ENERGIES ... week of May 6, 2001

--- WIRELESS LIGHT-RAIL. Bus rapid transit for Cleveland, Ohio

--- BANKING ZEV CREDITS. Dynasty receives ZEV credits for low-speed vehicles from Calif. Air Resources Board.

--- WORLD WIND WATCH. Blackfeet I wind farm in planning stages, 150 MW Maiden Wind to be built.

ENERGIES ... week of May 13, 2001

--- THANK YOU, MR. PRESIDENT. Commentary on Pres. Bush's energy policy.

--- NEW URBAN MOBILITY. New electric car company -eMotion Mobility.

--- TOOLS TO TRANSPORTATION. Wicked Wave electric scooters from PowerQuest.

--- CONCENTRATED SOLAR. Concentrated solar power utilize holographic imaging from TerraSun.

--- CANADA: SOLAR HOT WATER. Natural Resources Canada invests in EnerWorks thermal solar, solar simulation lamp.

--- AUSTRALIA: GREENHOUSE GAS-TO-ENERGY. Methane gas trapped for power in Australia.

--- BETTER THAN EXPECTED. Biomass waste-to-energy process from Future Energy Resources exceeds expectations.

--- WORLD WIND WATCH. FPL to build 110 megawatt wind farm in Kansas.

ENERGIES ... week of May 20, 2001

--- LIVING CARBON NEUTRAL. Beddington Zero Energy Development - BedZed - in UK.

--- TRAILBLAZING. Electric Fuel to start own vehicle company.

--- FIRST STEP. First biodiesel pump for consumers in US.

--- WORLD WIND WATCH. American Corn Growers Association to encourage US Midwest farmers to build wind power.

ENERGIES ... week of May 27, 2001

--- TRADING EMISSIONS - VOLUNTARILY. Chicago Climate Exchange voluntary emissions trading market.

--- ASIA - DECLINING OIL. Outlook for fossil fuels in Asia.

--- SOLAR RIPENING THE BIG APPLE. Solar project in Manhattan by AstroPower.

--- WORLD WIND WATCH. Wind farm for Prince Edward Island,Canada.

ENERGIES ... week of June 3, 2001

--- NOT UNEXPECTED RESULTS. Engineers survey regarding proposed U.S National Energy Policy.

--- A MARKET NOT TO BE IGNORED. Hybrid electric buses in China, Capstone turbines in UK.

--- BIOENERGY AT THE PUMP. E-85 ethanol pump in Maryland.

--- WORLD WIND WATCH. World Wind Watch - Utility tower manufactuer enters wind turbine tower business, SeaWest to build 50 megawatt find farm, four wind farms to be built in Japan.

ENERGIES ... week of June 10, 2001

--- THE GENERAL SPEAKS. General Motors and General Hydrogen to build protoytype hydrgen refueling station.

--- BOUNTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL WASTEWATER. Waste water energy recovery.

--- WESTINGHOUSE VS EDISON. Wired Magazine considers the idea of the Energy Web.

--- ELECTRIC BUS TOURIST ATTRACTION. Electric buses to shuttle tourists in Anaheim, Calif.

--- WORLD WIND WATCH. World Wind Watch - German government proposes replacing nuclear with offshore wind.

ENERGIES ... week of June 17, 2001

--- INVESTING IN HYDROGEN. Shell Hydrogen and International Fuel Cells to develop hydrogen processors, generation systems, and refueling technologies.

--- HYBRID BUS FLEET GROWS. Chattanooga buys more of home grown AVS hybrid buses.

--- IN THE HEAT OF THE SUN. Duke Solar's vacuum tube solar collectors installed in South Carolina.

--- SOLAR DEVELOPMENT. AstroPower to supply 500 -1000 residential solar systems in California.

--- WORLD WIND WATCH. World Wind Watch - Shell plans to invest $500 million to $1 billion in renewables- including offshore wind, Vestas to build factory in Scotland, Western Isles (the Hebrides) seeks to become Energy Innovation Zone.

ENERGIES ... week of June 24, 2001

--- LEADERSHIP FROM THE DEVELOPING WORLD. World Resources Institute study on greenhouse gas reduction in developing world.

--- CLEAN, CLEAR SAILING. Solar/hybrid ferry boat in Sydney.

--- WASTE-GAS-TO-WORK. Well to Wire generator technology to run on waste gases.

--- FUEL CELL GRID. Long Island Power Authority to test 75 residential-sized fuel cells.

--- WORLD WIND WATCH. Aluminum company sets eyes on wind energy, Bonneville Power Authorityconsiders 2600 megawatts of wind capacity.


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