ENERGIES ... week of March 5, 2000

--- TEAR DOWN THE WALLS! A call for renewable funding and an end to fossil fuel subsidies.

--- ROOF POWER. Solar roofing system by Powerlight and Solarex.

--- FUEL CELL REPORTS. Fuel cell updates from Astris Energi, Zetek Power, and International Fuel Cells.

ENERGIES ... week of March 12, 2000

--- HOW GREEN IS YOUR CAR/CAR COMPANY? AEEE's Green Book for rating new cars, CALSTART's Green Index for car companies.

--- NEIGHBORHOOD DISTRIBUTED POWER. New gas turbine for distributed power from DTE.

--- WASTE-TO-HYDROGEN. Converting waste to hydrogen with Startech process.

ENERGIES ... week of March 19, 2000

--- NOT SO GREEN? Gasoline to hydrogen study by David Suzuki Foundation.

--- INITIATIVES SPANNING THE GLOBE. Financing for clean power in South Asia, green power in UK, green car incentive in Japan.

ENERGIES ... week of March 26, 2000

--- ENERGY/COST EFFICIENT BUILDINGS. Efficent building award from U.S. Green Buildings Council.

--- SWEET ENERGY. Biodiesel fuel from sugarcane bagasse from DynaMotive Technologies.

--- STEP-BY-STEP. Solar project in Boston, microturbine installed in Illinois,wind power in UK.

ENERGIES ... week of April 2, 2000

--- FORD’S AMAZING NEWS. Ford to build hybrid SUV by 2003

--- A FIRST FOR DAIMLERCHRYSLER. DaimlerChrysler to offer fuel cell bus by 2002.

--- TWEAKING FUEL CELLS. Siemens Westinghouse to demonstrate carbon capturing and cogenerating fuel cells.

--- MORE SOLAR PRODUCTION CAPACITY. ECD's United Solar teams with NV Bekaert to to increase solar business.

ENERGIES ... week of April 9, 2000

--- SOLAR BUILDS SOLAR. PowerLight powers solar plant with solar

--- BUILDING A GREEN GRID. Pacific Power's Blue Sky renewable power program

--- BUSINESS OF FUEL CELLS. Fuel processor company Epyx tems with De Nora Fuels making Nuvera Fuel Cells.

ENERGIES ... week of April 16, 2000

--- SPEAKING FOR THE PLANET. US EPA opens ClimateLink website to encourage discussion of global warming

--- TRADING IN CARBON. World Bank experiments with carbon trading program

--- BY POPULAR DEMAND. Honda increases Insight hybrid US alloment by 2500 units.

--- LAUNCHING THE U.S. PRIUS. Toyota expects US sales of 12,000 Prius hybrids at $20,000 each.

--- THE ARMY’S HYBRID HUMVEE. US Army next generation hybrid HMMWV, aka Humvee.

--- WIND WATCH. Watch wind power generation at American Electric Power website

--- DIVERSIFYING INTO WIND POWER. Unique Mobility buys interest in wind turbine manufacturer Aeromax.

--- GREEN HYDRO. Run-of-the-river hydro from Canadian Hydro Developers.

--- PORTABLE FUEL CELL POWER. Fuel cell from Enable Fuel Cell to power portable electronics.

--- TURBO FUEL CELL. Hybrid fuel cell/turbine from Siemens Westinghouse

--- SANTA BARBARA GOES GREEN. Santa Barbara buys renewable power from Go-Green.

ENERGIES ... week of April 23, 2000

--- WHAT’S IN A NAME? Sony Corp. and Tokyo Electric Power to build renewable power plants

--- AMMUNITION. PennFuture renewable energy study.

--- TOMORROW’S TRUCKS. Lockheed Martin joins 21st Century Truck initiative

ENERGIES ... week of April 30, 2000

--- SOLAR BREAKTHROUGH. Solar breakthrough by Toshiba on organic solar cells.

--- CORPORATE DEALING. Texaco buys stake in Energy Conversion Devices, BP buys share of

--- EFFICIENCY POSSIBLE EVERYWHERE. Royal Navy experiments with hull design for warships.


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