ENERGIES ... week of January 2, 2000

--- A MOST PRECIOUS RESOURCE. Carbon fibers for composites from Conoco.

--- EXPOSURE. DaimlerChrysler EPIC electric minivan at Los Angeles World Airport.

--- STATE PURCHASES GREEN. State of Pennsylvania purchases renewable energy.

--- NOT SO FAST. Market study on fuel cells from Frost and Sullivan.

--- LATE BREAKING. Ballard's next generation fuel cell module.

ENERGIES ... week of January 9, 2000

--- A FUTURE IN GREEN VEHICLES. Comments and a quote from Toyota.

--- FORD’S GREEN DIVISION. Fords TH!NK EV, hybrid Prodigy prototype, FC5 fuel cell vehicle.

--- MORE EFFICIENT MOTORS FOR HONDA. Honda's more efficient combustion engines.

--- REAL FUEL CELL EFFICIENCY. Stationary fuel cells for Japan.

--- PORTABLE FUEL CELL POWER. Portable fuel cell power from Colman, ambient air fuel cells from DCH Technologies.

--- THE PRESIDENT’S BIOENERGY. Bioenergy in Pres. Clinton's last budget.

ENERGIES ... week of January 16, 2000

--- THE WIND IN IOWA. Wind power potential in the midwest U.S..

--- HYBRIDS FOR THE BIG APPLE. New York City orders fleet of hybrid buses.

--- ALL-ELECTRIC HYBRID. All electric hybrid vehicle research from Electric Fuel Corp.

--- SIMPLE FUEL CELL. Methanol, ambient air fuel cell under development by Motorola.

ENERGIES ... week of January 23, 2000

--- PREPARING FOR THE FUTURE. China's renewable energy possibilities.

--- WIND POWER PACKED ORDER. Large wind power order for Spain.

--- IRISH WIND AIN’T BLARNEY. Wind power program from Eirtricity in Ireland.

--- SERIOUS FUEL CELL DISCUSSION. Society of Automotive Engineers to discuss fuel cells, fuels.

ENERGIES ... week of January 30, 2000

--- OCEANS OF WIND. Offshore wind for the U.K.

--- FUEL CELL MANIA. Producing hydrogen from solar energy from SHEC, Startech makes hydrogen from waste.

--- THE PRESIDENT’S LAST HURRAH. Pres. Clinton's energy budget.

ENERGIES ... week of February 6, 2000

--- GREENHOUSE GASES FOR GREENHOUSES. Capstone Turbine and BG technology heat UK greenhouse.

--- SOLAR POWERED CHICAGO. Spire Solar and BP Solarex build PV panels in Chicago.

--- EV’S FOR CHINA. American Electric Auto to build electric vehicles in China.

ENERGIES ... week of February 13, 2000

--- MAINTAINING THE STATUS QUO. DaimlerChrysler develops gasoline reformer for fuel cell engines.

--- PROVING HYBRID BUS EFFICIENCY. Hybrid bus performance testing.

--- STATES FOR RENEWABLES. State of New York and Astropower subsidized solar systems.

ENERGIES ... week of February 20, 2000

--- POND SCUM POWER. Hydrogen from algae.

--- FUEL THRIFTY - PRICE THRIFTY HYBRID. DaimlerChrysler's concept hybrid car.

--- PURE ELECTRIC HYBRID. Electric Fuel's zinc-air hybrid battery powered bus.

ENERGIES ... week of February 27, 2000

--- BIOENERGY INVESTMENT. Bioenergy grant for Future Energy Resources Corp. from Ted Turner Foundation.

--- MICROTURBINE INVESTMENT. Hydro-Quebec invests in Capstone Turbine.

--- INVESTING IN PARTNERSHIP. Nissan and Methanex join California Fuel Cell Partnership.

--- INVESTING IN CLEANER GASOLINE. Phillips Petroleum develops sulfur removal process for gasoline.


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