ENERGIES ... week of March 4, 2001

--- GREEN MONEY. Funding for renewables in the UK.

--- SOLAR MONEY. Solar incentive in L.A. helps buy 200 kilowatt solar system.

--- BIOMASS FOR THE MASSES. Biomass pellet fuel company expands pruduction.

ENERGIES ... week of March 11, 2001

--- WHAT HE DIDN’T SAY. Bush backs away from CO2 cut-back pledge.

--- AIRLINE’S RESPONSIBLE ACTION. American Airlines to buy EV ground support fleet.

--- ANOTHER METAL FUEL CELL. Green Volt Power's metal/air fuel cell.

--- EASTERN U.S. WIND POWER. Mill Run Wind Project for Pennsylvania

--- HYBRID SOLAR-WIND POWER HAWAII. PowerLight builds hybrid solar/wind plant in Hawaii

--- A PROMISE FOR NEW RENEWABLES. 400,000 new customers for Green Mountain Energy, will build more renewables.

ENERGIES ... week of March 18, 2001

--- SMOOTHING THE LUMPS. Lower cost energy storage to be tested by American Electric Power.

--- CERTIFIED CLEAN COMBUSTION. Calif. Air Resources Board certifies Capstone Turbine, company sell additional 141 units.

--- CANADA’S NEW GREEN UTILITY. OPG Evergreen Energy to build new wind power.

ENERGIES ... week of March 25, 2001

--- NO NEED FOR GRID POWER. BP Solar builds solar power in Phillipines and Indonesia

--- FIRST STEP: HOUSE POWER. Fuel cells for the home to be tested by H Power and International Fuel Cells.

--- CONTINUING FUEL CELL BUSINESS. Ballard sells 30 fuel cell power plants for buses, additional fuel cells for Nissan

ENERGIES ... week of April 1, 2001

--- MAJOR OFFSHORE WIND - UK. Significant offshore wind initiative for the UK.

--- MAJOR ONSHORE WIND - US. King Mountain 278.3 megawatt wind project by FPL Energy, RES and Cielo Wind Power.

--- WINDWATCH. Wind power news from Japan and Morocco

--- FUEL CELL BITS. Direct Methanol fuel cell from Energy Ventures, Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries buys stake in Mosaic Energy, Ballard sells fuel cells to Honda.

ENERGIES ... week of April 8, 2001

--- OTHERS CAN ACT. Fleet orders for more than 300 Toyota Prius hybrid cars.

--- BIG SMALL STUFF. Nanoscale materials from CNI could help green technologies.

--- MONIES FOR SOLAR. Solar Development Capital fund of $30 million.

ENERGIES ... week of April 15, 2001

--- SOLAR CALIFORNIA. California increases net metered solar to one megawatt.

--- EV MAIL DELIVERY. First shipment of electric postal trucks delivered to California.

--- SMALL CAR / GOLF CAR HYBRID. Dynasty delivers first lows speed vehicles to dealers.

--- WINDWATCH - CANADA. Eleven megawatt Sunbridge Wind Power Project in Canada.

ENERGIES ... week of April 22, 2001

--- SOLAR EXPANSION. BP Solar to manufacture PV panels in Germany

--- GREENHOUSE GAS TO WORK. Ballard fuel cell to run on methane from sewage treatment plant in Japan.

--- THE POWER PACKED OCEANS. Sperboy wave energy generator, Gorlov's turbines could tap ocean current energy.

--- FLYWHEEL ENERGY STORAGE. Flywheel markets for Active Power and Beacon Power.

--- FUEL CELL ENERGY STORAGE. Proton Energy System's regenerative fuel cell to store energy, Stuart Energy's appliance could make hydrogen for energy storage.

--- YOUR FUEL CELL EXPERIMENT. Electric Fuel's zinc-air fuel cell for electronics, AER Energy Resources to enter zinc-air market.

ENERGIES ... week of April 29, 2001

--- HUNDREDS OR MILLIONS? IDACORP's cogeneration fuel cell for homes.

--- HYDROGEN EVERYWHERE. DaimlerChrysler to test Millennium Cell's sodiumborohydride/water hydrogen generator.

--- WIND WATCH. Wind turbine sales and new plant for Vestas,predictions of wind power growth,initiative in US to improve transmission lines to attract wind power.


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