ENERGIES ...week of September 2, 2001

--- GREEN HOME IMPROVEMENT. Major home improvement chain, Home Depot, to sell solar panels.

--- ANOTHER TYPE OF GREEN VEHICLE? Grid connected hybrid vehicle study by EPRI.

--- WORLD WIND WATCH. The 10 windiest states in U.S., highest wind turbine installed, go-ahead for 144 MW windpower in Norway, new orders for Nordex, progress on Canadian wind farms, BPA and Climate Trust buy offset credits.

ENERGIES ... week of September 9, 2001

--- WE MUST PERSEVERE. Commentary on September 11 attacks.

--- THE REALITY OF BIG AUTO. Pending improvements for automotive engines.

--- BUILDING SOLAR. Bekaert ECD Solar shipment to Australia.

--- WORLD WIND WATCH. World Wind Watch - NEG-Micon to sell dedicated low wind and offshore turbines.

ENERGIES ... week of September, 16 2001

--- HAIL THE TAXI. New taxi cab for UK.

--- INVESTMENT GOES ON. Ford fuel cell purchase from Ballard.

--- REMOTE POWER. Alaskan Energy Authority solar power project.

--- GREENER COAL? Coal to alcohol developments from Standard Alcohol and Dakota Gasification.

--- MOTORS FOR THE FUTURE. Siemens high temperature superconducting motor.

--- WORLD WIND WATCH. World Wide Wind plans Polish offshore wind park.

ENERGIES ... week of September 23, 2001

--- READY TO GO. Ballard's off-the-shelf fuel cell for fuel cell power plant developers.

--- WORLD FUEL CELL RESEARCH. Delphi becomes partner in fuel cell research center in France.

--- BUILDING FUEL CELLS. Siemens Westinghouse fuel cell factory in U.S.

--- PROPELLING ELECTRIC PROPULSION. Enova Systems sells electric drive systems to bus manufacturers.

--- WORLD WIND WATCH. On-site wind power in UK, wind power purchase in London.

ENERGIES ... week of September 30, 2001

--- RENEWABLE POWER FOR AFGHANISTAN. Commentary, wind,solar power for Afghanistan.

--- PREPARING FOR CHANGE. Shell chairman speaks for renewables.

--- ONE STOP SHOPPING. Ballard buys Echostar electric drive systems from Ford.

--- THE OTHER FUEL CELL. Evionyx demostrates zinc/air golf cart and lawn mower.

--- SOLAR PROJECTS. Tucson Electric Power installs additional solar power, PowerLight to install solar power at national park, newly installed solar capacity in Chicago by Spire.

ENERGIES ... week of October 7, 2001

--- YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD EV. Global Electric Motorcars (GEM) Low Speed Electric Vehicles examined for California communities.

--- GREEN POWER FOR SAIL. Regenerative electric drive system for water craft commercialized by Solomon Technologies.

--- METHANE-TO-WORK. Methane from wastewater fuels powerplant.

--- WORLD WIND WATCH. Bonus Energy to supply turbines for offshore wind project, Renewable Energy in Sweden AB wind projects.

ENERGIES ... week of October 14, 2001

--- NOT GOING IT ALONE. General Motors says will need help from others if hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are to be fully commercialized.

--- TWENTY BY TWENTY TWENTY. Union of Concerne Scientists study says U.S. could have 20 percen renewables by 2020.

--- ONE STEP CLOSER. Shell Renewables and Akzo Nobel to develop pilot production of solar photovoltaic films.

--- LIGHTING THE WAY. Wind/solar powered street lamp form Matsushita Seiko.

--- JOIN THE SOLAR CLUB. Green Mountain Energy's Big Texas Sun Club (tm)

--- WORLD WIND WATCH. Thirty megawatt Peetz Table Wind Power Plant, Environmental Inpact Statement to be prepared for 225 megawatt Horse Heaven Wind Project in Wash. state.

ENERGIES ... week of October 21, 2001

--- FOCUS ON FUEL CELLS. Ballard's new fuel sell - the 902, General Motors and ChevronTexaco to research gasoline fuel processors, Metallic Power delivers zinc/air riding lawn mower and portable generator, Evionyx selling 50 watt zinc/air power module.

--- WORLD WIND WATCH. Somerset and Mill Run combined 24 megawatt wind projects.

ENERGIES ... week of October 28, 2001

--- YOUR NEXT JOB? World Wildlife Fund study looks at job creation with development of green energy.

--- NOW IN PRODUCTION. Ford starts production of TH!NK Neighbor low speed electric vehicles.

--- TOW BY ELECTRIC. Miami International Airport buys electric baggage tugs.

--- PUBLIC SOLAR UK. U.K. government funding for solar power.

--- WORLD WIND WATCH. Bonus Energy's new rotor blade production plant, NEG-Micon will not build production facility in U.S.


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