11/3/2002 --- IN THE HOT SEAT. Analysis of the U.S. political upheaval

11/3/2002 --- OCEANS FOR POWER. Submerged tidal current turbine in Norway.

11/3/2002 --- A CORRECTION. Should the Th!nk City be considered freeway-capable?

11/3/2002 --- CALIFORNIA GREEN. Use offshore oil platforms for ocean energy? Toyota EV's clock 100,000 miles. California utility buys renewable energy. Fuel cell bus in revenue service. Hydrogen fueling station extends range of fuel cell vehicles. U.S. Navy gets large solar array.

11/3/2002 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Nearly one gigawatt offshore windfarm proposed for U.S. east coast.

11/10/2002 --- THE ROAD TO HYDROGEN. U.S. Department of Energy publishes guideline for hydrogen economy.

11/10/2002 --- STATE’S ACTION ON CLIMATE CHANGE. Pew Center study on U.S. states action on climate change.

11/10/2002 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Montana eyes wind energy. Illinois steps towards more wind energy. Wind turbines could share space with ski lifts. Town fathers consider wind energy in western Massachusetts. North Dakota experiments with new transmission line to bring wind power to markets

11/10/2002 --- EXPANDING SOLAR BUSINESS. Sharp solar expands in U.S.

11/10/2002 --- TAX FREE RENEWABLES. Tax write-off for the cost of assets used to generate electricity in Ontario.

11/17/2002 --- VOTERS FOR SOLAR. San Francisco buys solar.

11/17/2002 --- EXIT THIN FILM. BP Solar steps away from thin film technology.

11/17/2002 --- SOLAR FROM ALL LIGHT. Solar from the full light spectrum.

11/17/2002 --- FUNDING FOR FIGHTING CLIMATE CHANGE. ExxonMobil, GE, others fund energy projects to combat climate change.

11/17/2002 --- FUNDING FOR FIGHTING CLIMATE CHANGE - CANADA. Canada funds companies with projects aimed at mitigating climate change.

11/17/2002 --- FUEL CELL VEHICLES - TAKING DELIVERY. Delivering fuel cell vehicles, and their cost.

11/24/2002 --- TAKE THE TRAIN, LEAVE THE PLANE BEHIND. Commercial aircraft could responsible for up to 14 percent of climate change by 2050.

11/24/2002 --- GROWING INTEREST IN BIODIESEL. Biodiesel growth. More capacity planned and certified biodiesel crops in U.K. Grants for new production in facilities studies in U.S. and new distribution center in Midwest state. U.S to get diesel SUV by 2004.

11/24/2002 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Siemens may be looking for wind turbine manufacturer to buy.


12/1/2002 --- NOT FORGOTTEN SUPER EFFICIENT CARS. The Clinton Administration's Partnership for New Generation Vehicle Program, where is it now?

12/1/2002 --- GREENHOUSE GAS WORKING UNDER THE HOOD. Carbon dioxide charged air conditioner for fuel cell car.

12/1/2002 --- TIDAL POWER - ONE STEP CLOSER. Tidal power success off Welsh coast

12/1/2002 --- CONNECTED OFFSHORE. Undersea power grids under study.

12/1/2002 --- MOUNTING EVIDENCE, RETREATING FURTHER. More evidence of man-induced climate change, Bush sits on hands

12/8/2002 --- SMALL CHANGE. Bush Administration wants 1.5 mile per gallon increase in fuel economy for light trucks and SUV's.

12/8/2002 --- GREEN VEHICLE AWARENESS. Toyotas green commitment. Nissan's new fuel cell vehicle. John Deere's concept off-road fuel cell vehicle. New technology fuel cell components. New LSV from Feel Good Cars. Michelin displays electric vehicle concept car.

12/8/2002 --- NEW SOLAR CAPACITY. Solar projects and programs for New Jersey, Arizona, Peru and Brazil.

12/15/2002 --- CAN RENEWABLES CREATE JOBS? New report claims renewable energy can create jobs from the Environmental, Law and Policy Center.

12/15/2002 --- RENEWABLES BY MANDATE. New Mexico finalizes its Renewable Portfolio Standard, solar power for Nevada

12/15/2002 --- UNITING GREEN CAR OWNERS AND WANNABES. Green Car Club launched by NESEA.

12/15/2002 --- HYBRIDS FOR MUNICIPALITIES. More than 1100 Toyota hybrid cars sold to U.S. states and municipalities.

12/15/2002 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Wind projects get tentative thumbs-up in Maryland, new offshore wind for Germany, wind energy in U.K. set to grow.

12/22/2002 --- 2002 REVIEW / 2003 OUTLOOK. Annual review.

12/29/2002 --- GULF STREAM TO SHUT DOWN? Could global warming cause the Gulf Stream to shut down sooner than later?

12/29/2002 --- GO AHEAD FOR TOWER OF POWER. Solar thermal tower gets go ahead in Australia.

12/29/2002 --- THE COMPETITION FOR EFFICIENCY. General Motors to build hybrid vehicles.

12/29/2002 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. U.S. DOE seeks expressions of interest for low wind speed turbine research, Northwestern Energy and WE Energies issue RFP's for wind power.


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