5/4/2003 --- SOLAR NOTES.Solar projects in California, Illinois and Texas, Energy Conversion Devices gets solar R&D contract

5/4/2003 --- AMERICANS CAN BUY EFFICIENT CARS. Americans buy more Minis than anticipated.

5/4/2003 --- BATTERY EV COMEBACK?. New battery electric vehicle entry

5/4/2003 --- EVALUATING FUEL CELLS AT WORK. Fuel cell bus, stationary fuel cells being tested.

5/11/2003 --- EFFICIENCY INCREASE FOR SOLAR. Solar efficiency of more than 20% from Sunpower.

5/11/2003 --- THE ABILITY TO DO WORK. Report from Rocky Mountain Institute lays out case for energy efficiency and security

5/11/2003 --- ESTABLISHING HYDROGEN FUEL CELL MARKETS. Fuel cell developers look for niche markets.

5/18/2003 --- IN THE BEGINNING - RAW MATERIALS.The future of graphite for fuel cells and batteries.

5/18/2003 --- FUELED BY METAL. Metal air fuel cells in the marketplace.

5/18/2003 --- LEARNING THE ALTERNATIVE WAY. U.S. Merchant Marine Academy green energy project.

5/18/2003 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Wind energy promoted on prime time television. Avista commits to wind power. American Electric Power: wind discussion.Turbine order for NEG-Micon.

5/25/2003 --- HOTTER PLANET. New study shows planet getting hotter than previously thought.

5/25/2003 --- WETTER CITIES. Heat island effect causes more rainfall in cities.

5/25/2003 --- SOLAR PROJECTS. Solar projects in New York and California.

5/25/2003 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. New method of measuring wind speed could increase viable wind farm sites in U.S. EWEA issues blueprint for global wind energy growth.


6/1/2003 --- GREEN ENERGY AT G8. G8 agrees on green energy.

6/1/2003 --- WIND AND WATER MIX. British Wind Energy Association and Seapower Europe join forces.

6/1/2003 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. 650 % increase in windpower by 2015 predicted for U.S. Vestas gets big wind turbine order for U.S. Gamesa buys MADE wind turbines. Wind farm for Manitoba, Canada.

6/8/2003 --- EU, US STATE ON BIOFUELS. EU directs member states to commercialize biofuels, Illinois creates tax exemption for biodiesel.

6/8/2003 --- SAVING ENERGY WITH REVOLUTIONARY COMPOSITES. Energy efficient composites could replace steel in cars, trucks and buses. Opposition to offshore wind for Spain.

6/8/2003 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Offshore wind proposal for Long Island, New York. GE Wind Energy turbines to be planted offshore in Ireland. New wind capacity in Oklahoma

6/15/2003 --- LEAKY HYDROGEN COULD THIN THE OZONE LAYER. Hydrogen infrastructure leaks could cause environmental damage.

6/15/2003 --- PLUGGING LEAKY HYDROGEN. Home hydrogen refueling.

6/15/2003 --- NEW CLIMATE MODELING TOOL. A more accurate tool to measure climate change.

6/15/2003 --- UNDERWATER TURBINES. Electricity for grid from tidal currents.

6/15/2003 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. New wind for Australia. Wind could releave natural gas crisis in U.S.

6/22/2003 --- JUMPING HURDLES. UTC, Hyundai will attempt to build freeze-capable fuel cell for SUV.

6/22/2003 --- JUMPED HURDLE? ECD already has freeze-capable fuel cell design.

6/22/2003 --- BIOHYDROGEN? Hydrogen from bio feed stock.

6/22/2003 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Wind projects for New York, Massachusetts.

6/22/2003 --- FOR THE RECORD. White House changes draft of major environmental report, EPA Administrator quits, more.

6/29/2003 --- NEW RENEWABLE FUEL. Syndiesel - DaimlerChrysler and partners develop new vehicle fuel.

6/29/2003 --- BATTERY ELECTRIC VEHICLES SURVIVE - PART 1. Hyundai deploys fleet of electric vehicles in Hawaii.

6/29/2003 --- BATTERY ELECTRIC VEHICLES SURVIVE - PART 2. Neighborhood electric vehicles popular in U.S. community.

6/29/2003 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. More wind energy for Japanese developer. Canada's largest wind farm open for business. Cape Wind helps mariners. New wind farm for Washington state.


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