ENERGIES ... week of September 3, 2000

--- STANDING FIRM. California Air Resources Board adheres to ZEV mandate.

--- BLACKFEET WIND POWER PROJECT. Blackfeet Indian Tribe and SeaWest Windpower to build 22 Mw windfarm.

--- FUEL CELL FOR FUTURE FARM. TOR Energy to develop solid oxide fuel cell powered by manure

--- OFF-THE-SHELF FUEL CELL. H Power offers 250 watt PEM fuel cell for sale.

ENERGIES ... week of September 10, 2000

--- NO RENEWABLE ENERGY CRISIS. Windfarms for Texas, West Virginia, New York and Scotland.

--- RENEWABLE LOW-IMPACT HYDRO. Canadian Hydro and EPCOR start up 12.75 Mw low impact hydro in Alberta

--- OPPOSING POINTS OF VIEW. Energy Conversion Devices moves forward with solid hydrogen storage for fuel cells, IMPCO develops new hydrogen storage pressure tank.

--- BATTERY/BATTERY HYBRID RESEARCH. Electric Fuel Corp. to demonstrate hybrid zinc-air powered cargo vans.

ENERGIES ... week of September 17, 2000

--- REGENERATING FUEL CELL. Energy Conversion Devices and Texaco to develop new proprietary regenerative fuel cell.

--- EXPANDING SOLAR PRODUCTION. United Solar to expand PV solar thin film production capacity to 25 Mw per year.

--- TRIED AND TRUE BATTERIES. Power Technology releases test results of lead-foam battery plates.

ENERGIES ... week of September 24, 2000

--- GREENHOUSE GAS REDUCTIONS - ONLINE. World Energy Council opens Internet Database to track greenhouse gas reduction projects

--- DEVELOPING WORLD RENEWABLES. Greenstar India to build solar powered e-commerce centers in India, the Philippine government plans to bring renewable energy to 4500 villages

--- ACTIVE MICROTURBINE MARKET. Capstone Turbine now offers 60 kw microturbine, Solo Energy to develop small turbine.

--- NITROGEN OVERLOAD. The Baltimore Sun publishes in-depth story on nitrogen pollution.

ENERGIES ... week of October 1, 2000

--- RECORD BOOK FOR FUEL CELL VEHICLE. EVonyx metal/air fuel cell car sets distance record.

--- THE GREEN INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION - UK. The UK plans for green energy.

--- NATIONS’ LARGEST WIND PROJECTS - TO DATE. Wind project in Japan from Tomen, in Australia from Western Power.

ENERGIES ... week of October 8, 2000

--- DRIVEN BY SOLAR. Evercel, Oxygen, Eurosolare to build solar vehicle charging stations in Italy.

--- SHARED CARS. Hertz station cars in San Francisco

--- ELECTRICITY TO HYDROGEN TO ELECTRICITY. Stuart Energy Systems new plug-in hydrogen generator.

ENERGIES ... week of October 15, 2000

--- URBAN WIND POWER. Wind power for Toronto, Ontario

--- WIND FOR WISCONSIN. Enron Wind plans plans windfarm for Wisconsin

--- TURBINE SUV. Hyundai and Enova Systems to build prototype turbine/electric SUV.

--- E-COMMERCE FOR FUEL CELLS. Astris Energy to sell fuel cells on Internet.

--- MORE FUEL CELL PLAYERS. Enron partners with Dais-Analytic fuels cells, Rhombic Corp. fuel cell invention.

ENERGIES ... week of October 22, 2000

--- LASERS FOR RECYCLING. Lasers to sort scrap aluminum.

--- GREEN POWER TRADING. Marketplace for green power certificate trading.

--- THE GREENING OF INDUSTRY. BASF Corp's green business practices.

ENERGIES ... week of October 29, 2000

--- INTRODUCING FUEL CELL VEHICLES. Commentary on introducing fuel cell vehicles, California Fuel Cell Partnership.

--- QUESTIONS ANSWERED. Report on fuel cell vehicles from Northeast Advanced Vehicle Consortium.

--- WIND POWER - ONLINE. Wind project from American Electric Power and TXU electric on Internet.

--- WASTE BIO-POWER. Waste wood generated power for sale.

--- ADDING MARKET APPEAL TO SOLAR. Solar power packages from Astropower, Siemens.


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