7/6/2003 --- CREDIBLE WITNESS? U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Greenspan testifies on natural gas issues to Congress. But energy is not his specialty.

7/6/2003 --- CORPORATE RISKS. Investor group wants more reporting on climate change.

7/6/2003 --- POINTS OF INTEREST. Brazilian hybrid vehicle developer looks for international sales.

7/6/2003 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. World Wind Watch. Mountaineer Wind Energy Center complete, restaurant chain buys wind energy, Dermond wind turbine.

7/13/2003 --- A SEA OF OIL. Tidbits of information made public regarding Vice President Cheney's Energy Task Force.

7/13/2003 --- ON THE ROAD, UNDER THE SUN . American Solar Challenge

7/13/2003 --- FUEL CELL VEHICLES - RETHINKING. Two scientists question hydrogen economy .

7/13/2003 --- POINTS OF INTEREST. An Apollo-like energy project for the U.S.? An Apollo-like energy project for the U.S.? Using the Internet for grass roots organizing.

7/13/2003 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. 6000 megawatts of offshore wind for the UK. NEG-Micon turbines for U.S. project.

7/20/2003 --- FOOT DRAGGING AT THE WHITE HOUSE. The Bush White House unveils its plan to research climate change.

7/20/2003 --- TEN STATES MOVE FORWARD. 10 Northeast U.S. states could tackle global warming on their own.

7/20/2003 --- THE SOLAR GUY. Solar installation training for contractors.

7/20/2003 --- POINTS OF INTEREST. Electric Vehicle Technologies e-scooters and e-bikes. Splashpower inductive charging for small electronics. iLight light LED replacment for neon.

7/20/2003 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Wind projects for Texas, Wyoming, Illinois.

7/27/2003 --- PLANTING THE SEEDS OF INDUSTRY. Green energy project grants awarded by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority.

7/27/2003 --- GREENER NATURAL GAS. Cleaner burning natural gas.

7/27/2003 --- POINTS OF INTEREST. A distributed generation company created by well-known, well-respected partners. Ground source heating advocacy. Marketers of used wind turbines.

7/27/2003 --- WORLD WIND WATCH Extension of the Production Tax Credit in the U.S. for wind energy almost guaranteed. New wind capacity for central U.S., Ireland.


8/3/2003 --- CLEAN AIR WINS. New Source Review win in court.

8/3/2003 --- YOUR HOME FUEL CELL POWER PLANT. Two fuel cell generators destined for home use.

8/3/2003 --- PROPANE FOR FLEET IN MEXICO. LPG conversion fleet-wide in Mexican city.

8/3/2003 --- POINTS OF INTEREST. White-light LED's closer to replacing incandescent light bulbs. Electric vehicle start-up company. Wind energy in Antartica

8/3/2003 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Citizen owned wind farm in Minnesota. New 41-megawatt wind farm for Oregon. U.S. grants funding for renewables on Tribal land. Greek Orthodox Church to build wind farms on monastary land.

8/10/2003 --- DISASTER, NON-DISASTER. Commentary on the heat related deaths in France, the blackout in the U.S.

8/10/2003 --- CALIFORNIA - CLOSER TO ZERO EMISSION CARS? Car makers drop lawsuits in California, allow Zero Emission Mandate to move forward.

8/10/2003 --- POINTS OF INTEREST. Alternative fuel vehicle rental, sales, refueling, repair and education center opens in California. Hybrid vehicle on rails. Canadian company developing hybrid drive for London Taxis. Battery recycling

8/17/2003 --- FROM ANCIENT BATTERIES TO TODAYS FUEL CELLS. Baghdad Batteries really fuel cells? Improved performance for zinc-air fuel cell bus, zinc-air compares well with lithium batteries

8/17/2003 --- TOWER OF POWER IN U.S.? Solar Tower for U.S.?

8/17/2003 --- POINTS OF INTEREST.Canada commits more money for action on climate change. Small wind turbine manufacturer moves to Prince Edward Island. Component manufacturer for wind turbines.

8/17/2003 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. 2003 good year for wind energy in the U.S., Texas could have 10,000 megawatts in 5-8 years, Arklow offshore now underway as is North Hoyle also in Irish Sea, Pakistan expects oil depletion in ten years, looks to wind power

8/24/2003 --- THE POLITICS OF POLLUTION. Bush Administration guts New Source Review, EPA decides carbon dioxide is not a pollutant under Clean Air Act.

8/24/2003 --- STABLE GREEN POWER. Southern California Edison meets and exceeds renewable energy mandate.

8/24/2003 --- VEHICLES FOR TOMORROW. A variety of advanced vehicles for this years Michelin Bibendum .

8/24/2003 --- POINTS OF INTEREST. Transportation could be smarter. Fuel Cells for trains and transit? PennFuture takes a good look at the 2003 Blackout .

8/24/2003 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. New wind farm possible for New Mexico. Ohio gets first utility scale wind turbines .

8/31/2003 --- WARMEST WORLD IN 2000 YEARS. The warmest world in 2000 years.

8/31/2003 --- BUS RAPID TRANSIT - LIGHT RAIL ALTERNATIVE. Hybrid buses for U.S. bus rapid transit project.

8/31/2003 --- THE FUEL ECONOMY FACTOR. Fuel economy becoming a bigger factor in automobile purchases.

8/31/2003 --- POINTS OF INTEREST. Earth's atmosphere inaccurately depicted in most graphics. Australian company plans ocean energy technology- offers few details. India's electric car.

8/31/2003 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Wind farms for Canada and Portugal.


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