTING GREENER CARS. Fleet of green vehicles grows in U.S.

2/29/2004 --- SOLAR ACTIVITY. Massachusetts city gets solar power plant.

2/29/2004 --- POINTS OF INTEREST. The end of oil? How will we know?

2/29/2004 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Offshore wind could power all the homes in the EU. Wind energy set to grow worldwide.


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