ENERGIES ... week of July 1, 2001

--- A NEW INFRASTRUCTURE? Gasoline hydrogen reformer funding for Catalytica Energy.

--- OUR ELECTRIC INFRASTRUCTURE. Lead-acid battery technology improvement.

--- A SOLAR INTERNET. Web service provider uses solar power.

--- WORLD SOLAR CAPACITY INCREASE. BP Solar to expand production capacity.

ENERGIES ... week of July 8, 2001

--- TARGET METHANE. Bush Administration could consider methane reductions, chicken litter processed for fuel, sheep flatulence could be mitigated.

--- EV READY. State of Hawaii accepts Hyundai electric vehicles.

--- SOLAR HYDROGEN. Honda builds solar assisted hydrogen generating/ refueling station.

--- WORLD WIND WATCH. World Wind Watch- China plans wind energy increase, UK military worries about offshore wind power.

ENERGIES ... week of July 15, 2001

--- MISSED OPPORTUNITY? Commentary: US could lose renewable energy business by walking away from Kyoto Protocol.

--- A BETTER LIGHT BULB? New coating on light bulbs coule increase efficiency.

--- TWENTY MULES. Millenium Cell teams with Borax.

--- NEW YOUTH FOR OLD HYDRO. UK to refurbish old hydro plants.

--- WORLD WIND WATCH. Wind atlas and potential for more wind power in Brazil, Texas wind project to expand.

ENERGIES ... week of July 22, 2001

--- FUEL CELL - FOR SCOOTERS AND HOME. Fuel cell under development for scooters.

--- FUEL CELL - FOR PACKAGE DELIVERY. DaimlerChrysler demonstrates fuel cell van in Germany.

--- FUEL CELL - FOR STATIONARY POWER. Stationary fuel cell delivered to Los Angeles utility.

--- NEWS FROM GREEN ENERGY NEWS. Green Energy News holds first seminar.

--- WORLD WIND WATCH. Shell Renewables enters wind power business, Utility Wind Interest Group to study wind power/grid connection.

ENERGIES ... week of July 29, 2001

--- WORLD WIND WATCH. Possible offshore wind for New England coast, 240 Mw wind project for Scotland, North Hoyle Offshore Wind Farm, Juice from Npower, wind projects in the Philippines and Brazil, bus manufacturer rumored to enter the wind turbine business.`

--- WORLD WIND WATCH - IT’S A SIGN OF THE TIMES. U.S. retail chain sells wind turbines via the Internet.

ENERGIES ... week of August 5, 2001

--- FUEL CELLS FROM GENERAL MOTORS. General Motor's residential fuel cell prototype, fuel cell truck.

--- BETTER ICE ECONOMY. Direct injection from Orbital improves fuel economy.

--- OFFBEAT TECHNOLOGY - GEOTHERMAL POWER. Power Tube uses iso-pentane to tap geothermal energy.

--- WORLD WIND WATCH. Wind map of Illinois, wind study underway for Southern New England, AEROMAG to build wind turbines in China, proposed 75 megawatt wind farm by Pacific Hydro in Australia, offshore natural gas power plant could share undersea cable with offshore wind.

ENERGIES ... week of August 12, 2001

--- FOUR HUNDRED SUNS. Spectrolab solar cells reach 34 percent efficiency.

--- ICELAND TO THE RESCUE. Iceland to assist California with geothermal energy.

--- TURBO FUEL CELL. Fuel Cell Energy's fuel cell/turbine hybrid.

--- LANDFILL GAS TO WORK. Landfill gas power plant uses microturbines.

ENERGIES ... week of August 19, 2001

--- BURNING HYDROGEN. Ford burns hydrogen in ICE car.

--- TOYOTA’S HYBRID FUEL CELL VEHICLE. Toyota's latest fuel cell vehicle.

--- READY-TO-GO SOLAR. Green Mountain Energy to sell residential solar systems.

--- WORLD WIND WATCH. Study shows wind power in U.S. cheaper than coal.

ENERGIES ... week of August 26, 2001

--- CARBON DIOXIDE STICKER SHOCK. Ireland post's greenhouse gas emissions in new car windows, showrooms.

--- EVERYMAN’S SOLAR. Thin-film organic solar being studied at Univ. Arizona.

--- WORLD WIND WATCH. Australia to build wind power plant in Antarctica.


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