ENERGIES ... week of November 4, 2001

--- VOTING FOR GREEN POWER. San Francisco voters approve financing for renewable energy.

--- THE PROMISE OF SOLAR. Greenpeace study says solar energy can create U.S. jobs.

--- SPENDING RENEWABLE MONEY. British Prime Minister outlines how money for renewables will be spent.

--- HYDROGEN SCOOTER. Prototype fuel cell scooter from Manhattan Scientifics.

--- WORLD WIND WATCH. One gigawatt offshore wind farm for Germany.

ENERGIES ... week of November 11, 2001

--- WHAT A WEEK! The Marrakech Accords signed as guidebook to Kyoto Protocol compliance.

--- PLANNING AHEAD. Chicago Climate Exchange gets new members.

--- STABLE ENERGY COSTS. Solar power for computer technology company.

--- WORLD WIND WATCH. Wind power project in Chile, Bonneville Power Administration buys wind power, wind project in Wyoming now operating.

ENERGIES ... week of November 18, 2001

--- ALTERNATIVE INTERNAL COMBUSTION. Three alternatives to the traditional internal combustion engine.

--- CLEAN, EFFICIENT RENTAL CARS. Budget EV (Environmental Vehicles) vehicles log more than 5 million miles.

--- WORLD WIND WATCH. Possible country long undersea cable to connect offshore wind in U.K.

ENERGIES ... week of November 25, 2001

--- THIS COULD BE IMPORTANT. Semiconductor turns low temperature heat into electricity.

--- FORTY TWO VOLTS. 42 volt drive motor for hybrid vehicles from UQM technologies.

--- ELECTRIC AIRPLANE? Boeing to build fuel cell powered airplane for research.

--- WORLD WIND WATCH. New turbine from Scanwind uses ABB Windformer technology.

ENERGIES ... week of December 2, 2001

--- GINGER, IT, NOW SEGWAY HT. Market introduction of Segway scooter.

--- JAIL TOP SOLAR. Solar system for California jail.

--- NO HASSLE MASS TRANSIT. Intermodal ticketing for mass transit with smart card.

--- WORLD WIND WATCH. Vestas sells stake in Gamesa Eolica, plans increase in market share in yearly turbine sales.

ENERGIES ... week of December 9, 2001

--- INSTANT GRATIFICATION. Nuvera Fuel Cells develops quick start fuel reformer for fuel cell vehicles.

--- NO FOSSIL FUEL FUEL CELL VEHICLE. DaimlerChrysler Natrium fuel cell vehicle fueled with hydrogen from sodium borohydride.

--- PUBLIC EV SALE. Toyota RAV-4 electric vehicle to be sold to public in California, Toyota ups Prius hybrid vehicle allotment for U.S.

--- RUSSIA UNDER GROUND. Russia's first geothermal powerplant.

--- WORLD WIND WATCH. 600-megawatt wind farm being planned for Scotland, Enron Wind for sale.

ENERGIES ... week of December 16, 2001

--- SELF-SUFFICIENT SCOTLAND. Study shows Scotland could be energy self-sufficient with only renewable energy resources.

--- SMART TRANSPORTATION. Station car system and electrified smart cars for Atlanta.

--- HONDA’S SECOND HYBRID. Honda introduces second hybrid - the Civic Hybrid.

--- WORLD WIND WATCH. 39-megawatt wind farm in New York State, innovative wind turbine tower.

ENERGIES ... week of December 23, 2001

--- 2001 REVIEW / 2002 OUTLOOK. Annual review, forecast

--- DEVELOPING GREEN. United Nations begins project to determine best sites for solar and wind power in 13 nations.

--- HYBRID FOR BIG CARS, SMALL TRUCKS. Hybrid drive system for light trucks from Paice Corp.

--- WORLD WIND WATCH. 65-megawatt wind project for West Virginia, 75-megawatt Flat Rock under development in New York State, Enron Wind sells wind farms.

ENERGIES ... week of December 30, 2001

--- ALTERNATIVE FUEL VEHICLES IN COURT. Environmental groups suing U.S. Government over alternative fuel vehicle purchases.

--- BIODIESEL REPORTING IN. Biodiesel sales figures.

--- SIMPLE SAVINGS. GFX heat recovery system.

--- FUEL CELL RANGE EXTENDER. Using fuel cell to extend range of battery electric vehicle.

--- WORLD WIND WATCH. New wind power planned for Brazil.


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