9/7/2003 --- COMPUTING CLIMATE COMPLEXITIES. Climate prediction model enlists home computer users.

9/7/2003 --- THE RACE FOR ETHANOL. Funding for ethanol from biomass waste.

9/7/2003 --- INTRODUCING THE EQUINOX. New electric motor scooter launched, Toyota's U.S. roll-out plans for new Prius.

9/7/2003 --- POINTS OF INTEREST. New electric vehicle company gets funding. New biodiesel company opens first retail pump in Colorado. U.S. Air Force could inadvertently help advance electric vehicles.

9/7/2003 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Wind projects for Wyoming, Washington state, Saskatchewan, Irish Sea

9/14/2003 --- SOLAR POWER NETWORK - MOROCCO. Solar instead of grid for rural Morocco.

9/14/2003 --- SOLAR MARKETING NETWORK - NEW JERSEY. Building a solar dealer network in New Jersey.

9/14/2003 --- UP TO DATE - FUEL CELL DEPLOYMENT. Capacity study for large stationary fuel cells.

9/14/2003 --- POINTS OF INTEREST. Fossil fuels failing? Reason for war? Solar powered tour boat for Galapagos.

9/14/2003 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. New wind projects being considered for California, Wisconsin, project opens in California.

9/21/2003 --- HARVESTING THE OCEANS. Underwater turbine operating in Norway, vision of ocean energy from Gulf Stream.

9/21/2003 --- DEBUGGING HYDROGEN, HYDROGEN FUEL CELLS. Solid hydrogen storage fuels ICE hybrid.

9/21/2003 --- COUNTDOWN NEW PRIUS, MORE FUEL CELL VEHICLES TESTING. Toyota sells over 20,000 new generation Prius hybrids. Toyota and Honda deliver more fuel cell vehicles.

9/21/2003 --- POINTS OF INTEREST. Fuel Cell study available for download. Alstom in danger of losing high speed train division.

9/21/2003 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Vestas introduces new line of wind turbines, REpower to build 5 megawatt turbine prototype

9/28/2003 --- HONDA’S HOME HYDROGEN. Honda's Home Energy Station prototype.

9/28/2003 --- GREEN NEWS FROM HOME IMPROVEMENT GIANT. Lowe's home improvment chain store touts green efforts.

9/28/2003 --- POINTS OF INTEREST. Air Products and Chemicals invests in battery technology. Reflecting heat from from home.

9/28/2003 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. 00 megawatt onshore wind farm for India ... one gigawatt considered for offshore Scotland, U.S. wind farm dedicated.


10/5/2003 --- THE GOVERNATOR. Gov. Schwarzenegger's energy/environment postion.

10/5/2003 --- BREAKTHROUGH HONDA. Honda builds freeze-proof fuel cell.

10/5/2003 --- POINTS OF INTEREST. China builds a large selection of electric scooters.

10/5/2003 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. New permenant magnet generator for wind turbines, Offshore wind being studied for New Jersey.

10/12/2003 --- A CONGRATULATORY LETTER. China flies man in space.

10/12/2003 --- RENEWABLES TO BUILD ECONOMIES, IN A BUILT ECONOMY. Solar project in Angola. Microhydro for Bhutan. U.S. Sharp Solar plant open for business.

10/12/2003 --- NOW IN U.S. SHOWROOMS. New Prius officially for sale in U.S.

10/12/2003 --- POINTS OF INTEREST. Website offers up-to-date information on U.S. renewable incentives.

10/12/2003 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Wind from Africa to power Europe? Telecom to build own wind capacity. New wind for Manitoba, Kansas wind farm gets go-ahead.

10/19/2003 --- AN ICE-FREE ARCTIC?. Global warming causing Arctic ice to retreat.

10/19/2003 --- CITY JOINS WITH STATES. The City of Baltimore joins twelve states in climate law suit.

10/19/2003 --- SMART PEOPLE EVERYWHERE. GE opens research center in China, renewables under study.

10/19/2003 --- POINTS OF INTEREST. NUNA II wins World Solar Challenge. New water power technology.

10/19/2003 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Four new offshore wind farms for the UK. Australians want wind power. The effect of climate change on wind power to be studied. The State of Texas to lease land for wind farms.

10/26/2003 --- VICTORY IN DEFEAT. Senate rejects climate bill...but it's close.

10/26/2003 --- INVESTING IN GREEN AUTOS. The World Resources Institute and Sustainable Asset Management think automakers could be forced out of certain markets if they don't build greener cars.

10/26/2003 --- AUSTRALIA’S FLAGSHIPS. Australia's energy research program.

10/26/2003 --- POINTS OF INTEREST. Monsters chop up cars etc. for recycling. The Dumill family in 2020.

10/26/2003 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Shell, PPM buy wind farm. Offshore wind for Germany. Dairyland Power wind power purchase.

10/26/2003 --- TWO REALITIES. Grants for ocean energy, bioenergy in Massachusetts.


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