ENERGIES ... week of November 7, 1999

--- EFFICIENT RAIL ROLLS ALONG. Orders for rail cars for Bombardier grow.

--- BEYOND FUEL CELLS. Nanotechnologies from T/J Tech. make better ultracapacitors.

--- STORING FUEL CELL FUEL. Hydrogen storage systems from IMPCO.

ENERGIES ... week of November 14, 1999

--- SOLID HYDROGEN STORAGE. Metal hydride hydrogen storage from Energy Conversion Devices.

--- STOP AND GO CHARGING. DaimlerChrysler Epic minivan travels 353 miles in 10 hours.

--- REGULATED GREEN ENERGY. Green power accreditation program for regulated utilities from Center for Resource Solutions.

--- NEW WIND PENNSYLVANIA. Wind power for Pennsylvania from Community Energy.

--- WIND UPDATES CALIFORNIA. New turbines boost wind output for SeaWest WindPower.

ENERGIES ... week of November 21, 1999

--- REJUVENATING HISTORICAL HYDRO. Bringing old hydro back online in the UK from National Power Hydro.

--- REMOTE ENERGY MANAGEMENT. OpenPLANET networked energy management system.

--- MICROTURBINE COGENERATION. Cogenerating microturbines from Capstone Turbine.

ENERGIES ... week of November 28, 1999

--- MICRO-HYDRO NEPAL. Micro-hydro power saves trees in Nepal.

--- WIND POWER AUSTRALIA. Two wind power projects in Australia from Pacific Power and Pacific Hydro.

--- SOLAR PURCHASE EQUALS NEW BUSINESS. Solar energy brings new business to Chicago by Spire Corp.

--- LOCALLY MADE SOLAR. Astropower aligns with Atersa to make solar modules in Spain.

--- COAL TURNS TO WIND. GreenMountain builds wind farm on depleted coal mine.

--- HYBRIDS IN THE SPOTLIGHT. Hybrid car news from Toshiba, EcoVia.

--- DISTRIBUTED HYDROGEN PRODUCTION. Hydrogen electrolyzer could mate with distributed power from Proton Energy Systems.

--- AGGRESSIVE MICRO-TURBINES. Capstone MicroTurbine cogeneration with Takuma Company, Simple Cycle turbine.

ENERGIES ... week of December 5, 1999

--- WIND ON TRACK. Wind energy study from Allied Business Intelligence.

--- FORD’S COUP. Ford on climate change, TH!NK EV, second generation GM EV1.

--- RESISTANCE TO FLOW. Low resistance wire from General Science and Technology.

ENERGIES ... week of December 12, 1999

--- FUEL CELL VEHICLES ON-LINE. California Fuel Cell Partnership to build test facility.

--- RENEWABLE CHOICE GROWS. Green power programs from Portland General Electric (USA), Unit Energy (UK).

--- STATE-OF-THE-ART WASTE-TO-ENERGY. New waste-to-energy process from Changing World Technologies.

ENERGIES ... week of December 19, 1999

--- THE POSTMAN’S EV. Electric vehicles for U.S. Postal service from Ford.

--- BATTERIES PRECEDE EV’S. Evercel EV batteries for China, EV's for Olympic games.

--- WIND BUILDING IN TASMANIA. Wind power in Tasmania, renewable energy programs in Australia.

ENERGIES ... week of December 26, 1999

--- 1999 REVIEW / 2000 OUTLOOK. Green Energy News 1999 Review/2000 Outlook.


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