ENERGIES ... week of March 7, 1999

--- WIRED FOR ELECTRIC VEHICLES. Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure and EVI.

--- EASY SELL FOR RENEWABLES. Windpower in the UK and Wisconsin from Scottish Power and Wisconsin Electric.

ENERGIES ... week of March 14, 1999

--- SOLAR POWERS BALLOONISTS. Solar power for around the world balloon.

--- ARCHITECT’S DELIGHT. Copper Indium DiSelenide PV solar panels from Siemens.

--- WHITE LIGHT LED’S. White light LEDS from Hewlett-Packard and Siemens.

--- NEW ELECTRIC CAR 4. DaimlerChrysler fuel cell NECAR 4.

--- METHANOL OR ETHANOL? Ethanol vs methanol for fuel cells.

ENERGIES ... week of March 21, 1999

--- SELLING THE WORLD. E-Bike from Lee Iacocca's EV Global Motors.

--- RENEWABLE POWER SALES. New renewable power blend for Green Mountain Power.

ENERGIES ... week of March 28, 1999

--- YOUR COMPANY COULD DO THIS. EV employee lease program from the Southern Company.

--- APRIL FOOL’S MARKETING. Ford's small car.

--- DIESEL NOTES. ARCO's new diesel fuel formula, biodiesel from Southern States Power, clean diesel fuel injectors, Isuzu's new clean diesel engine, diesel stats on DieselNet.

ENERGIES ... week of April 4, 1999

--- PROOF OF PURCHASE. Internet electric meter reading from Conectisys.

--- THE WORLD’S LARGEST. BP buys Solarex share from Enron.

--- AGGRESSIVE WITH E-BIKES. ZAP's e-bike sales.

ENERGIES ... week of April 11, 1999

--- RUN-OF-THE-RIVER POWER. Run-of-the-river hydropower for Peru.

--- HANDS-FREE FUELING. Robotic refueling stations from Autofill.

--- EV TRAIL BLAZER. First curbside EV charging station in the UK.

--- COW POWER. Cow manure fueled power plant in UK.

ENERGIES ... week of April 18, 1999

--- BIG NEWS FROM BIG PLAYERS. Major automakers and oil companies announce research plans for fuel cell, electric and hybrid cars.


--- BIOGAS-TO-ENERGY FOR COLORADO. Waste water energy project for Denver, CO from Trigen.

--- WIND ENERGY PROJECTS. Wind energy projects from Enron Wind, TU Electric, and the Eastern Group.

--- SOLAR PROJECT, SOLAR BUSINESS. Solar project from Sun Power Electric,Solarex in South Africa.

--- EFFICIENT GRID FOR CHINA. Grid upgrades for China from Allied Signal.

--- THE HEAT BENEATH OUR FEET. Ground source heat pump study.

ENERGIES ... week of April 25, 1999

--- BMW ENTERS FUEL CELLS. BMW's fuel cell plans.

--- HONDA EXITS EV’S. Honda abandons EV's.

--- HIGH WIND IN TEXAS. Wind power in Texas from CSW.

--- SIGNS OF PROGRESS. Brighter signs, less energy with reflective film from 3M.


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