7/7/2002 --- BATTERY BREAKTHROUGH? Rayovac quick rechargeable NiMH battery.

7/7/2002 --- ROOF-TOP SAVINGS. Rebate checks in California for energy saving roofs.

7/7/2002 --- HYDROGEN FROM THE WIND. Wind energy to produce hydrogen for vehicles.

7/7/2002 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Most efficient wind farm in the UK.

7/14/2002 --- OUTSIDE THE BOX SOLAR. New solar technology investment in Canada.

7/14/2002 --- ADDING UP THE MILES. Zinc-air bus range extended by 25 percent

7/14/2002 --- MORE EV’S ON THE ROAD. Expanding the market for Neighborhood Electric Vehicles through rentals.

7/14/2002 --- CONNECTING - GREEN IDEAS, GREEN INVESTMENT. Company formed to match green business plans with investors.

7/21/2002 --- VIVA CALIFORNIA! Cuts for greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles signed into law.

7/21/2002 --- FUEL CELL VEHICLES FOR LEASE. Honda's plans to lease fuel cell vehicles.

7/21/2002 --- FUELING UP - TOKYO. Hydrogen infrastructure in Tokyo.

7/21/2002 --- YOUR HOME FUEL CELL. Home fuel cell cogenerator now for sale.

7/21/2002 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. A second offshore wind farm proposed for Massachusetts ... Bush Administration wants to speed up offshore renewables permitting. 240 megawatt wind farm for Texas. Shell buys more wind capacity. BPA eliminates fines for undelivered wind energy.

7/28/2002 --- COAL FUELED FUEL CELL. FuelCell Energy receives approval for its megawatt-class Direct Fuel Cell operating on coal gas.

7/28/2002 --- NO SMOKING DIESELS. U.S. EPA slaps penalties on diesel trucks.

7/28/2002 --- GREENER CARS UK. Powering Future Vehicles to set carbon dioxide emission targets for vehicles.

7/28/2002 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. North Hoyle offshore wind farm in U.K.


8/4/2002 --- OUR PLANET. Oil demand and growth in developing world.

8/4/2002 --- POWER WITHOUT THE GRID. Solar systems for Senegal.

8/4/2002 --- GENERATING HYDROGEN SALES. Ballard's combustion product.

8/4/2002 --- NO SILICON SOLAR. Titania dye solar cells from Australia.

8/4/2002 --- COAL METHANE TO WORK. Generating onsite power at coal mines.

8/11/2002 --- THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT. Drought in U.S., Asian brown cloud, floods in Europe, war in Iraq?

8/11/2002 --- A FIRST FOR THE FIRST. Toyota's Prius gets U.S. tax deduction.

8/11/2002 --- COUNTING KILOWATTS. Australia tallies energy consumption.

8/11/2002 --- FREE EV’S FOR A YEAR. General Motors launches Neighborhood Electric Vehicle program.

8/11/2002 --- GM’S LATEST CONCEPT. General Motors' concept fuel cell vehicle.

8/11/2002 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Wind power in U.S. to grow next year, slow this year. U.S. purchase of wind generated electricity.

8/18/2002 --- A VICIOUS AND UNSUSTAINABLE CYCLE. Energy and Poverty report from the International Energy Agency.

8/18/2002 --- TOWER OF POWER. Thermal draft power generator from Australia.

8/18/2002 --- HOT ROCKS. Granite formations heated naturally can provide energy.

8/18/2002 --- ETHANOL CARS FOR CARBON CREDITS. More ethanol cars for Brazil could get carbon credits.

8/18/2002 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. U.S. offshore wind project takes step forward.

8/25/2002 --- FROM THE SUMMIT. New England states Canadian provinces discuss reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

8/25/2002 --- PERSONAL MASS TRANSIT. Wireless and Internet aids to increase mass transit ridership.

8/25/2002 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Wind energy for the U.S. Mid-Atlantic region ... First commercial wind farm for Nebraska ... Opposition to Cape Wind in court


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