ENERGIES ... week of May 2, 1999

--- A PLAN FOR CHANGE. World Energy Modernization Plan to finance international renewable energy projects.

--- PEAKING POWER. Flywheel power supply from Beacon Power Corporation.

ENERGIES ... week of May 9, 1999

--- EV ENTHUSIASTS REJOICE. EV Global Motors to build EV's in Europe with Unique Mobility and Energy Conversion Devices

--- LA'S DIRTIEST GOES GREEN. Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) renewable energy purchase plan.

ENERGIES ... week of May 16, 1999

--- STAR WARS: THE FANTASY MENACE. Zinc/air recharge by recycling EV batteries by Metallic Power and Electric Fuel,

--- FUEL CELL FUELS. Gasoline fueled fuel cell demonstration by Plug Power.

--- BATTERIES FOR CHINA. Battery business in China by Power Technology.

--- FIRST GREEN POWER CITY. City of Santa Monica purchases renewable power for city use.

ENERGIES ... week of May 23, 1999

--- DRAWN TO ELECTRIC VEHICLES. Brief review of EV's from U.S. Clean Cities Conference.

--- LIGHT STEEL VS ALUMINUM. Steel vs aluminum for lightweight vehicles from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

--- COMPOSITE ALTERNATIVE. Composite bus from North American Bus Industries

--- HYBRID BIG RIG. Micro turbine/electric gas turbine truck from ISE Research.

--- ALPHA, BETA TEST FOR FUEL CELLS. Fuel cells for home power supply to be tested by Northwest Power Systems and Bonneville Power Administration.

--- WIND POWER KEEPS GROWING. Green Power 1 wind power project from Enron Wind.

--- ENERGY WINDFALL FOR ILLINOIS. $250 million for energy efficiency and renewables for State of Illinois.

ENERGIES ... week of May 30, 1999

--- ACCOUNTING FOR EVERY MOLECULE. Aluminum research project from Aluminum Association.

--- OFF-THE-SHELF EFFICIENT POWER. Micro turbine distributed power from Capstone Turbine.

--- REPLACING INCANDESCENT BULBS. Light emitting diodes from GE could replace incandescent lights.

ENERGIES ... week of June 6, 1999

--- CRITICAL POWER. Onsi fuel cell for Rhode Island hospital.

--- BIOMASS FUELS ETHANOL PRODUCTION. Landfill gas project for Wichita, Kansas from DTE Biomass Energy.

--- FUELING INTEREST IN GENERATION. Joint venture for cogeneration from Cummins Power Gen. and Warsila NSD, GE rents generation equipment, biodiesel from Griffin Industries.

--- VICTORY AGAIN. Ovonic NiMH batteries power American Tour de Sol winner.

ENERGIES ... week of June 13, 1999

--- WHY WAIT? Honda's VV hybrid.

--- THINK TH!NK. Ford's TH!NK electric vehicle leased through Hertz in Norway.

--- MUCH BETTER BATTERY? Electrofuel's lithium ion battery.

--- WIND IN PENNSYLVANIA. wind project for Pennsylvania.

--- TRUCK CONVOYS. DaimlerChrysler's truck convoy idea.

ENERGIES ... week of June 20, 1999

--- THE PREVAILING WINDS RULE. Hybrid electric truck program in Massachusetts.

--- EVER EXPANDING FUEL CELL BUSINESS. GE Fuel Cell distributor Flint Energies.

--- SOLAR/FUEL CELL HYBRID. Fuel cell /PV solar hybrid power system.

--- BUSH GOES GREEN? Renewable energy with deregulation bill in Texas.

ENERGIES ... week of June 27, 1999

--- EFFICIENCY BY THE BOOK. California's energy efficiency building code on the Internet.

--- YEAR ONE RESULTS. Green-e renewable energy branding program report card.

--- HYBRID VEHICLE BATTERY SPECS. Specialized battery for hybrid vehicles from Ergenics.

--- HIGH QUALITY ALUMINUM. Primary aluminum from scrap by Hydro Aluminum Metal Products.


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