3/2/2003 --- COUNTERPOINT: FUEL CELL VEHICLES. Diesel hybrids could be as efficient as fuel cell vehicles until 2020.

3/2/2003 --- GREEN HYDROGEN. Iceland opens hydrogen filling station.

3/2/2003 --- DECENTRALIZED POWER. Microgrids - decentralized power - under study.

3/2/2003 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Wind energy continues to grow worldwide, Scroby Sands offshore gets U.K. approval

3/9/2003 --- CORPORATE GREEN POWER. Dow Chemical buys green power. Green tags for Washington, DC developer

3/9/2003 --- SECOND WIND FOR BATTERY ELECTRIC VEHICLES? New effort for battery electric vehicles.

3/9/2003 --- BETTER BATTERIES TOO? Lithium batteries for improved EV performance.

3/9/2003 --- MORE FUEL CELLS HIT THE STREETS. DaimlerChrysler's fuel cell vehcile test program in Japan.

3/9/2003 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Kentish Flats offshore gets U.K .approval.

3/16/2003 --- WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN. WHAT COULD STILL BE. Commentary on U.S. energy dependance and Iraq war.

3/16/2003 --- PROUD OF TEXAS. Hybrid fleets expand in Texas.

3/16/2003 --- AN OBVIOUS SOLAR MARKET? Streamlined solar financing.

3/16/2003 --- ENERGY SAVINGS EVERYWHERE. Saving energy in hotels.

3/16/2003 --- WORLD WIND WATCH.Wind power 5-year growth predictions. More offshore wind for the U.K..

3/23/2003 --- SOLID STATE FRIDGE? Progress on electronic refrigerators.

3/23/2003 --- IMPROVED EFFICIENCY FOR SILICON SOLAR. New solar efficiency record for BP Solar

3/23/2003 --- SOON ON THE PRODUCTION LINE - NEW SOLAR TECHNOLOGY. New solar technology using silicon spheres nears production.

3/23/2003 --- INTEGRATED THERMAL SOLAR. Building integrated solar thermal roof tiles

3/23/2003 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Warren Buffett's mega wind farm, Second round of offshore wind for the UK, Machine tools that build wind turbines.

3/30/2003 --- NEXT GEN PRIUS. Toyota introduces redesigned hybrid electric vehicle.

3/30/2003 --- METAL FUEL FOR CHINA? Zinc-air vehicles under study in China

3/30/2003 --- SUVs ON THE WANE? Kelly Blue Book sees a slight softening in U.S. SUV sales.

3/30/2003 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Are high alititude flying wind generators possible?


4/6/2003 --- HOT PLANET. 2002 was second hottest year since 1900.

4/6/2003 --- A HYDROGEN STANDARD? General Motors wants liquid hydrogen as fuel standard, others differ.

4/6/2003 --- PURPOSE-BUILT SOLAR MACHINES. Solar energy could sterilize medical waste.

4/6/2003 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Wind farm for North Dakota. Wind farm for Finland. New turbines from Vestas, GE.

4/13/2003 --- TOYOTA’S HYBRID EVOLUTION. Toyota redesigns Prius for 2004.

4/13/2003 --- TRUST FUNDS BUILD SOLAR. Mass. Renewable Energy Trust funds used to build solar.

4/13/2003 --- JOB CREATION - RENEWABLES. Study shows offshore wind project would create jobs.

4/13/2003 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Forty-four megawatt windfarm for Iowa. World Bank, Pennsylvania college, manufacturer buy wind power

4/20/2003 --- GREEN FRIENDLY NORTHEAST. Survey -- chilly Northeast U.S. warms to green energy.

4/20/2003 --- THE TALE OF TWO GREEN BUILDINGS. Green office building for Toyota, green convention center in Pittsburgh.

4/20/2003 --- SOLAR POWER PLANTS -- A NEW CENTURY INDUSTRY? Old industrial site now generating solar electricity.

4/20/2003 --- NEW FUEL CELL ENDEAVOR. U.S. goverment fuel cell program gets new member.

4/20/2003 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. The first Native American owned/operated wind turbine on line. Wind energy for the enviromentally sensitive Galapagos. FPL Energy officially announces new wind farms. New funding for Canadian wind turbine technology.

4/27/2003 --- TALK ABOUT HYDROGEN. U.S. DOE Sec. Abraham talks of hydrogen economy. New Mexico wants hydrogen research center in state.

4/27/2003 --- OF POLITICS AND OCEAN ENERGY. Ocean energy could become plank for political party.

4/27/2003 --- OIL SPILL ANOTHER REASON FOR WIND. Oil spill near proposed off-shore wind farm.

4/27/2003 --- PLANNING AHEAD. GE buys waste and biogas generator company.

4/27/2003 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. NEG-Micon's new turbines.


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