11/2/2003 --- TAKING IT TO THE PEOPLE. Japanese Ministry of the Environment takes to the Internet to ask people to cut back on greenhouse gas emissions.

11/2/2003 --- WOULD ARNIE HAVE APPLAUDED? California updates building standards for energy efficiency.

11/2/2003 --- FUEL CELLS BY THE NUMBERS. Two surveys on fuel cell deployment and development.

11/2/2003 --- POINTS OF INTEREST. LEDs becoming bigger business. Dedicated propane bus launched.

11/2/2003 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. New wind capacity for New Zealand. Wind farm approved for Wisconsin, Ohio wind farm dedicated.

11/9/2003 --- DRAMATIC SOLAR EFFICIENCY POSSIBLE? New semiconductor could mean much improved solar cell efficiency.

11/9/2003 --- HELPFUL SURVEYS, OR NOT. A hybrid vehicle survey and market report.

11/9/2003 --- INTRODUCING GREENER CARS. DaimlerChrysler diverse green vehicles.

11/9/2003 --- FUEL CELL RISK TAKER. Anuvu launches fuel cell vehicle - a converted Nissan truck.

11/9/2003 --- POINTS OF INTEREST. Hybrid New Beetle, and the lab it came from.

11/9/2003 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. World Wind Watch - Ireland could build significant wind energy capacity, U.S. state of Massachusetts to give $32 million for new renewables including small wind projects.

11/16/2003 --- HYDROGEN INSIGHTS. CEO of Shell Hydrogen talks about hydrogen economy.

11/16/2003 --- ALTRUISTIC OR JUST BUSINESS? DaimlerChrysler donates 352 electric vehicles to NYC.

11/16/2003 --- BETTER THAN PEM? New type of fuel cell operates on liquid fuel.

11/16/2003 --- POINTS OF INTEREST. Large solar project at Pierce College in California

11/16/2003 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Offshore wind proposal for U.S. gets scaled back. Wind project in Australia complete. U.S. Government land in Nevada could yield wind capacity.

11/23/2003 --- ENERGY U.S., ENERGY CHINA. U.S. shelves energy legislation. China launches fuel efficiency standards.

11/23/2003 --- MAZDA’S HYBRID. Mazda's Demio e-4wd,4-wheel drive hybrid.

11/23/2003 --- BETTER-USES-FOR-OIL-THAN-BURNING-IT. Researchers may have new method to recycle plastic.

11/23/2003 --- POINTS OF INTEREST. With higher speed limits in U.S., deaths have risen.

11/23/2003 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. New small wind turbine manufacturer from Scotland. Irish mining company looks for ways to store wind generated electricity. NEG-Micon to supply offshore wind turbines to U.K.

11/30/2003 --- THANK YOU, RUSSIA. Russia could still sign Kyoto.

11/30/2003 --- A FLURRY OF SOLAR ACTIVITY. Three large solar projects for California. Solar cell production for the Philippines.

11/30/2003 --- HOLIDAY SAVINGS. Light Emitting Diodes brighten Christmas trees

11/30/2003 --- POINTS OF INTEREST. Ward's Automotive Reports, the seasoned professional in automotive reporting.

11/30/2003 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. New wind generating technology, but few details. Irish/American wind development partnership. Dupont considers wind for Canadian plant. Germany could put the brakes on new wind energy.


12/7/2003 --- CLIMATE CHANGE - AN ISSUE OF HUMAN RIGHTS? Inuit could bring lawsuit - climate change a human rights violation?

12/7/2003 --- WAVES OF ENERGY. New wave energy device tested.

12/7/2003 --- PRIUS GALORE. Toyota to produce more hybrids, introduce new hybrid SUV next year.

12/7/2003 --- POINTS OF INTEREST. Inventor thinks counterweights could store renewable energy.

12/7/2003 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Vestas to take over rival NEG-Micon. Vestas receives 38 turbine order for Canadian wind farm.

12/14/2003 --- FREEDOM TOWER, FREEDOM FROM CONVENTIONAL ENERGY. Wind power for new World Trade Center.

12/14/2003 --- INTO THE CRYSTAL BALL. Energy use 20 years from now.

12/14/2003 --- GREEN POWER GROWING. Green power on the rise with U.S. utilities.

12/14/2003 --- POINTS OF INTEREST. Phileas bus rapid transit system in The Netherlands.

12/14/2003 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. U.K. set to become world leader in offshore wind. Wind projects for Iowa, Wisconsin and Nebraska.

12/21/2003 --- 2003 REVIEW / 2004 OUTLOOK. Stories of the year, the annual look back and to the coming year.

12/28/2003 --- AROUND THE WORLD ON SOLAR POWER. Solar powered airplane for round-the-world trip to begin design and construction.

12/28/2003 --- WHERE ARE THEY NOW? U.S. President Nixon considered invading oil fields.

12/28/2003 --- FUEL CELL PUNCH LIST, MORE FUEL CELL VEHICLES TO BE DEPLOYED. DaimlerChrysler deploys more fuel cell vehicles in the U.S.

12/28/2003 --- HAVE YOUR SAY! The U.S. Department of Transportation considers removing SUV's and minivans from light-truck category to cars in review of Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) regulation.

12/28/2003 --- POINTS OF INTEREST. Energy educational programs for students

12/28/2003 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Vestas receives large turbine order for Italian market. Gamesa receives orders in Spain and Egypt.


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