ENERGIES ... September 5, 1999

--- THERMAL ENERGY EVERYWHERE. Engine runs on atmospheric heat by Entropy Systems.

--- BUILD IT BECAUSE THEY WANT IT. Solar power plants in California and Rhode Island.

--- A PRIZE FOR HUMAN POWER. Prize for fastest human powered vehicle.

ENERGIES ... week of September 12, 1999

--- INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH SOLAR. Solar power plant for commercial use by DTE Energy.

--- GOOD CORPORATE CITIZENS. Telecom giant MCI buys power from Cleen 'n Green.

--- WIND PROSPECTS ARGENTINA. Wind potential in Argentina forecast by NEG- Micron.

--- CERTIFIED TECHNOLOGY. Safety and durability certification for AVS Bus and Capstone MicroTurbine.

--- ELECTRIC MOTOR DRIVE. Electric motor development by Borealis.

ENERGIES ... week of September 19, 1999

--- THE FUTURE OF EARTH. UN's look at the future of the planet.

--- TASMANIA THE CARBON SINK. Tasmania aims to become carbon sink.

--- SOLAR FOR MALAWI. Solar power hopes for African nation Malawi.

ENERGIES ... week of September 26, 1999

--- UNBELIEVABLE MILEAGE. High mileage for Honda's hybrid Insight.

--- CANADIAN WIND UNVEILING. Wind power in Quebec, Canada.

--- NEW DANISH WIND MAKES CO2 REDUCTION. CO2 reduction for Denmark because of new wind power.

--- U.K. APPROVED RENEWABLES. Accreditation program in UK for renewables.

ENERGIES ... week of October 3, 1999

--- OCEANS OF POWER. Ocean wave generation study for Wavegen.

--- SKEPTICS NEED NOT READ. The energy from ultra-violet light from BlackLight Power.

--- ELECTRIC DEALS. Electric drive trains, Honda's entry into fuel cell partnership in California.

--- TAKING TO THE AIRWAVES. Television spots on global warming from the Union of Concerned Scientists.

ENERGIES ... week of October 10, 1999

--- HYDROPOWER IN THE BALANCE. A second look at relicensing old hydropower.

--- FUEL CELL SHORTS. Fuel cell news from DaimlerChrysler, Nippon Mitsubishi, Ballard, Proton Energy Systems.

--- FUN WITH EV’S. Electric go-karts from Kango Electric.

ENERGIES ... week of October 17, 1999

--- WORLD RECORD SOLAR. Spectrolab solar cell efficiency record.

--- SOLAR CAR DREAMS. Australia wins World Solar Challenge.

--- SMART GROWTH, SMART ENERGY. Save energy through Smart Growth, ULI website.

--- I DO SOLEMNLY SWEAR. Pledge to buy a more efficient car from Union of Concerned Scientists.

ENERGIES ... week of October 24, 1999

--- WELL REGARDED PARTNERS. Briggs and Stratton invests in Metallic Power's zinc-air fuel cells.

--- NEW HYBRID VEHICLE PLAYER. U.S. Electricar/Hyundai hybrid cars.

--- NEW SOLAR THINKING. Thermionic solar power from Borealis Tech.

--- CHINA’S RENEWABLE EFFORTS. Renewable energy in China.

ENERGIES ... week of October 31, 1999

--- GREEN POWER MILESTONE #1. International Fuel Cells fleet accumulates 3 million hours run-time.

--- GREEN POWER MILESTONE #2. Capstone Microturbine runs non-stop 6000 hours.

--- GREEN POWER MILESTONE #3. Metallic Power fuel cell refuels in 10 minutes.

--- LIGHT BODIES. DaimlerChrysler sees future in plastic cars.


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