ENERGIES ... week of July 4, 1999

--- THE BABY HAS A NAME. Honda's hybrid VV becomes "Insight, Toyota Prius trip across U.S.

--- ANOTHER DEFINITION OF FUEL CELL. Metallic Power's zinc-air fuel cell works with Textron Turf Care.

--- FRESH WATER FROM FUEL CELL POWER. Ocean Power and ZEVCO to make fuel cell powered desalination units.

--- DRIVING TOMORROW’S CARS. Electric traction drivetrain contract for Unique Mobility.

ENERGIES ... week of July 11, 1999

--- OCEAN POWER. Wave energy idea for coast of Ireland.

--- THE WONDERS OF FLIGHT. Greenhouse gas emissions from jet aircraft.

--- SOLID HYDROGEN. Solid hydrogen storage device research from ECD and Shell Hydrogen.

--- LOWER FUEL CELL COSTS. Cobalt fuel cell catalyst from ZeTek Power.

--- DIESEL POWERED FUEL CELLS. Diesel fuel reformer for fuel cells by Northwest Power Systems.

ENERGIES ... week of July 18, 1999

--- THINNER THIN FILM. Solar thin film research at University of Florida.

--- SOLAR PUMPING POWER. Loch Harris and Agra Tech solar water pump.

--- IS SOMETHING BUILDING HERE? Composite Power's renewable power plans for Nevada desert.

--- COGENERATION ON LINE. Trigen cogeneration plant in St. Louis, Missouri.

ENERGIES ... week of July 25, 1999

--- BUILDING WITH CARBON. Composite contruction materials to sequester carbon?

--- WASTE-TO-WORK. Toups Technology Pyrolytic Carbon Extraction process makes fuel.

ENERGIES ... week of August 1, 1999

--- FUEL CELL BATTERY. Rechargeable fuel cell from Proton Energy Systems.

--- METHANOL AND NO REFORMER. Direct Methanol Fuel Cell from DTI Energy.

--- NEWS FROM THE DESERT. Renewable energy project for Nevada from Composite Power.

--- SOLAR SWITZERLAND. Solar array in Switzerland by Atlantis Solar System AG.

ENERGIES ... week of August 8, 1999

--- DETERMINING RENEWABLE POSSIBILITIES. RETScreen renewable energy computer model.

--- REJUVENATING OLD HYDRO. Small hydro and hydro refurbishing by GE Hydro and Kvaerner.

--- POWER FOR THE PEOPLE. Marketing renewable power.

ENERGIES ... week of August 15, 1999

--- ELECTRIC VEHICLES AT WORK. Working EV's at EPRI conference.

--- DIFFERENT DRUMMER. Zinc-air fuel cell from Metallic Power.

--- HYDROGEN FROM GASOLINE. Gasoline fuel reformer from Ford.

--- HYDROGEN FUELING FUEL CELLS. Hydrogen fueling station for Ford test vehicles.

--- E-BIKE UPDATES. E-Bike newsletter launch by CSW Total EV.

--- TURN-KEY SOLAR. Pre-engineered solar kit from Siemens.

--- MICRO-HYDRO FOR ETHIOPIA. Micro-hydro possibilities for Ethiopia.

ENERGIES ... week of August 22, 1999

--- CONGRATULATIONS! City of Tempe, Arizona buys AVS hybrid buses.

--- FLARE-OFF-TO-WORK. Flare gas runs Capstone MicroTurbines.

--- COMPREHENSIVE FUEL CELL STUDY. Fuel cell market study by Allied Business Research.

--- JAPAN’S EXPERIMENT. Japan to install fuel cells as research study.

ENERGIES ... week of August 29, 1999

--- RELIABLE OCEAN ENERGY. Ocean currents could provide electricity

--- COGENERATION MAKES BUILDING MATERIALS. Trigen cogeneration plant powers wallboard factory.

--- REMOTE RENEWABLES FOR BRAZIL. Renewable energy grant for Brazil.

--- REMOTE RENEWABLES FOR CHINA. Renewables in China by the State National Power Industrial Corp.

--- GROWING WIND IN AUSTRALIA. Largest wind farm to built in Australia.

--- ELECTRIC VEHICLES CALIFORNIA. Budget EV Rentals rents Ford Ranger EV's in California.


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