5/5/2002 --- CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY. Campaign ExxonMobil: shareholders want action on climate change

5/5/2002 --- SHELL’S RENEWABLES. Shell invests in bioethanol

5/5/2002 --- SOLAR CYPRUS, SOLAR CHICAGO. New solar company for Cyprus. Spire Solar Chicago moves into new green building

5/5/2002 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. GE WindEnergy officially formed, wind farm for Iowa, Vestas sells 133 turbines for California, Ireland.

5/12/2002 --- HONDA’S POWER PLANS. Plug Power to develop fuel cell cogenerator with Honda.Honda to develop more hybrids?

5/12/2002 --- MILES OF SOLAR. ECD Solar to open production line for mass produced solar.

5/12/2002 --- INVESTMENT IN OCEAN POWER. Growing investment in ocean energy.

5/12/2002 --- SOLAR PROJECTS. Solar projects in New Jersey and Texas

5/12/2002 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Shell buys another U.S. wind project. Jeumont looks for wind expansion

5/19/2002 --- COMING ON LINE. Japan nears ratification of Kyoto.

5/19/2002 --- INVESTING IN RENEWABLES TODAY. Six U.S companies now offer certified Green Tags.

5/19/2002 --- FUNDING WAVE POWER. Wavegen receives additional funding.

5/19/2002 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Canada wind initiative. Largest onshore wind farm in UK.Gamesa and Navitas work to build US wind power. New wind power company in Spain. SIIF Energies buys enXco.

5/26/2002 --- IT IS US. U.S. EPA report blames climate change, in part, on human activities.

5/26/2002 --- A LEAP TOWARDS KYOTO. European Union ratifies Kyoto Protocol

5/26/2002 --- A MANDATE FOR RENEWABLES - JAPAN. Japanese Diet has enacts law to require renewables.

5/26/2002 --- A CORPORATE VOTE FOR RENEWABLES. Significant portion of ExxonMobil stockholders want company to take action on climate change.

5/26/2002 --- NORTH CAROLINA’S GREEN POWER.Program uses additional fee for renewable energy,

5/26/2002 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. 12 percent of world's electricity from wind by 2020 says Greenpeace. Shell WindEnergy applies for Belgian offshore wind farm. Made Tecnologias Renovables to add more wind energy in Tunisia. Wind farms for Hungary


6/2/2002 --- JAPAN HAS RATIFIED KYOTO. Canada should next, then Russia.

6/2/2002 --- ACROSS THE U.S. UNDER FUEL CELL POWER. DaimlerChrysler fuel cell car crosses U.S.

6/2/2002 --- COUNTERPOINT METHANOL. Well- to-wheels analysis of reformed fuels for fuel cells.

6/2/2002 --- YOUR HOME FUEL CELL. Testing propane fuel cells.

6/2/2002 --- ATTENTION NEW YORKERS. Time runs short for solar incentive on Long Island, New York

6/9/2002 --- THE VISION THING. PM Tony Blair's comments on ocean energy.

6/9/2002 --- OFFSHORE FUEL CELLS. Fuel cell project for offshore natural gas rigs could also sequester carbon dioxide.

6/9/2002 --- FLYWHEEL WITHIN A FLYWHEEL. Next generation flywheel energy storage device.

6/9/2002 --- NEW RENEWABLE MARKET. Taiwan seeks green energy.

6/9/2002 --- HOME-BREWED SOLAR SILICON. AstroPower partners to make silicon for solar cells

6/9/2002 --- FOUR FOR RENEWABLES. U.S. corporations make efforts to buy green power

6/19/2002 --- POWERED WITH METAL. Metallic Power's zinc air fuel cell car.

6/19/2002 --- RESPONSIBLE EMISSIONS #1. BMW to tap methane for plant operations.

6/19/2002 --- RESPONSIBLE EMISSIONS #2. Johnson & Johnson affiliate installs solar.

6/19/2002 --- RESPONSIBLE EMISSIONS #3. Xantrex, Schott buy Green Tags.

6/19/2002 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Massachusetts shipyard could build wind turbines. Canada to enter the small wind turbine busines

6/23/2002 --- FREE TRADING EMISSIONS. Emissions trading under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

6/23/2002 --- SOLAR GREEN BUILDING. Solar power, ground source heat for research center.

6/23/2002 --- WASTED HEAT, BACK TO WORK. Stirling cycle generators could utilize waste steam at power plants, factories.

6/23/2002 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Wind farm for Illinois. New owner, new name for West Virginia wind farm. FPL signs contract for additional turbines. Possible offshore wind farm for Northern Ireland

6/30/2002 --- INTRODUCING FUEL CELL VEHICLES. Toyota to market a limited number of fuel cell vehicles

6/30/2002 --- NOT ALWAYS GOOD NEWS. EU won't make 2010 renewables target

6/30/2002 --- UK RENEWABLE OUTREACH. Funding to promote green energy.

6/30/2002 --- AMERICA’S LOVE AFFAIR. eMotion Mobility's smart transportation project.

6/30/2002 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Composite wind turbine towers.


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