9/1/2002 --- SUMMIT FINALE. Summary of Earth Summit in Johannesburg.

9/1/2002 --- CARBON OPPORTUNITIES. Carbon trading consortium for Asia-Pacific.

9/1/2002 --- ACTION STATEMENT. Niagara Mohawk offers green power to customers in upstate New York.

9/1/2002 --- TH!NK NO MORE? The end of Ford's TH!NK Mobility?

9/1/2002 --- DIRTY OLD DIESELS. Diesels cleaner with biodiesel

9/1/2002 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Strong wind power industry in Germany.

9/8/2002 --- THE STANDARD. California Renewable Portfolio Standard signed into law.

9/8/2002 --- NO GLOBAL WARMING HERE. Bush Administration removes section on global warming from U.S. EPA annual report.

9/8/2002 --- U-POWER. Tidal current generator launched.

9/8/2002 --- REVERSE HYDROGEN FUEL CELL. Agreement between Stuart, Hamilton Sundstrand to market hydrogen generators

9/8/2002 --- SOLAR FINANCING. GenSelf solar financing package

9/8/2002 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Residents near wind farms should get incentives.

9/15/2002 --- ABANDON THE CAR? U.K. Energy Savings Trust recommends reducing dependence on autos.

9/15/2002 --- BATTERIES NOT FORGOTTEN. New lithium-polymer battery in production

9/15/2002 --- HIGH PERFORMANCE ELECTRIC DRIVE. Advancment in electric drive motors.

9/15/2002 --- COMBUSTION HYDROGEN. Methane/hydrogen mix to fuel buses.

9/15/2002 --- BUILDING RENEWABLES MARKETS. Creating a standard to account for greenhouse gas emissions.

9/15/2002 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Wind could replace nuclear in U.K.

9/22/2002 --- FILL-UP WITH AIR. New, improved compressed air powered car.

9/22/2002 --- WIND-SOLAR STORAGE. Study: energy storage devices impact U.S. economy

9/22/2002 --- WASTED THERMAL ENERGY TO WORK. Waste heat direct to electricity.

9/22/2002 --- A FUEL CELL FOR EVERYONE. Fuel cell component mass production could meet cost reduction goals in U.S.

9/22/2002 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Wind energy could produce 12 percent of the world’s energy needs by 2020.

9/29/2002 --- SOLAR LIVING. Solar Decathlon solar home competition in Washington.

9/29/2002 --- OCEAN POWER SAN FRANCISCO. Flow of water under the Golden Gate Bridge could provide 1500 megawatts of power.

9/29/2002 --- GREEN PUBLIC POWER. Green power for municipal utilities,

9/29/2002 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Wind turbines could be built in Maryland. Cape Wind gets nod from Mass. voters in poll. Wind power purchases.


10/6/2002 --- CITY SOLAR. Solar roofs for the Big Apple.

10/6/2002 --- BRIDGE TO HYDROGEN. Natural gas as a stepping stone to a hydrogen economy.

10/6/2002 --- FUEL CELLS FOR FLEETS. DaimlerChrysler's fuel cell fleet.

10/6/2002 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Wind prospects for India. Cape Wind back on track.

10/13/2002 --- CIVILIZED TRANSPORTATION. Bombardier's JetTrain makes its debut.

10/13/2002 --- DEVELOPING WITH RENEWABLES. Socially responsible solar power.

10/13/2002 --- HOME POWER. One step closer to home hydrogen fueling.

10/13/2002 --- NO-WASTE FOR ENERGY-SAVING ALUMINUM. Closed loop aluminum recycling.

10/20/2002 --- TOYOTA’S HYBRID PLANS. Toyota planning to market more hybrids.

10/20/2002 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Wind projects for America's home town. Pennsylvania town buys wind energy. First large wind project of the season.

10/20/2002 --- JOB CREATING HYBRIDS? Hybrid vehicles as job creators - growing interest in the technology

10/27/2002 --- DEVELOP THE UNDEVELOPED GREEN. The developing world should embrace green technologies.

10/27/2002 --- THE QUESTION FOR OUR TIMES. Cars get thirstier in U.S.

10/27/2002 --- AN EV SOLUTION. New electric vehicle company from the ashes of old?

10/27/2002 --- MODERN HYDRO. New power from old hydro?

10/27/2002 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Canada's largest windfarm to date.


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