1/6/2002 --- GENERAL MOTORS AUTONOMY. General Motors fuel cell concept car.

1/6/2002 --- THE FED’S HYDROGEN CARS. U.S. Dept of Energy launches Freedom CAR fuel cell vehicle program.

1/6/2002 --- QUEUE FOR FUEL CELL BUSINESS. Fuel industry responds to Freedom CAR and AUTOnomy.

1/6/2002 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Offshore 520 MW wind farm planned for Ireland.

1/13/2002 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Wind power growth reports, new project announcements.

1/13/2002 --- ENERGY SAVING SOFTWARE. EZ Conserve energy monitoring and saving software.

1/13/2002 --- CARBON MONITORING SOFTWARE. CO2SIM carbon monitoring and trading software.

1/20/2002 --- OUR ENERGETIC MOON. Tidal stream power generator from the Engineering Business.

1/20/2002 --- BORAX FOR CARS. Borate supplies on planet as source of hydrogen for fuel cell vehicles, cost analysis of this technology.

1/20/2002 --- THREE SOLAR STORIES. Solar projects from PowerLight and AstroPower, Shell and Siemens Solar become Shell Solar.

1/20/2002 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Production Tax Credit delayed in U.S. Senate, Shell buy and starts up 80 MW wind farm, 60 MW farm planned for Pennsylvania

1/27/2002 --- LANDMARK AB 1058. California votes to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from cars.

1/27/2002 --- NOT UNEXPECTED STUDY. Study: fossil fuel cars and trucks expected to dominate through 2020

1/27/2002 --- ONLY A POND APART. Bioenergy research projects in U.S. and U.K.

1/27/2002 --- YOUR SOLAR ROOF. ECD Solar to develop new solar roof material.

1/27/2002 --- SAVE ENERGY TODAY. Web development company cuts commuting to save energy.


2/3/2002 --- GREEN ENERGY POLITICS U.S.A. Comparitive energy plans for Bush, U.S. Senate.

2/3/2002 --- COLD COMBUSTION. Volkswagen's mountain climbing fuel cell car.

2/3/2002 --- GREENERCARS.COM. ACEEE's 2002 Green Book compares U.S. sold cars for environmental impact.

2/3/2002 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Hydro Tasmania to build 128 MW wind farm.

2/10/2002 --- A MATTER OF RESPONSIBILITY. Plan to double Renewable Obligation in UK.

2/10/2002 --- NEW RENEWABLES CALIFORNIA. California Agency plans to finance 3500 Mw new green power by 2006.

2/10/2002 --- NOT QUITE KYOTO. Bush's voluntary greenhouse gas reduction plan.

2/17/2002 --- HELP WANTED - GREEN ENERGY. Study shows reduction in greenhouse gases would create jobs in US.

2/17/2002 --- SIMPLE SOLAR. New heat exchanger for solar thermal installations.

2/17/2002 --- SOLAR SCHOOLS. Schooltop solar installations.

2/17/2002 --- MARKET BUILDING MONEY. New funding for Green Mountain Energy earmarked for marketing.

2/17/2002 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. General Electric to buy Enron Wind.

2/24/2002 --- WHERE’S DME? Dimethyl ether moves ahead as green fuel in Japan, India.

2/24/2002 --- HYBRID PACKAGE DELIVERY TRUCKS. Fed Ex to test hybrid electric trucks.

2/24/2002 --- MORE BORAX FUEL CELLS. Hydrogenics demonstrates hydrogen rom sodium borohydride fuel cell.

2/24/2002 --- AIRPORT SOLAR. Airport facility roofs ideal for solar.

2/24/2002 --- WORLD WIND WATCH. Offshore wind park for Canada, NEG-Micon to supply turbines to Pacific Hydro in Australia, Mass Megawatts to install system in Iceland.

2/24/2002 --- HOT CARS.Reflective glass reduces load on car air conditioners -saves fuel.


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