3/3/2002 --- POLLUTION, HEALTH AND FUEL EFFICIENCY. JAMA air pollution study, J.D. Powers hybrid vehicle study.

3/3/2002 --- WORLD PARTNERS? Canada, U.S. to share data on climate change.

3/3/2002 --- SOLAR POWER FOR EFFICIENT ENERGY. Connecting PV solar and energy efficiency.

3/3/2002 --- NEXT GENERATION LIGHT BULB? Progress on white LED lighting.

3/3/2002 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Production Tax Credit in U.S., world growth of wind energy, offshore wind for Sweden, wind projects under study in Australia.

3/10/2002 --- AMERICA’S BIGGEST CHALLENGE. Kicking the gasoline habit.

3/10/2002 --- READY TO GO. Electric Fuel's zinc-air bus project.

3/10/2002 --- NEW CLEAN FUEL. Dimethyl ether (DME) fueled truck in Japan.

3/10/2002 --- A STATE WANTS RENEWABLES. Massachusetts study shows support for renewables.

3/10/2002 --- SOLAR INTERNET TO THE AMAZON. Solar power to power Internet in Amazon region.

3/10/2002 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Gamesa to focus on wind energy, Made to sell turbines to China, creation of the Wind Energy Institute, correction on PTC expiration date.

3/17/2002 --- A WORLD OF OCEANS. Pelamis ocean energy device from Ocean Power Delivery.

3/17/2002 --- ACCOUNTANT’S GREEN VEHICLE. Enova sells hybrid drive systems to Hyundai.

3/17/2002 --- GREEN BUILDINGS FOR MASSACHUSETTS. Massachusetts Renewable Energy Trust to except proposals for green building funds.

3/17/2002 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Forty-three wind projects proposed for Brazil, wind power proposed for State of Vermont.

3/17/2002 --- U.S.SENATE REDEMPTION. U.S. Senate approves 10% renewables.

3/24/2002 --- SAFETY VS EFFICIENCY. Model by model safety study of vehicles.

3/24/2002 --- RELIABLE TIDAL POWER. Tidal Electric proposes projects for the coast of Wales.

3/24/2002 --- A DIFFERENT APPROACH. Combined hydrogen generation and carbon sequestering technology.

3/24/2002 --- FUNDING SOLAR. PV solar initiative in the U.K.

3/24/2002 --- GREEN GERMANY. 5.3 million in Germany now use green power.

3/31/2002 --- THINK SUSTAINABLE PLASTICS. Plastics made from corn.

3/31/2002 --- GREENER MARKETS? Studies show U.S. drivers want better fuel economy, world energy production rising.

3/31/2002 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. FPL buys wind turbines from Vestas and opens wind farm for business. Texas utility offers wind energy.


4/7/2002 --- SMOKE TRAILS. Following the trail of pollution by computer.

4/7/2002 --- SOLAR POWER, GREEN BUSINESS. Postal Service 127 kilowatt solar array in California.

4/7/2002 --- LOCAL, PERSONAL, TRANSPORTATION. Renting electric vehicles in California.

4/7/2002 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Six new wind farms for Spain. Green Tags offered with Texas wind farm. A five-year growth prediction for wind power. GE steps closer to Enron Wind ownership

4/14/2002 --- THE POWER OF OCEANS. Study on ocean energy for California.

4/14/2002 --- NEXT GENERATION SOLAR. Faster solar cells production process being researched.

4/14/2002 --- 240 MILES PER GALLON. One cylinder Volkswagen concept car gets 240 MPG.

4/14/2002 --- THE END OF INCANDESCENT BULBS? White LED lights for the home?

4/14/2002 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Go ahead for UK offshore wind farm. Wind power for Poland

4/21/2002 --- POLITICS ENERGY. Comments on U.S. Senate Energy Bill.

4/21/2002 --- WET WASTE ENERGY. New biomass-to-fuel energy research.

4/21/2002 --- WATCHING THE SUN SHINE. Largest solar system in U.S.

4/21/2002 --- STORING RENEWABLE ENERGY. Completion of flywheel safety study.

4/21/2002 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Offshore wind for Long Island, New York? Gamesa Energia to triple wind capacity. UK offshore wind projects under defense scrutiny.

4/28/2002 --- THE GREENING OF THE STATES. California Senate votes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from cars. New Jersey buys green power for state buildings.

4/28/2002 --- GREEN POWER MARKETS. The market for green power in the U.S.

4/28/2002 --- BIG FUEL CELLS, SMALL FUEL CELLS. Fuel cells for scooters, back-up power and grid/distributed generation.

4/28/2002 --- THE SUNNY SPOT. Computer software could aid solar thermal design

4/28/2002 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. West Texas wind farm on-line, Ameresco investigating possible Montana wind farm.


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