ENERGIES ... week of November 1, 1998

--- UP AND RUNNING. Continuously variable transmissions, direct fuel injection for motorcycles, cogeneration project, rail cars, and geothermal heat pumps in schools.

ENERGIES ... week of November 8, 1998

--- SPIN CONTROL. Flywheel energy storage fromActive Power.

--- THINK RECYCLABLE PLASTICS. Recycled plastics for cars from Hematite Manufacturing.

--- POWER CHOICES. Green power for Pennsylvanians from Green Mountain Energy.

--- THE FULL GAMUT ON EV’S. New EV website.

ENERGIES ... week of November 15, 1998

--- CHANGE IN THE AIR. A note on the future of the automobile from the Detroit Free Press.

--- EV MOTOR TECHNOLOGY. Switched reluctance motors for EV's from Emotron AB.

--- CONSIDER ENERGY EVERYWHERE. Energy saving exit signs.

ENERGIES ... week of November 22, 1998

--- BLACK FRIDAY, GREEN HOLIDAYS. Solar power gift certificates from Sun Power Electric.

--- CLEAN POWER FOR CLEAN WATER. Alkaline fuel cells to power desalination plants.

--- FULL CIRCLE FOR BATTERIES. Car battery recycling.

ENERGIES ... week of November 29, 1998

--- THE WIND FROM TEXAS. Wind power in Texas from TU Electric.

--- FUEL CELLS IN JAPAN. Ballard and EBARA contract for fuel cells in Japan.

--- CLEAN TRANSPORTATION ELSEWHERE. Electric vehicle news, direct fuel injection for motorcycles.

ENERGIES ... week of December 6, 1998

--- ZERO ENERGY HOUSING. Solar housing in Japan from Solarex,MSK Corp. and Misawa Homes.

--- SUN POWER STATION #1. Solar generating plant in Massachusetts from Sun Power Electric.

--- WOOD POWER STATION #1. First wood fueled power station in the UK.

ENERGIES ... week of December 13, 1998

--- SOLAR GOVERNMENT PARTNERSHIPS. US Government/private industry solar energy research contracts.

--- CHP CHALLENGE. US Dept. of Energy combined heat and power initiative and Trigen-Cinergy project.

--- BETTER BEARINGS. More efficient bearings to reduce energy consumption.

ENERGIES ... week of December 20, 1998

--- MILES AHEAD. Honda's 70 mpg VV.

--- INDEPENDENT POWER. Fuel cells from Plug Power.

--- MANDATED EFFICIENCY. Performance enhanced PEER Diesel from International Fuel Technology.

ENERGIES ... week of December 27, 1998

--- FROM SITE TO MARKET. Power transmission cables from ABB.

--- FLEET HYBRIDS FOR DEVELOPMENT. Fleet hybrid vehicles from GM, Lockheed-Martin and Navistar International.


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