ENERGIES ... week of May 7, 2000

--- FORD’S STUNNER.Ford admits its sport utility vehicles are inefficient and unsafe to smaller cars.

--- UP IN SMOKE. Minnesota Power will add generation capacity to paper mill to harness waste energy

--- COUNTING TURBINES. SeaWest WindPower will add 16.8 megawatts to exisiting wind farm.

--- WIND BELGIUM. Belgium could build offshore wind power.

ENERGIES ... week of May 14, 2000

--- GREEN ENERGY JAPAN. Marubeni Corporation will build 26 megawatt wind farm in Japan.

--- BATTERIES NOT DEAD. Improved plate technology for lead-acid batteries by Power Technology Corp.

ENERGIES ... week of May 21, 2000

--- SOONER THAN LATER. Experimental hydrogen refueling stations in Japan under construction

--- CHINA’S RENEWABLE NUMBERS. Reported renewable energy numbers in China.

--- GREEN VEHICLE BITS. Gas turbine hybrid bus by ISE Research, Hyundai chooses International Fuel Cells prototype vehicle, Tour de Sol results

ENERGIES ... week of May 28, 2000

--- MAKE OR BREAK DECISION? California reviews zero emission mandate for vehicles.

--- A POLL FOR ELECTRIC VEHICLES. Poll supporting electric vehicle ownership

--- A POLL AGAINST ELECTRIC VEHICLES. Poll against electric vehicle ownership.

--- A POLL FOR CLEAN AIR. Poll supporting zero emission vehicle mandate.

ENERGIES ... week of June 4, 2000

--- BILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS. ABB enters wind energy business, gets combined heat and power contract.

--- WINDPOWER NORTHWEST. New wind farms from SeaWest Windpower and FPL Energy for U.S. Northwest.

--- WASTE-TO-BUILD. Landfill gas plant for DaimlerChrysler factory.

ENERGIES ... week of June 11, 2000

--- TRADING CARBON FOR WIND POWER. New wind capacity for Hamburgische Electricitats- Werke AG from carbon trade with TransAlta.

--- EFFICIENT BUILDING IN BRITAIN. Britain's plan to reduce energy consumption in buildings.

ENERGIES ... week of June 18, 2000

--- WIND POWER DEMAND CREATES JOBS. Vestas to build wind turbine factory in U.S.

--- OAKLAND GOES GREEN. Oakland, Calif. buys renewable energy from ABAG.

--- SOLAR SPROUTS IN ARIZONA TOWN. Solar power plant from APS for Gilbert, Arizona.

ENERGIES ... week of June 25, 2000

--- A MORE EFFICIENT ICE. Technologies to improve internal combustion engine efficiency from Delphi Automotive.

--- GREEN ENERGY MARKET. Frost and Sullivan renewable energy market study.


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