1/5/2003 --- THE EMPIRE STATE TO MANDATE RENEWABLES. Renewable Portfolio Standard proposed for New York.

1/5/2003 --- TRASH-TO-WORK. New landfill gas operation for Washington, DC area.

1/5/2003 --- NEW SOLAR ROOFING. New solar roofing product from Bekaert ECD.

1/5/2003 --- CANAL POWER. Massachusetts canal could test tidal power.

1/5/2003 --- KEEPING TAB ON GREEN VEHICLES. Analyzing green vehicle sales.

1/5/2003 --- TOYOTA’S NEXT GENERATION HYBRID. Toyota's next generation hybrid.

1/5/2003 --- GROWING CARS. Natural fibers for car bodies?

1/12/2003 --- OCEAN POWERS THE NAVY. Ocean energy for the U.S. Navy.

1/12/2003 --- AN INDUSTRY OF OCEAN ENERGY. New funding for U.K. ocean energy prototypes.

1/12/2003 --- GRANTS FOR RENEWABLES -UK, SCOTLAND. Renewable energy systems for households.

1/12/2003 --- MINING THE LANDFILLS. Landfill gas information published.

1/12/2003 --- HYDROGEN FROM OFFSHORE WIND. Japan studies hydrogen from offshore wind possibility.

1/12/2003 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Possible new wind for Nebraska, expansion of TVA wind farm, new wind for Washington State, wind farm approved in Illinois, turbines for the end of the earth

1/19/2003 --- SOLAR FOR SLATE ROOFS. Canadian solar company buys UK solar manufacturer.

1/19/2003 --- RANDOM NUMBERS. Production/delivery numbers from Plug Power, IMPCO, Westport Innovations.

1/19/2003 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. U.S. wind for 2002, Cape Wind downsizes number of turbines but keeps output, NEG-Micon buys wind/diesel technology

1/19/2003 --- A WAR RESOLUTION. Commentary on possible war in Iraq.

1/26/2003 --- OPEN SOURCE FOR ADVANCED VEHICLES? Commentary - the loss of the Columbia, Bush initiative for fuel cell/hydrogen research

1/26/2003 --- THE GREENING OF UTILITIES. Majority of U.S. utilities ready to offer green power programs.

1/26/2003 --- THE OTHER ETHANOL. Bioethanol moves ahead.

1/26/2003 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. The expansion of wind power in Egypt.


2/2/2003 --- THE CHICKEN OR EGG DILEMMA. Can hydrogen fuel cells and fuel cell vehicles be introduced at the same time?

2/2/2003 --- THE OTHER FUEL CELLS. ZOXY Energy System gets nearly $3 million in funding.

2/2/2003 --- SELLING SOLAR. BP Solar's Total Home Solutions.

2/2/2003 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Wind grows in Europe, wind for Los Angeles.

2/9/2003 --- LIGHT, LARGE, EFFICIENT VEHICLES. Lighter vehicles may be possible with magnesium alloy.

2/9/2003 --- POWER FOR TRUCKERS. Truck stop electrification - study to reduce idling.

2/9/2003 --- ACTIONS FOR EFFICIENCY. Los Angeles buys more hybrids, Massachusetts government could eliminate SUV fleet.

2/9/2003 --- PUMPED UP POWER. Pumped energy storage for wind energy in Germany.

2/9/2003 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Wind data towers in Massachusetts, Ontario, wind farms get go-ahead in Maryland, Air Force buys wind energy.

2/16/2003 --- CARS DON”T RULE. London Transport's Congestion Charge.

2/16/2003 --- THE LAWSUITS BEGIN. U.S. states threaten lawsuit against Bush Administration over carbon dioxide.

2/16/2003 --- CAPTURING CARBON DIOXIDE. Synthetic tree idea could capture carbon dioxide.

2/16/2003 --- SWINE-WASTE-TO-BIODIESEL. Swine waste as biodiesel feedsock.

2/16/2003 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. 500-megawatt wind farm gets thumbs up in Ireland, Wind farms for Lake Ontario?, New York state community buys wind energy

2/23/2003 --- CLIMATE SECURITY. U.K. Department of Trade and Industry issues white paper to steer nation towards more green energy.

2/23/2003 --- BIODIESEL FOR BIOCOMPANY. Agrocompany to buy biodiesel for fleet.

2/23/2003 --- DISTRIBUTED GENERATION FOR UTILITIES. Homes, utility get fuel cells in New York.

2/23/2003 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Wind turbine orders for Spain and California, wind power purchase for Pennsylvania township and soy product producer.

2/23/2003 --- INDOOR SUNLIGHT. Utility company promotes scotopic light for energy savings.


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